Contrat de deux pages de la 20th Century Fox signé par Marilyn Monroe en date du 5 juin 1952 détaillant les divers montants de paiement. Il s'agit d'un complément au contrat initial, couvrant la période du 11 mai 1952 au 10 mai 1953, où la Fox établit ici une régulation de paiement.

Contrat of two pages of the 20th Century Fox signed by Marilyn Monroe, dated in June 5, 1952 and detailing the various payment amounts. This is a supplement to the initial contract, covering the period from May 11, 1952 to May 10, 1953, on which the Fox here establishes a payment regulation.

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Miss Marilyn Monroe
Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
10201 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles 34, California

Dear Miss Monroe:

Pursuant to your requestto have your salary pro-rated over the balance of Option (a) of your contract, this will confirm our mutual understanding.
Under the provisions of your contract, Option (a) began on May 11, 1952, and will expire on May 10, 1953, covering a period of Fifty-Two (52) weeks, of which you are guaranted Forty (40) weeks salary at Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($ 750.00) per week, or a total of Thirty Thousand Dollars (V 30,000.00).
The remaining Twelve (12) weeks of the term represents the suspension period of which we have the privilege of taking you off the payroll, subject to the conditions imposed by the Screen Actors' Guild.
From May 11, 1952, the beginning of Option (a) of your contract, through May 31, 1952, is an elapsed period of Three weeks. During this period, you were paid Two (2) weeks and Three (3) days at your contract rate of Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($ 750.00) per week, or a total of One Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy-Five Dollars ($ 1,875.00). The other Three (3) days were layoff, for which no compensation was due. This leaves a guaranteed balance of Twenty-Eight Thousand One Hundred Twenty-Five Dollars ($ 28,125.00) to be paid over the remaining Forty-Nine (49) weeks of your term.
Pro-rating this balance over the remaining Forty-Nine (49) weeks, we will pay you Forty-Eight (48) weeks at Five Hundred Seventy-Four Dollars ($ 574.00) per week, a total of Twenty-Seven Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-Two Dollars ($ 27,552.00), and One (1) week at Five Hundred Seventy-Three Dollars ($ 573.00), a combined total of Twenty-Eight Thousand One Hundred Twenty-Five Dollars ($ 28,125.00) which together with the One Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy-Five Dollars ($ 1,875.00) already paid, equals Thirty Thousand Dollars ($ 30,000.00), the entire amount guaranteed in Option (a) of your contract.

It is understood that in the event your contract of employment with us is terminated prior to the expiration of the term described in Article First thereof, as said term may be extended, and as of the date of such tzrmination you have been compensated under the pro-rating arrangment hereinabove set forth in an amount which is in excess of the amount which would have been earned by you had you been compensated pursuant tothe provisions of Article Second of your above mentioned contract of employment, then and in such event, you agree, upon being requested so to do, to repay to us the amount of such excess which has been paid to you under said pro-rating arrangment.
Please understand that this arrangement is for your convenience only, and in no way affects your original contract, nor does it affect any additional monies due you according to the overtime provision or any other provision of the Agreement of the Screen Actors' Guild. If this is in accordance with your understanding of our arrangments, kindly confirm the same by affirming your signature below, under the word "Accepted" and return two copies to us. The original is for your records.

Very truly yours,
A.W. DeWeese, Paymaster

Marilyn Monroe

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