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Bo (Don Murray) cherche toujours à séduire Cherie (Marilyn Monroe).
Bo (Don Murray) always tries to seduce Cherie (Marilyn Monroe).

> Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene 

marilyn-monroe-BS-172  bs-sc16-film-021-1-2
marilyn-monroe-BS-169  bs-sc16-film-021-1-1 
bs-sc16-film-021-2-1  bs-sc16-film-021-2-1a 
marilyn-monroe-BS-006  marilyn-monroe-BS-013
marilyn-monroe-BS-007  marilyn-monroe-BS-014  H3257-L44539956 
marilyn-monroe-BS-038  bs-sc16-film-022-1  marilyn-monroe-BS-012 
bs-sc16-film-021-3  bs-sc16-film-021-3a 
marilyn-monroe-BS-364  marilyn-monroe-BS-353  marilyn-monroe-BS-388 

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