Article du magazine Photography Mag en juin 1954 portant sur un reportage photos illustrant une interview de Marilyn par Earl Wilson.

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Retranscription -incomplète- de l'article

Broadway columnist Earl Wilson is kind of a nice guy. He knows and loves show people, and has a special spot in his heart for the kids with the brassy hair, the brassy stare and the anxious expression that means they're not eating too well or too often. Marilyn Monroe used to be one of those kids and when she hit the top in just a few long strides, Earl was genuinely happy for her. But he knew that stardom can change people and wondered if the bright lights were dazzling the world's loveliest pin-up girl, so on a trip to Hollywood he went to see her, taking along his favorite camera and, as always, his beautiful and clever wife. Both Wilsons were completely surprised. This was indeed a new Marilyn. The frightened kid was gone. Here was a serene and confident woman. Earl was pleased to note that the famous Monroe curves were more gorgeous and curvy than ever. But what impressed him most was the good, practical sense taht's inside of that lovely, golden head. Marilyn told her old friend all about her dreams for Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc and pretty soon they were involved in a thoroughly complicated chat about incorporation, investments, production problems and what-not. Poor Earl's head was fairly spinning as he tried to keep up with the conversation - and at the same time believe this was really Marilyn Monroe spouting all this business talk. She had him so confused and fascinated that he almost forget to pull out his camera and ask for some exclusive shots. Marilyn sighed, pulled off her glasses, dropped her expression of intense concentration and pretty soon Earl was snapping happily away as a droppy-eyed sex siren lounged in front of his camera. We're lucky enough to have the pictures (aren't they luscious ones?) along with Earl's personal report of his session with The Monroe.

Légendes des photos

>> page 2:
-légende 1 : This gal may look like all sex -but there's plenty of common sense here, too, as she makes plans for her future.
-legende 2 : Earl Wilson's camera catches his friend Marilyn in a typical pose - lips parted, eyes drooping, body reclining.

>> page 3:
-légende 1 : Camera snaps busily away as Marilyn strikes pose after she hopes to be on the other side of the camera herself.
-légende 2 : A press photographer explains the workings of his camera to her. She has a quick mind and constantly asks questions.
-légende 3 : Marilyn relaxes against the cushions, but she's gettig a stiff back. The star is always glad to pose.
-légende 4 : Marilyn obliningly poses for author Wilson with his zany book in hand. She's an avid reader and is trying to educate herself.