Norma Jean:
My Secret Life With Marilyn Monroe
Auteur: Ted Jordan

Edition 1

ph_ted_jordan_book_my_secret_life_2Date de sortie: septembre 1989
Broché 255 pages
Langue: anglais

Éditeur: William Morrow & Co
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Edition 2

ph_ted_jordan_book_my_secret_life_1Date de sortie: mars 1991
Broché 304 pages
Langue: anglais

Éditeur: Penguin Books Ltd
Prix éditeur: ?? Euros
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Présentation (de Publishers Weekly): Jordan (ne Friedman) moved from his Ohio birthplace to Hollywood where he met 17-year-old model Norma Jean, who shared his ambitions for a movie career, in 1943. He would, according to his memoir, become her lover and remain a friend throughout her life. Withholding judgments, and also revealing much about his own falls from grace, Jordan describes how Marilyn Monroe deliberately used sex to further her career. We read of her affairs with the author's uncle, bandleader Ted Lewis who purportedly supplied her with drugs; with many more men than previously reported; and with women, including Jordan's wife, stripper Lili St. Cyr. This detailed albeit sympathetic account is disturbing and believable. Jordan claims to possess Monroe's "little red book," given him by the actress "shortly before her death," a diary only rumored to exist. Its innocuous entries contain no secret information, maintains the author, who asserts as well that Monroe's death was an "accidental suicide." Photos not seen by PW. Doub le day Book Club alternate.
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Je ne devrai normalement pas émettre d'avis puisque je ne possède pas ces livres, mais je tenai simplement à prévenir les amateurs de Marilyn: n'achetez pas ces livres dans lesquels l'auteur ne fait qu'affabuler les pires inepties sur la jeune Marilyn ! Allez lire mon article
Ted Jordan le mythomane

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