05 juillet 2012

Expo au Musée d'Hollywood


Du 1er juin 2012 au 2 septembre 2012, une exposition "Marilyn Monroe: The Exhibit - An Intimate Look at the Legend"  se tient au Hollywood Museum, à Hollywood, en Californie, aux USA.

Pour marquer les 50 ans de sa disparition, une grande exposition autour de Marilyn Monroe est organisée à Hollywood, en collaboration avec le photographe Georges Barris qui présente des photographies jusqu'ici encore jamais vues.

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Contenu de l'expo:

Des vêtements:   
 >   Marilyn Monroe’s million-dollar honeymoon dress, worn on her honeymoon for her marriage to Joe DiMaggio.  This was Marilyn’s favorite gown designed by Ceil Chapman, hand beaded in Marilyn’s signature style. Marilyn wore this gown on numerous occasions including a USO tour to entertain 10,000 troops in Korea in 1954.
 >   Marilyn’s famous cream colored, beaded costume worn in the 1957 film The Prince and the Show Girl.
 >   Personal wardrobe items including the lime green Pucci blouse Marilyn Monroe wore in the last ever photos of her taken alive, together with Marilyn’s favorite furs and accessories.
 >   The evening cape worn by Marilyn to the 1955 world premiere of the James Dean classic East of Eden.

Des photographies:     
 >   Never before seen photographs of Marilyn Monroe taken by her close personal friend George Barris.
 >   The famous “Red Velvet” photographs by photographer Tom Kelly. Shot in 1949, Marilyn was still a struggling actress, delinquent in her monthly car rental payments and on the brink of having her car repossessed. To earn quick money, Marilyn agreed to pose at a typical “day rate” for what would become this legendary photo shoot.
>   Rare family photographs of Marilyn Monroe. 

Objets divers:     
 >   Furniture and artwork from Marilyn’s Brentwood home, including the solid wood dresser that was next to Marilyn’s bed in her bedroom the night she died. 
 >   NBC’s critically acclaimed “Smash” will have a special costume display featuring their Marilyn Monroe dresses.
 >   Original works of art by famed artist Robert A. Delgadillo and LUDVIC.
 >   Max Factor ‘s “Marilyn Monroe” makeup room where he created the famous “Marilyn Monroe blonde” hair including Marilyn’s makeup case and other personal items on display.
 >   A prescription pill bottle and the Decodron vial found next to her bed at the time of her death.
 >   A vast photograph collection of many never-before-seen photos of Marilyn’s childhood, family and early modeling career, including an array of photographs showing how Monroe lived, worked and played in Los Angeles.
 >   Original Magazine and newspaper articles conveying Monroe’s popularity and the kinds of coverage accorded both her career and personal life.
 >    Marilyn Monroe’s annotated film scripts, personal letters, invoices, receipts and financial accounting documents, showcasing in great detail the personal and very private life of the greatest film star of all time.
 >    An original Ralph Emerson Jr. High School photo showing a young Norma Jeane.
 >    Marilyn’s personal Kodak Brownie camera from her childhood.

Et bien d'autres choses encore... 

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Fotogramas Juillet 2012

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