Marilyn: An Illustrated History
Auteur: Sandra Forty

Marilyn_An_Illustrated_HistoryDate de sortie: juin 2013
Relié 256 pages
Dimension: 30,7 x 23,1 x 2,5 cm
Langue: Anglais
Éditeur: Taj Books
Prix : 15 Euros  
ISBN-10: 1844062740
ISBN-13: 978-1844062744
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Description: This book is a brief history of her short life. It is filled with photos of Marilyn throughout her life. Marilyn worked with some of the best directors of her day and pushed herself to excel in comedic, dramatic, and musical roles. She was only the second female movie star to create her own production company. Marilyn may have played the dumb blonde, but that was just one more role. 

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