Séance "Cadillac Noire"
Black Cadillac Sitting

Marilyn Monroe photographiée par Milton H Greene en 1954 à Los Angeles Marilyn pose avec la Cadillac noire que lui a offert Jack Benny en remerciement d'avoir participé à l'émission The Jack Benny Show du 13 septembre 1953.

 Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton H Greene in 1954 in Los Angeles - Marilyn poses with the black Cadillac that has been offered by Jack Benny, to thank for taking part in The Jack Benny Show in September, 13, 1953.

- "L": "Black Cadillac"

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Stephen Hawking & Marilyn Monroe

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En apprenant que le célèbre physicien Stephen Hawking était un grand fan de Marilyn Monroe, le fils de Milton, Joshua Greene, avait ajouté numériquement Hawking à une image que son père avait prise de Marilyn se tenant devant une Cadillac et le lui avait offerte. La photo était l'une des préférées de Hawking et restait constamment sur son bureau. L'image avait été recréée pour «Une merveilleuse histoire du temps», biopic d'Hawking avec Eddie Redmayne et Suzie Kennedy représentant Marilyn.
Upon hearing that world famous physicist Stephen Hawking was a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, Milton's son Joshua Greene, digitally added Hawking to an image his father took of Marilyn standing in front of a Cadillac and gave it him as a gift. The photo is a favorite of Stephen's and remains on his desk to this day. The image was recreated for the “The Theory of Everything", historical movie with Eddie Redmayne and Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn.

Above: The original photograph of Marilyn Monroe by Milton H. Greene
that Joshua Greene digitally added Stephen Hawking to and gave to him as a gift.

Above: The image recreated for the "The Theory of Everything"
starring Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking.
World-famous Marilyn Monroe impersonator Suzie Kennedy poses as Monroe.

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