Le 26 mai 1948, Marilyn Monroe et Mickey Rooney assistent ensemble à la première du film de Billy Wilder "The Emperor Waltz" (La Valse de l'Empereur) à Hollywood.
On May 26, 1948, Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Rooney attended together the premiere of Billy Wilder's film "The Emperor Waltz" in Hollywood.

1948_05_26_premiere_the_emperor_waltz_by_billy_wilder_wiv_rooney_020_1 1948_05_26_Emperor_Waltz_premiere 1948_05_26_premiere_the_emperor_waltz_010_1

> photographie de Frank Worth
1949_marilyn_with_mickey_rooney_010_by_frank_worth_3 1949_marilyn_with_mickey_rooney_010_by_frank_worth_1 1948_05_26_premiere_the_emperor_waltz_by_billy_wilder_wiv_rooney_010_1 

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