Portraits studio de Marilyn Monroe - vers 1947
Photographies de
Laszlo Willinger

Studio Portraits of Marilyn Monroe - circa 1947
Photographs by Laszlo Willinger

- En chemisier -
Wearing a blouse

1948_LadiesOfTheChorus_02_Studio_010_0100 1948_LadiesOfTheChorus_02_Studio_011_0100 ph_will_portraitbyLaszloWillingerforLadiesoftheChorus
film_ladies_0011838 1948_LadiesOfTheChorus_02_Studio_020_010_a1 1948_LadiesOfTheChorus_02_Studio_020_010c 

- En robe col à strass -
Wearing a dress with strass collar

film_ladies_0011836 1948_LadiesOfTheChorus_004_Studio_010_010a 1948_LadiesOfTheChorus_004_studio_010_011 

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