05 janvier 2014

Wallpaper Niagara (1)

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Gif Some Like it Hot (4) - Run Sugar, Run


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Sur le tournage de Bus Stop 7 -partie 4

Arrêt d'Autobus
Sur le tournage - scène 7

Marilyn Monroe et Don Murray

bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-010-1  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-010-1b 
bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-010-1a  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-010-2  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-010-3 
bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-011-1  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-011-2  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-011-2a
bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-011-3  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-011-3a  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-011-4 
film-bs-rodeo_set-movietvalbum1571  film-bs-rodeo_set-89 Pix with 02  

> Photographies de Gene Lester
Photographs by Gene Lester 

bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-012-1-by_gene_lester-1  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-013-1-by_gene_lester-1  
1956-Bus_Stop-sc07-by_gene_lester-012-1 1956-Bus_Stop-sc07-by_gene_lester-012-2 1956-Bus_Stop-sc07-by_gene_lester-012-3  

Marilyn & Roy Craft
1956-Bus_Stop-sc07-by_gene_lester-020-with_roy_craft-2  1956-Bus_Stop-sc07-by_gene_lester-020-with_roy_craft-1 

> Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene 
(avec Joshua Logan)
marilyn-monroe-BS-064  mmmg281  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-014-1 
marilyn-monroe-BS-343   marilyn-monroe-BS-334
H3257-L44539083  marilyn-monroe-BS-018  marilyn-monroe-BS-116 
marilyn-monroe-BS-342  marilyn-monroe-BS-359  mmmg284 
marilyn-monroe-BS-5547  marilyn-monroe-BS-5546 
bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-013-3  bs-sc07-on_set-with_don_murray-013-3a 

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Gif Milton Greene (4) - White Fur


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The Empty Glass : A Novel

The Empty Glass : A Novel 
Author: J.I. Baker

 book-empty_glassPublication Date: 2013
Number of pages 336 pages
Language English
Publisher: Plume
2,5 x 13,3 x 19,8 cm
Price: 12,34 Euros
ISBN-10: 0142196789
ISBN-13: 978-0142196786
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Description: In the early-morning hours of August 5, 1962, Los Angeles County deputy coroner Ben Fitzgerald arrives at the home of the world’s most famous movie star, now lying dead in her bedroom. There he discovers The Book of Secrets—Marilyn Monroe’s diary—revealing a doomed love affair with a man she refers to only as “The General.” In the following days, Ben unravels a cover-up that implicates the Kennedys, the Mafia, and the CIA. Soon the sinister and surreal accounts recorded in The Book bleed into Ben’s own life, and he finds himself trapped—like Monroe—in a deepening paranoid conspiracy. A knockout combination of fact and legend, The Empty Glass is a riveting debut thriller. 

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