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1926 - 1962



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8 octobre 2014

Photos de "The Prince and the Showgirl" sc 3

Le prince et la danseuse
   Photos scène 3

   > Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene 

- Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) arrive au palais du régent
avec le serviteur Northbrook (Richard Wattis
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-666 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2348 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-665a
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-344 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-906 pr-sc03-film-010-1-1
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-903 pr-sc03-film-010-2a pr-sc03-film-010-2 
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-334 pr-sc03-film-010-3 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1029
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1028 pr-sc03-film-010-1-2 pr-sc03-film-010-1-2a
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-332 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-637
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-732 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2345
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-014 pr-sc03-film-010-4 pr-sc03-film-010-5
pr-sc03-film-010-4a pr-sc03-film-010-4b
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2551  sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-227
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1035 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-820 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-822
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2049 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2246 

- le régent Charles (Laurence Olivier) et l'un de ses serviteurs
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2029 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1022 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-333
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-711a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-308 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2225
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-712a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-157 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1036
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-713a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-714a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2449

- le régent (Laurence Olivier) et son fils le roi Nicolas (Jeremy Spencer)
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1765 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1758 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1761

- Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) et le serviteur Northbrook (Richard Wattis)
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1486 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1487 
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-776a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-624 
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2407 film-tpats-lot1187-H3257-L78859615 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1054
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-581 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2286a  
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1002 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1597 pr-sc03-film-021-1
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-281 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-568
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1588 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1587 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-604
sc03-mmmg193 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-640 sc03-mmmg230
sc03-mmmg231 sc03-mmmg235 sc03-mmmg244
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-639 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-266 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1001
pr-sc03-film-022-1-with_richard_wattis-1 film-tpats-lot1187-H3257-L78859612 pr-sc03-film-022-1-with_richard_wattis-2
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-663a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-662 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-663
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-661  sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-877
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-857 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-856
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1060 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1571 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-324
pr-sc03-film-023-1 pr-sc03-film-023-1a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2256a
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-818 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1026
pr-sc03-film-023-2 pr-sc03-film-023-2b pr-sc03-film-023-2a 
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-653 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-654 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-655
imgPrinc3  imgprince3  
sc03-mmmg033  sc03-mmmg037
sc03-mmmg041 sc03-mmmg045 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-876

- le régent Charles (Laurence Olivier) salue Elsie (Marilyn Monroe)
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-670 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-671 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-672
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-673 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-340
sc03-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1034 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2223 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2224
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-862 pr-sc03-film-030-1
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-848 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2222 pr-sc03-film-030-3 
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1032 pr-sc03-film-030-2-2 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-674a
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1040 pr-sc03-film-030-2-1 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1041
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-852 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-849 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-854
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2221 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2267a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2271a
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-851 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2269a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2270a
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2352  sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2293a 
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1128 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1129 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-595
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2439 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2435 pr-sc03-film-031-1
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-692  sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1616
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-691  sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-228
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2556 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-674 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-146
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2559 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-2559a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-736
sc03-H3257-L44539971 pr-sc03-film-040-1a sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-015
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-217 pr-sc03-film-040-2a pr-sc03-film-040-2
sc03-mmmg248  sc03-mmmg232
sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1796 sc03-mmmg247 sc03-mmmg234

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