Le 31ème régiment des "Ours Polaires" en Corée ont élu Marilyn Monroe "La fille avec qui nous aimerions le plus faire un câlin d'ours", devancant Corinne Calvet et Mitzi Gaynor.

The 31st "Polar Bear" Regiment in Korea elected Marilyn Monroe "girl we should most like to get a bear hug from", ahead of Corinne Calvet and Mitzi Gaynor.


1951-06-15-award-bear-article_1951-06-30-The_Pacific_Stars_And_Stripes  Presse: article du "The Pacific Stars And Stripes" du 30 juin 1951
Miss Monroe Still 31st Girl
(Pac. S&S)—-Beauty judges of the 31st "Polar Bear" Regiment are beginning to doubt their choice of feminine pulchritude.
They selected beautiful Marilyn Monroe as the "girl we should most like to get a bear hug from." She outpointed curvacious Corinne Calvet and Mitzi Gaynor for the title.
The day after the selection, a GI in the regiment received a photograph from a Los Angeles paper covering the return of the USS Manchester from Korean waters. Smack in the middle of the picture was Marilyn Monroe—with three sailors. The trio and Marilyn were engaged in —a bear hug. The bosomy screen star is still number one "Polar Bear," but the boys hope she confines her hugging in the future to the regiment and lets the Navy find their own pin-ups.

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