Marilyn Monroe au restaurant The Ram à Sun Valley, dans l'Idaho, en 1956, à l'époque où elle tournait le film 'Bus Stop'; en compagnie de son partenaire du film Arthur O'Connell.
Marilyn Monroe in a restaurant called 'The Ram' in Sun Valley, Idaho, during the filming of "Bus Stop" with actor Arthur O'Connell , who is next to her in some shots. 

1956_ram_sun_valley 1956_ram_sun_valley 
1956 1956_with_Arthur_O_Connell_1 
1956-MONROE__MARILYN___1956_BUS_STOP_PARTY_JOSH_LOGAN_OCONN_001_1_ 1956_Unknown 1956_MM_73 
1956_idaho_sun_valley_restaurant_the_ram_1  1956-logan-MONROE__MARILYN_-_BUS_STOP_PARTY_JOSH_LOGAN668_001 
1956-ram  1956-DinerInSunValley 

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