Photos publicitaires pour la RKO en 1951,
pour qui Marilyn Monroe va tourner
Clash by night
Photographies de
Phil Burchman / Ernest Bachrach 

Promotional photos for the RKO in 1951,
For whom Marilyn Monroe will shoot Clash by night
Photographs by Phil Burchman / Ernest Bachrach

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film-cbn-by_bachrach-2 film-cbn-by_bachrach-3 film-cbn-by_bachrach-4
1951_by_burchman_01_1 1951_by_burchman_02_1  1951_by_burchman_01_1c
1951_by_burchman_04_1 1951_by_burchman_05_1 ph_0platinum62_20110324114313_a9_original
1951_by_burchman_06_1 ph_39 1951_by_burchman_07_1

ph_burchman_1 1951_by_burchman_09_1 1951_by_burchman_10_1 1951_by_burchman_11_1

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