Lady Gaga et R. Kelly parodient Marilyn Monroe et JFK aux AMA 2013.
25 novembre 2013
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Lady Gaga et R. Kelly se sont produits en duo sur la scène des American Music Awards qui se sont déroulés le dimanche 24 novembre 2013 à Los Angeles, pour chanter " Do What U Want ". Lady Gaga jouait le rôle de Marilyn Monroe, jouant le rôle de secrétaire du Président R. Kelly, faisant ainsi une double parodie: la liaison entre le Président JFK / Marilyn et la liason entre le Président Clinton / Monica Lewinsky.

logo_express Yes Mr President! Lady Gaga and R Kelly give shock performance in fake Oval Office at AMAs
25 novembre 2013
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The 27-year-old superstar performed her latest song 'Do What You Want' and looked reminscent of a 1950s Marilyn Monroe.
She was joined by American singer R Kelly who had an uncanny likeness to President Barack Obama as he sat in his fake Oval Office.
The performance was the usual high-energy delivery from Gaga as she lay provocatively on the presidential desk as R Kelly crouched on top.
The popstars poked fun at social networking as R Kelly exclaimed holding up a picture of Gaga on his desk: "What's this doing on Instagram."

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He later then referred back to the singer saying: "I've never seen this woman in my life."
The scenes were reminiscent of the infamous 90s affair between US President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
The performance finished with newspaper scrolls flashing up "Lady Gaga is over."
The Poker Face singer was later seen leaving Chateau Marmont after her performance wearing a revealing glitter outfit reminiscent of the one worn by Britney Spears in the music video for 'Toxic'.
The star left little to the imagination in the sheer outfit which barely covered her modesty.