Le prince et la danseuse
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> Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene 

- Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) et Northbrook (Richard Wattis)
sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-658 sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-962
sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-955 pr-sc13-film-010-1 
sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-036 pr-sc13-film-020-1
sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-231 sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-232 

- la reine Dowager (Sybil Thorndike)
et le régent Charles (Laurence Olivier)
sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-956 sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-960
sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-961 sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-1237
sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-1236 sc13-MHG-MMO-PR-1234

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