Famous Friends, True Tales of Friendship
Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe
Author: Tamra B Orr

book-famous_friends Publication Date: October, 15, 2019
Relié 48 pages
Language English
Editeur: Purple Toad Publishing
19 x 1,3 x 24,1 cm
Prix éditeur: 28,50 €
ISBN-10: 1624695086
ISBN-13: 978-1624695087
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Description: She was the rising star of the jazz world, with a voice that could knock down any doors, save for those still locked behind the remains of Jim Crow laws. But help can come from the most unlikely places, including one of Ella Fitzgerald's greatest fans, film legend Marilyn Monroe, who talked many theater owners to give the singer a chance. Thanks to the talent of Ella Fitzgerald, and with the help of Marilyn Monroe, we all can now witness their talents, as well as the power of friendship and what it can accomplish.

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