08 août 2011

10/07/1962 Dark Costume with Hat par Bert Stern

The Last Sitting
day 2

Le 10 juillet 1962, deuxième séance photos avec Bert Stern, dans le bungalow 96, l'une des plus grande suite du Bel Air Hotel de Los Angeles. Portraits de mode de Marilyn Monroe portant un trench noir avec une ceinture et un chapeau noir.

 **** Dark Costume with Hat **** 

1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_01 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_02 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_03
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_04 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_05 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_06
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_08 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_09
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_10 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_11 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_12
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_01 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_02 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_03
mm_by_stern-H5945-L77798529 ph_stern_blog_book_normanmailer_page10
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_07 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_08 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_09
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_10 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_11 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_12
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_01 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_02 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_02a
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_03  1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_06
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_08 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_09 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_09a
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_10 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_11 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_12
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_01_1  1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_02_07
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_03_03 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_04_06 

Le photographe se souvient que Babs Simpson, la rédactrice de mode de Vogue, ne voulait pas que Marilyn soit photographiée avec le chapeau, mais Stern trouvait que le chapeau rendait Marilyn belle. Babs Simpson insiste: "Ce n'est simplement pas la mode, Bert", mais le photographe se sent poussé de lui-même de le faire. Plus tard, il tombera sur une photographie de Greta Garbo prise par Edward Steichen, et remarquera une grande ressemblance entre Marilyn et Garbo: "Qui aurait pu soupçonner qu'il y avait du Greta Garbo à l'intérieur de Marilyn?"

Greta Garbo VS Marilyn Monroe
steichen_garbo 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_03a 

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1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_1_contact 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_2_contact 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_face_3_contact
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_01_contact 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_02_contact
1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_03_contact 1962_07_10_by_bert_stern_dark_costume_with_hat_04_contact

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Le film porno de Marilyn n'a pas d'acheteurs

Alleged Marilyn Monroe sex film gets no buyers
article publié sur mysanantonio.com  le 7 août 2011
par ALEXANDER WILSON, Associated Press 

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — There were no buyers Sunday at the auction of a 1940s stag film that an events promoter claims shows a young Marilyn Monroe having sex before she became a movie star.

The auction was a flop. Nobody came forward willing to pay Mikel Barsa's starting price of 2 million Argentine pesos, about $480,000.

Barsa said it didn't help matters that a spokeswoman for Monroe's estate was quoted in an Associated Press interview calling the whole thing a fraud.

"It doesn't surprise me. The latest statements of Nancy Carlson didn't do anything good for all this," Barsa said, referring to the spokeswoman for a company in charge of protecting Monroe's image and estate.

Barsa said he was still negotiating with an unidentified buyer from Denver whom he said was offering much less than a fair price. But he also said his lawyers were reviewing the matter now that Monroe's protectors warned they would sue him if the sale went through.

Barsa claimed before the auction that the scratchy, black-and-white, six-minute 8-mm film shows the young actress, known then as Norma Jeane Baker, around 1946 or 1947 when she was poor and desperate to break into show business.

Experts on Monroe's life, however, said it's highly unlikely that the smiling young blonde in the film is her.

Comparing the film with known Monroe images leaves ample room for doubt. And several documents Barsa said proved his argument — a letter from the American Film Institute and what looks like a declassified FBI file that mentions a 1965 attempt to sell an alleged Marilyn Monroe sex film — are inconclusive.

Monroe's image and estate is protected by the brand development and licensing company Authentic Brands Group. Its spokeswoman, Carlson, said a sale of the film would invite legal action for "perpetrating a fraud on the public, violating the Monroe estate's exclusive rights to her image and other claims of intellectual property infringement."

"To me personally, it doesn't even resemble her," Carlson said.

mysanantonio1EDS NOTE NUDITY - In these pictures taken July 20, 2011, Spain's memorabilia collector Mikel Barsa speaks on the phone, during an interview with The Associated Press, beside images taken from an allegedly newly discovered 8-mm stag film, purportedly showing Marilyn Monroe having sex when she was still an underage actress known as Norma Jean Baker, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The protectors of Marilyn Monroe's estate and image have lawyers ready to sue if Barsa goes ahead with his plan to sell the film he says shows the underaged star. Photo: Natacha Pisarenko / AP

mysanantonio2 mysanantonio3

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BE 5/08/2011

magazine_BE_6_ao_t_2011_coverLe magazine people Be n°72, paru le 5 août 2011, consacre un article d'une page et demie intitulé "Marilyn filmée sous X ?" et s'interroge sur l'identité supposé de la jeune femme qui apparaît dans le film porno vendu aux enchères, et présentée comme étant Marilyn Monroe.

magazine_BE_6_ao_t_2011_p32 magazine_BE_6_ao_t_2011_p33 

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