Portraits de Marilyn Monroe en pin-up - vers 1947
Photographies d'Earl Moran

Marilyn Monroe portraits as a pin-up - circa 1947
Photographs by Earl Moran

Série "Sofa - en soutien-gorge, culotte"
Sitting "Sofa - in bra and panties"

 1947-by_earl_moran-sofa-knickers-1-1 1947-by_earl_moran-sofa-knickers-2-1a 1947-by_earl_moran-sofa-knickers-2-1  

Série "Sofa - Serviette"
Sitting "Sofa - Towel"

1947-by_earl_moran-sofa-towel-1-1 1947-by_earl_moran-sofa-towel-1-2 1947-by_earl_moran-sofa-towel-1-3 

1947-by_earl_moran-sofa-towel-2-1 1947-by_earl_moran-sofa-towel-2-1a 1947-by_earl_moran-sofa-towel-2-2  

- Illustration de Earl Moran -


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