lot n°220: Niagara original 14" x 36" insert poster for Marilyn Monroe film
(TCF, 1953) Linen-backed Fine to Very Fine U.S. insert-sized poster depicting Marilyn Monroe four times. Appears to have had normal light folds prior to backing, and shows only modest background retouching.
Estimate: $600

 lot n°222: How to Marry a Millionaire original U.S. six-sheet poster
(TCF, 1953) Approx. 81” x 81” U.S. six-sheet poster on linen depicting Marilyn Monroe with her co-stars Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall. Appears to have had some chipping and losses at folds prior to backing, and shows modest background and fold retouching, generally Fine.
Estimate: $1 000

lot n°223: Marilyn Monroe original Golden Dreams
1953 nude calendar with embossed-box set of nude playing cards

From the infamous nude photos of Marilyn Monroe taken by Tom Kelly in the late 1940’s (though not publicly exploited until 1952) came a range of calendars (the most popular one represented here) and other artifacts, most notably a double-deck set of playing cards of Marilyn in the nude, both in the seated “Golden Dreams” pose like the calendar, and the reclining “A New Wrinkle” pose. Not only are both decks totally complete including two jokers each, they are housed in the original black velvet, gold-embossed “New Wrinkle” box and sleeve, which we have never before seen in over 35 years experience. Box and cards are Fine, showing only slight age and handling; sleeve and calendar show staining, chipping, creases, etc., and are in Fair only condition.
Estimate: $350
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lot n°283: Let’s Make Love original U.S. one-sheet poster
(TCF, 1960) U.S. 27” x 41” linen-backed one sheet poster for Marilyn Monroe’s penultimate (completed) film, and though slightly overweight, still one of her sweetest performances. Fine with minor to moderate retouching.
Estimate: $400

lot n°401: Clash by Night original U.S. 1-sheet poster
(RKO, 1952) U.S. 27” x 41”. RKO was responsible for some of the most attractive and artistic poster designs of the 1940’s and 50’s, with this early Marilyn Monroe appearance being no exception. This also has the distinction of being one of Marilyn’s finest dramatic performances. Fine, with moderate retouching.

Estimate: $200

lot n°402: River of No Return original U.S. one-sheet poster
(TCF, 1954) 27” x 41” U.S. one-sheet poster on linen for this Western-themed Marilyn Monroe vehicle. Artwork depicts her twice, in sexy camisole top, and singing in the showgirl outfit. Very Fine with minimal retouching.

Estimate: $400