16 octobre 2007

1956 - Portraits Renoir de Marilyn par Cardiff

Séries de portraits de Marilyn Monroe pris en studio par le photographe Jack Cardiff en 1956 pendant le tournage du film The Prince and the Showgirl (Le Prince et la Danseuse).
Series of portraits of Marilyn Monroe taken in studio by photographer Jack Cardiff in 1956 during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl.

- Face Session -
mm_JC_01b  1956_by_Jack_Cardiff_portrait_face_020_010_1

- Hat Session -


mm_jc_hq2 1956_by_Jack_Cardiff_portrait_hat_flower_red_010_020_1 mm-1956-245145_0 

1956_by_Jack_Cardiff_portrait_hat_flower_blue_010_010_1   ph_cardiff_IMG_0003  

1956_by_Jack_Cardiff_portrait_hat_flower_blue_010_020_1  mm_jc_hq1  1956_by_Jack_Cardiff_portrait_hat_flower_blue_010_030_c1  

1956_by_Jack_Cardiff_portrait_hat_black_010_010_2 mm_JC_03b mm_jc_1 
mm_JC_27b 1956_by_Jack_Cardiff_portrait_hat_black_010_030_1 mm_jc_0 

> Portrait de Whitey Snyder
1956-by_snyder film_pr_studio_snyder_3 film_pr_studio_snyder_4 

 > couvertures de magazines
ph_card_mag_neue_1957_11_cover_1 ph_card_MAG_SETTIMO_GIORNO_COVER_JACK_CARDIFF_1 

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