04 janvier 2014

Philippe Halsman: Astonish Me!

Philippe Halsman: Astonish Me ! 
Authors: Sam Stourdze , Anne Lacoste

book-halsmanPublication Date: 2014 January
Number of pages 304 pages
Language English
Publisher: Prestel
Price: 49,85 Euros
ISBN-10: 3791349074
ISBN-13: 978-3791349077
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Description: Book about photographer Philippe Halsman. 

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Author: Sandra Forty

 book-sandra_forty-1-TAJ_booksPublication Date: 2013 June
Number of pages ? pages
Language English
Publisher: TAJ Books
Price: 5,21 Euros
ISBN: 9781844062676
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Description: This book is a brief history of Marilyns short life. It is filled with photos of Marilyn throughout her life. She worked with some of the best directors of her day and pushed herself to excel in comedic dramatic and musical roles. Marilyn may have played the dumb blonde but that was just one more role. Filled with fantastic public and private photographs of her life and death this is a must for all fans.  

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Sur le tournage de Bus Stop 7 -partie 5

 Arrêt d'Autobus
Sur le tournage - scène 7 

> Portraits de Marilyn Monroe

bs-sc07-set-publicity-010-1  bs-sc07-set-publicity-010-2 
bs-sc07-set-publicity-010-3  1956-bs57 

> Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene

> Portraits de Marilyn Monroe et Buddy Adler, producteur du film
bs-sc07-set-publicity-011-with_buddy_adler-1  bs-sc07-set-publicity-011-with_buddy_adler-2  marilyn-monroe-BS-219 
marilyn-monroe-BS-222  marilyn-monroe-BS-221  marilyn-monroe-BS-220 

> Portraits de Marilyn Monroe 
bs-sc07-set-publicity-012-1  bs-sc07-set-publicity-012-1a  bs-sc07-set-publicity-020-2
marilyn-monroe-BS-223  marilyn-monroe-BS-229  marilyn-monroe-BS-232 
marilyn-monroe-BS-231  bs-sc07-set-publicity-020-1b  bs-sc07-set-publicity-020-1 
marilyn-monroe-BS-230  bs-sc07-set-publicity-020-3 
marilyn-monroe-BS-2457  marilyn-monroe-BS-227  marilyn-monroe-BS-228 
marilyn-monroe-BS-224  bs-sc07-set-publicity-020-4 
marilyn-monroe-BS-225  marilyn-monroe-BS-226  marilyn-monroe-BS-2458 

> Portraits de Marilyn Monroe - chapeau marron
marilyn-monroe-BS-200  marilyn-monroe-BS-201  marilyn-monroe-BS-213 
bs-sc07-set-publicity-030-2  bs-sc07-set-publicity-030-2a  bs-sc07-set-publicity-030-2b 
marilyn-monroe-BS-203  marilyn-monroe-BS-204  marilyn-monroe-BS-2461 
marilyn-monroe-BS-212  marilyn-monroe-BS-209  marilyn-monroe-BS-211
marilyn-monroe-BS-210  bs-sc07-set-publicity-030-1  marilyn-monroe-BS-215

> Portraits de Marilyn Monroe - chapeau blanc
marilyn-monroe-BS-218  marilyn-monroe-BS-235AG  marilyn-monroe-BS-234AG 
marilyn-monroe-BS-205  marilyn-monroe-BS-2460  marilyn-monroe-BS-426a 
marilyn-monroe-BS-202  bs-sc07-set-publicity-041-1  marilyn-monroe-BS-216 
marilyn-monroe-BS-214  marilyn-monroe-BS-207 
marilyn-monroe-BS-208  marilyn-monroe-BS-217 
marilyn-monroe-BS-206  bs-sc07-set-publicity-044-1  marilyn-monroe-BS-2459 

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