30 avril 2011

21/02/1955 Black Cape and Fur- Marilyn par Milton

Marilyn Monroe photographiée par Milton H Greene et son assistant Hal Berg, le 21 février 1955 ; Connecticut.

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton H Greene and his assistant Hal Berg, in February, 21, 1955 ; Connecticut. 

> Photos de la session "BC": "Black Cape" 
Marilyn porte une veste Norman Norell
The Black Cape design is by Norman Norell

marilyn_monroe_BC_03e marilyn_monroe_BC_02w marilyn_monroe_BC_01q
marilyn_monroe_BC_26o marilyn_monroe_BC_04r marilyn_monroe_BC_05t
marilyn_monroe_BC_30d marilyn_monroe_BC_25i marilyn_monroe_BC_29s
marilyn_monroe_BC_27p marilyn_monroe_BC_32g marilyn_monroe_BC_33h
marilyn_monroe_BC_31f marilyn_monroe_BC_06t marilyn_monroe_BC_28a

>> Photos de la session "Black Cape"
1955_mhg_BC_010_1 1955_mhg_BC_010_1a 1955_mhg_BC_010_1b 
1955-large_Marilyn-Monroe-MHG-MMO-BCP-09-DE  1955_grfur 
1955_mhg_BC_011_1 1955_new_greene_02
H3257_L44538450 H3257_L44538451 H3257_L44538452
1955_mhg_BC_013_1a ph_gr_milton_beauty_2
1955_mhg_BC_013_1 1955_mhg_BC_014_1 1955_mhg_BC_014_2 
H3257_L44538453 1955_mhg_BC_012_1 1955_mhg_BC_015_1

bc1 bc2
bc4 bc3
H3257_L44538768 H3257_L44538769

> Photos de la session "Fur" / "Black Dress"
marilyn_monroe_BC_08u marilyn_monroe_BC_07y

>> Photos de la session "Black Cape"
1955_mhg_BC_020_1 1955_mhg_BC_020_1a 1955_mhg_BC_020_1b
1955_mhg_BC_020_1c 1955_mhg_BC_021_1a 1955_mhg_BC_022_1
1955-greene 1955_mhg_BC_027_1a
  H3257_L44538435 1955_mhg_BC_023_1 1955_mhg_BC_027_1

1955-12234947_910826655637962_5712840895174550560_n 1955_mhg_BC_025_1
ph_gr_fur_milton2vv 1955_mhg_BC_026_1 1955_mhg_BC_028_1

 > couvertures de magazines
mhg_mag_aw_1955_09_25 mhg_mag_leuropeo_1961_01_25
mhg_mag_ms_1955june ph_gr_mag

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copyright text by GinieLand.


25/051949 Pacific Coast Antiques Show

25 mai 1949, Marilyn Monroe fait la promotion
d'un fauteuil miniature victorien
lors du Fourth annual Pacific Coast Antiques Show

1947_at20thCenturyFox_0023_010 1948_marilynmonroe 2009102985154_5_original 1947_marilyn
1947_at20thCenturyFox_0040_013_byEdBaird_01 1947_at20thCenturyFox_0040_013_byEdBaird_1  

> dans la presse

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