Le 8 décembre 1954, Sammy Davis Jr. fête ses 29 ans et organise une fête d'anniversaire chez lui, sur Evanview Drive, à Los Angeles. Parmi les invités: Cindy Bitterman, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Bob Neal, Jeff Chandler ainsi que Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe et Milton Greene
Après la fête, Sinatra, Bob Neal et Judy Garland se rendent au Crescendo Club pour voir Mel Torme.
On December 8, 1954, Sammy Davis Jr., turned twenty-nine years old. He celebrated in his on home, on Evanview Drive. There is a lot of guests: Cindy Bitterman, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Bob Neal and his girlfriend; also Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe and Milton Greene. After the Sammy's Birthday party, Sinatra, Bob Neal and his girlfriend and Judy Garland went to the Crescendo club after the party to hear Mel Torme. Sinatra ended up punching the club's publicity director.
1954_12_08_sammy_birthday_3 1954_12_08_sammy_birthday_sinatra_and_cindy_bitterman 
1954_12_08_sammy_birthday_with_jeff_chandler_1_1 1954_12_08_sammy_birthday_with_jeff_chandler_1 1954_12_08_sammy_birthday_with_jeff_chandler_1_2
1954_12_08_sammy_birthday_tony_1 1954_12_08_sammy_birthday_2 
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> Marilyn avec Milton Greene
 1954_12_08_sammy_birthday_1_5 1954_12_08_sammy_birthday_1_4 
> Marilyn avec Sammy Davis Jr
> Marilyn avec Joe Bynes et DJ Fred Robbins
> Marilyn avec DJ Fred Robbins

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