Photographies des perruches de Marilyn Monroe et Arthur Miller: Bobo, Butch, Clyde et Josua (nom incertain), prises en octobre 1958 par Marilyn Monroe.
Photographs of the pet parakeets of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller: Bobo, Butch, Clyde and Josue (not sure by the name), taken in October 1958 by Marilyn Monroe.

1958-10-parakeets_of_monroe_and_miller-01-1-bobo_clyde_butch-1  1958-10-parakeets_of_monroe_and_miller-01-1-bobo_clyde_butch-2 
1958-10-parakeets_of_monroe_and_miller-01-1-butch_bobo_clyde-1  1958-10-parakeets_of_monroe_and_miller-01-1d 

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