lot n°733: Marilyn Monroe signature camisole top
by Travilla from River of No Return

(TCF, 1954) For Marilyn’s studio-imposed adventure in the Canadian wilderness, director Otto Preminger chose to bless film-goers with the joy of watching her, for a large part of the screen time, in this simple yet highly erotic camisole designed by Travilla. Complemented on screen by skin-tight blue jeans, and accented at one point with a good soaking in the river rapids, this little bit of cotton muslin with lace embroidery has become over the succeeding decades one of Marilyn’s most recognized, iconic, and exploited fashions. With interior label inscribed “1-81-2- 4739 A713-05 M. Monroe”. A few very minor stains, otherwise virtually identical to condition as worn on screen, including the off-white coloring, and the intentional rough-hewn bottom margin. A precious and immediately identified artifact from this great star’s career.

Estimate: $40 000 - $60 000
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 lot n°734: Marilyn Monroe 2-piece dance costume
by Dorothy Jeakins from Let’s Make Love

(TCF, 1960) For Marilyn Monroe’s singing and dancing character “Amanda Dell” in Let’s Make Love, Dorothy Jeakins designed for her this sheer, sexy two-piece pink silk shirt/ black dance-brief combination, worn for rehearsal scenes in the stage musical set within the film. Both pieces bear internal TCF labels inscribed “F-13 M. Monroe” and apart from a few scattered minor to moderate stains in the shirt and minor separations in the brief, they remain essentially intact and presentable. With the long sleeves casually rolled up and shirt tucked into brief, this was a lovely and happy look for her in what was to be her penultimate film.

Estimate: $80 000 - $100 000

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lot n°734: Marilyn Monroe “Vicky” green cummerbund
from There’s No Business Like Show Business

(TCF, 1954) The stylish “color” accent to a very simple though effective costume designed by Travilla for Marilyn Monroe in There’s No Business Like Show Business, being a large green cummerbund-sash which she wears over a Capri-style black full-body leotard for her languorous and eminently sexy performance of “Lazy”. Bears internal studio wardrobe tag inscribed in cursive “Marilyn Monroe A729-38” with a few faint stains or fading spots, generally Fine.

Estimate: $6 000 - $8 000
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