Marilyn Monroe et sa coach Paula Strasberg prennent leur repas au Beverly Hills Hotel à l'époque du tournage de "Let's Make Love" ("Le Milliardaire") fin 1959  / début 1960. Photographies de John Bryson.
Marilyn Monroe and her drama coach Paula Strasberg take their lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel at the time on the shooting of "Let's Make Love" at the end of 1959 / beginning 1960. Photographs by John Bryson.

1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-beverly_hills_hotel-1-by_john_bryson-3-1a    1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-beverly_hills_hotel-1-by_john_bryson-1 
1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-beverly_hills_hotel-1-by_john_bryson-2  1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-beverly_hills_hotel-1-by_john_bryson-2a  1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-beverly_hills_hotel-2-by_john_bryson-1  

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