Deux films amateur montrant Marilyn Monroe rentrant incognito à son appartement à New York au 444 East 57th Street entre le 17 et le 20 mai 1962, durant son séjour dans la ville. Elle est habillée en Pucci.

Two films footage showing Marilyn Monroe back home in her New York' appartment at 444 East 57th Street, between the 17 and the 20 of May, 1962. She is dressing in Pucci.

> photographie

1962_05_ny1_vasalloOn remarque que Marilyn était une personne généreuse et amicale avec ses admirateurs, elle embrasse ici une dame qui passe dans la rue et signe un autographe.
Notice that Marilyn was a generous and friendly person with her fans, she kisses a lady here that walks into the street and Marilyn signs an autograph.

> Captures 1
1962_Marilyn_NewYork_010_Street_010 1962_Marilyn_NewYork_010_Street_020 1962_Marilyn_NewYork_010_Street_030
1962_05_ny1a_cap01 1962_05_ny1a_cap02 1962_05_ny1a_cap03
1962_05_ny1a_cap04 1962_05_ny1a_cap05 1962_05_ny1a_cap06
1962_05_ny1_cap04 1962_05_ny1_cap05 1962_05_ny1_cap06
1962_Marilyn_NewYork_010_Street_042 1962_05_ny1a_cap08 
1962_Marilyn_NewYork_010_Street_050 1962_Marilyn_NewYork_010_Street_051
1962_05_ny1b_cap01 1962_05_ny1b_cap02 1962_05_ny1b_cap03

1962_05_ny1_cap10 1962_05_ny1_cap11 1962_05_ny1_cap12
1962_05_ny1_cap13 1962_05_ny1_cap14 1962_05_ny1_cap15
1962_05_ny1_cap16 1962_05_ny1_cap17 1962_05_ny1_cap18
1962_05_ny1a_cap10 1962_05_ny1a_cap11 1962_05_ny1a_cap12
1962_05_ny1a_cap13 1962_05_ny1a_cap14 1962_05_ny1a_cap15

> Video 1

Marilyn Monroe monte dans sa voiture où l'attend son attaché de presse Patricia Newcomb.

Marilyn Monroe gets into his car where is sat her press officer Patricia Newcomb.

> photographies
1962_Marilyn_NewYork_020_Street_030_withPatNewcomb_1 1962_tumblr_lg90lfRKv41qb07v0o1_400_1_  

> Captures 2
1962_Marilyn_NewYork_020_Street_010 1962_Marilyn_NewYork_020_Street_011 1962_Marilyn_NewYork_020_Street_012   
1962_Marilyn_NewYork_020_Street_020 1962_Marilyn_NewYork_020_Street_021 1962_05_ny2_cap1
1962_Marilyn_NewYork_020_Street_040  1962_Marilyn_NewYork_020_Street_041 1962_Marilyn_NewYork_020_Street_042

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