Gladys Monroe et sa fille Norma Jeane, passent l'été 1928 à Santa Monica, avec son frère Marion Monroe et sa femme Olive, et leur fille Ida May, ainsi que d'autres amis.
Gladys Monroe and daughter Norma Jeane, spend the summer of 1928 in Santa Monica, with her brother Marion Monroe, his wife Olive and their daughter Ida May, and with other friends.

> Photo de groupe / Group photo
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1928_nj_beach_02_2 1928_onbeach
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> Gladys et Norma Jeane
  1928_nj_beach_02_1a 1928_nj_beach_02_2a 1928_nj_beach_02_3

> Gladys et son frère Marion Monroe,
puis Gladys et sa belle-soeur Olive
Gladys and her brother Marion Monroe,
then, Gladys and her sister-in-law Olive

1928_nj_beach_03_1 1928_nj_beach_04_1 

> Norma Jeane et sa cousine Ida May
Norma Jeane and her cousin Ida May

1928_nj_beach_02_4b 1928_nj_beach_02_4 nj_baby2 

> Norma Jeane
1928-njbaby   1928-NormaJeane
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