24 juin 2013

Photos de The Seven year Itch 15

Sept ans de réflexion
   Photos scène 15

The Girl (Marilyn Monroe), Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell), Mr Kruhulic (Robert Strauss).

syi_sc15_film_010_1 sept_ans_de_reflexion_55_05_g syi_sc15_film_020_1 
syi_sc15_film_021_1 syi_sc15_film_022_1 
  syi_sc15  syi_sc15_film_024_1 
syi_sc15_film_030_1 syi_sc15_film_031_1 syi_sc15_film_032_2 
syi_sc15_film_032_1  syi-set-sc15-3 
syi_sc15_film_040_1 syi_sc15_film_040_2 syi_sc15_film_050_1
syi_sc15_shoes  syi_sc15_film_060_1 syi_sc15_film_061_1
  syi_sc15_film_063_1 syi_sc15_film_062_1 syi_sc15_film_063_1a

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