Portrait de la classe de Norma Jeane en mai 1940 - posant avec 77 membres du "Emerson Girls Glee Club", le choeur filles du premier cycle du secondaire de Californie, sur les gradins à l'extérieur du lycée public de l'école Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School au 1650 Selby Avenue, West Los Angeles

Class portrait of Norma Jeane in May 1940 - posing with 77 fellow members of the "Emerson Girls Glee Club", California all-girls' junior high school choir, on the bleachers outside the public high school at Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School at 1650 Selby Avenue, West Los Angeles.

- Photo de groupe / Group's photo -
(3ème rangée en partant du bas, 7ème en partant de gauche)
(3rd row from the bottom, 7th from left)



- photographie signée au dos par les camarades de classe (1) -
Dédicaces pour Norma Jeane
Dedications for Norma Jeane

On remarque la popularité de Marilyn au sein de son école à la vue du nombre de signatures et de messages inscrits par ses camarades de classe, qui lui souhaitent, pour la plupart, "bonne chance":
We notice Marilyn's popularity within her school in view of the number of signatures and messages written by her classmates, who wish her, for the most part, "good luck":
> source vente 2018 Heritage Auctions

"I hope your ambition will come true - to stay an old maid all your life. Roberta Clark".
"Best Wishes. Jean Mc Queen. 5'40"
"To a beautiful, sweet, charming, and darling, adorable Norma Jeanne. Stay as well as you are. Peggy Maet"
"Best wishes and the best of luck. Greta Stephenson."
"Lola Darlington"
"To a darling girl and a bunch of love. Shirley Thinkel"
"Best luck. Behra Dickerson. 5'40"
"Louds of luck to a swell girl I will always remember. Nancy Mahan."
"Much luck to another Baker. Jo Baker"
"To a darling girl !!! I hope you have a very successful future. Lots of love. Mary Keller. 5'40"
"To the sweetest girl I know. Peggy Maxfield."
"Daphne Brown. Lots of luck. 5'40"
"Best luck Glee ?/19/40. Bably Childress"
"Love and Best of luck to an adorable and darling girl and a swell one at that. Nancy Moon."
"Best of luck with Les. Jaugir Akash (?)"
"Best wishes. Marine Carts"
"Best of luck. Lila Mae Wilson. 5'40"
"Happiness always. Louise Taunison"
"Lots of luck Always, Elizabeth Crumly"
"Best of luck to a darling girl. Love, Danalee Waggner."
"Best wishes always. Jault (?) Rupert. 5'40"
"With lots of luck. J Ann Glau"


- photographie signée au dos par les camarades de classe (2) -

Pour comparaison, des dédicaces d'une camarade de Norma Jeane :
For comparison, dedications from a friend of Norma Jeane:
> source vente UA University Archives

"Loved Luck, Capitolee Roberts" ;
"Ida Darlington" ;
"Good luck to a perfect person. Peggy Maet '40'" ;
"Marcia Garbus" ;
"Annette" ;
"Barbara Cameron" ;
"Jacqueline Sterling"
"Marilyn Cannon" ;
"Marie Kadota" ;

"Barbara Holler" ;
"Daphne Brown" ;
"Nancy Moon"


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