Vente aux enchères 'Icons & Idols: Fashion' sur William Travilla le 8 novembre 2013 par JuliensAuction à Beverly Hills, aux Etats-Unis.

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Le catalogue (photos ci-dessus) est en vente au prix de 75 $ sur le site de juliensauction
Prochainement, les objets mis en vente seront en consultation sur juliensauction .
Le catalogue est à consulter en ligne en animation flipbook .

> This stunning collection of over 400 items includes: costume sketches, original costumes, his Primetime Emmy Award for his work on Dallas (Estimate: $2000-$3000), and gowns inspired by his most famous creations. Highlights include: a Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch inspired Travilla gown (Estimate: $20,000-$30,000); a Betty Grable chocolate silk dress worn in How to Marry A Millionaire (Estimate: $1,000-$2,000); a 1953 Travilla Gentlemen Prefer Blondes costume sketch (Estimate: $6,000-$8,000); a Marilyn Monroe Gentlemen Prefer Blondes inspired gown by Travilla featuring the gold lamé sunburst halter gown design (Estimate: $10,000-$20,000); a Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes Travilla sketch (Estimate: $400-$600); and Travilla’s There’s No Business Like Show Business Academy Award plaque ($3,000-$5,000).
> Before these items hit the auction block, they will be displayed exclusively in Europe at Newbridge Silverware’s Museum of Style Icons in Ireland (from August, 22, to September, 30) before returning to the United States and being displayed at the Julien’s Auctions Gallery in Beverly Hills from Monday, October 28th – Thursday, November 7th, 2013.

> pages du catalogue (uniquement ici les lots sur Marilyn)
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