24 août 2013

Portraits studio pour The Seven Year Itch scène 3

Sept ans de réflexion
Photos Publicitaires

> Portraits de Marilyn Monroe et Tom Ewell

> Photographies de Sam Shaw
Photographs of Sam Shaw
syi_sc03_studio_by_sam_shaw_010_1 syi_sc03_studio_by_sam_shaw_012_1
syi_sc03_studio_by_sam_shaw_011_1 syi_sc03_studio_by_sam_shaw_012_2a

> Photographies de Frank Powolny
Photographs of Frank Powolny
syi_sc03_studio_by_frank_powolny_010_1 syi_sc03_studio_by_frank_powolny_010_2
1954_7yi_scene0032_dream02_studio_014_020_byFrankPowolny_1 syi_sc03_studio_by_frank_powolny_011_1 syi_sc03_studio_by_frank_powolny_011_2 
syi_sc03_studio_by_frank_powolny_011_3 1954_7yi_scene0032_dream02_studio_010_010 syi_sc03_studio_by_frank_powolny_011_4 
 1954_7yi_scene0032_dream02_studio_012_010_byFrankPowolny_2 1954_7yi_scene0032_dream02_studio_012_010_byFrankPowolny_1 1954_7yi_scene0032_dream02_studio_014_010_byFrankPowolny_1      
syi_sc03_studio_by_frank_powolny_012_1 syi_sc03_studio_by_frank_powolny_012_1a syi_sc03_studio_by_frank_powolny_012_2 

syi_sc03_studio_mm_010_1  film-syi-lot1172-H3257-L78855662  syi_sc03_studio_mm_010_2
syi_sc03_studio_mm_010_3  film-syi-lot1172-H3257-L78855659 
syi_sc03_studio_set  film-syi-lot1172-H3257-L78855665  syi_sc03_studio_mm_010_5a 
syi_sc03_studio_mm_020_1 syi_sc03_studio_mm_020_2 syi_sc03_studio_mm_021_1 

film-syi-lot1172-H3257-L78855652 film-syi-lot1172-H3257-L78855655 film-syi-lot1172-H3257-L78855657
syi_sc03_studio_mm_022_1 syi_sc03_studio_mm_022_1a 
syi_sc03_studio_mm_022_2  syi_sc03_studio_mm_023_1a
syi_sc03_studio_mm_023_1 syi_sc03_studio_mm_023_2
syi_sc03_studio_mm_022_1b syi_sc03_studio_mm_024_1 syi_sc03_studio_mm_024_1a

> Marilyn en backstage, avec sa coiffeuse Gladys
syi_sc03_studio_mm_set_1_with_gladys  syi_sc03_studio_mm_set_2

> Marilyn et Tom Ewell
syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_010_2 syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_010_3 syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_011_1
syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_010_1   syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_011_1a
syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_012_1 syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_012_2 syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_012_3
syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_012_4a syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_020_1 syi_sc03_studio_with_tom_ewell_020_2

> dans la presse
syi_sc03_studio_mag_picture_show syi_sc03_mag_screen_stars syi_sc03_studio_mag_people_1956
syi_sc03_studio_mag_picture_week syi_sc03_mag_usa syi_sc03_studio_mag_article

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15 Artistes rendent hommage à Marilyn

15 Artist Tributes to Marilyn Monroe
publié le 31/05/2013
en ligne sur redesignrevolution.com

Recognize the name Norma Jeane Mortensen? We didn’t think so – Norma Jeane Mortensen is more affectionately known to the entire world as Marilyn Monroe – one of the most well known icons associated with beauty in not only the United States – but the world. In honor of her 87th birthday on June 1, we take a look back at the one of the most well known pop culture icons in the world.

Marilyn Monroe is probably the most celebrated and recognizable actress in the entertainment industry. Sure, she sung of diamonds being a girl’s best friend, but her life was anything but grand prior to being discovered by RKO Pictures’ Howard Hughes, a multi-millionaire businessman, film producer and director.

Her father abandoned the family prior to her birth, poverty was a constant struggle, and her mother was mentally unstable. At the age of nine, she was placed in an orphanage after being in and out of various foster homes.  After overcoming a seemingly difficult childhood, Marilyn Monroe went on to make a name for herself in the growing entertainment industry.

Did you know any of these fun facts about Marilyn?

  • She is known for her breathless voice, voluptuous figure, sparkling blue eyes – don’t forget the beauty mark or platinum blonde hair!
  • She debuted her famous platinum blonde locks in 1952′s Monkey Business
  • The identity of Marilyn Monroe was created in 1946, but she didn’t legally changer her name until 1956.
  • Marilyn was the first woman to be featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine.
  • In 1953, she starred in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and began dating the one and only Joe DiMaggio. A huge movie role and a relationship with baseball great Joe DiMaggio – talk about making it big!
  • In 1999, she was voted People Magazine’s “Sexiest Woman of the Century”.

We decided to honor Marilyn in true Redesign fashion, and it was obvious it would not be hard to find amazing pieces of art that paid tribute to this iconic figure. Check out our 15 favorite artist tributes to Miss Monroe below.

Marilyn_Monroe_Portrait_Illustration_1  Portrait Made of Thousands of Circles by Ben Heine

It took the artist a week of intense work to create this piece. We also featured his portraits in our Lady Gaga and Elvis Presley roundups.

Illustration by Matt Taylor

Large Pixel Portrait by Heather Herscheid

Mistral Typographer Poster by Rhiannon Bellmore

Digital Quick Sketch by Jessica Sanchez

Art Print by Ciaran Monoghan $80 

 Day of the Dead Marilyn by misscarissarose

Digital Portrait by daekazu

Watercolor Painting by Andrea Schepisi

Hyperrealistic Potrait by Stanbos

Acrylic on Canvas by antonio56

Graphite and Colored Pencil Drawning by BabyDollB

Paint Splatters by Jessie145 

Fantasy Portait by LUN2004 

Monroe Photo Montage by Daniel Jay Nodianos

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Paris Match 10/11/1956

pm_n396_coverLe magazine Paris Match n°396, du 10 novembre 1956, consacrait un article dans la rubrique "Elles & Eux" sur la rencontre entre la Reine Elizabeth d'Angleterre et Marilyn Monroe.


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Publicité Mercedes

Année: 1997
Marque / Produit: Mercedes Benz Car
Pays: ?


Observez bien le grain de beauté de Marilyn: il s'agit du logo de Mercedes. Les veines de sa joue ont aussi été retouchées afin d'apporter un "message" supplémentaire où l'on peut "lire" le sexe.


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Publicité Pantone Print

Année: ?
Marque / Produit: Pantone Print
Pays: ?


Advertising Agency: Newmoment, Macedonia
Creative Director: Dushan Drakalski
Art directors: Nikola Vojnov
Illustrator: Nikola Vojnov
Account: Filip Dimitrov

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