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24/02/1953 Marilyn reçoit le prix Redbook

1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_award_1Le 24 février 1953, Marilyn Monroe participe à l'émission "The Martin and Lewis Show" (un show TV américain avec Dean Martin et Jerry Lewis) où elle joue dans un sketch;
puis elle reçoit le "
Red Book Award" (prix décerné par le magazine 'Redbook') de la catégorie "Best Young Box Office Personality" (La meilleure jeune personnalité du Box Office) de l'année 1952, prix remis par Wade H. Nichols, l'éditeur du magazine.

In February 24, 1953, Marilyn Monroe participates in the radio show "The Martin and Lewis Show" (an American TV show with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis) where she plays in a sketch;
then, she receives the "Red Book Award", by 'Redbook' magazine, for the category "Best Young Box Office Personality" of the year 1952; Wade H. Nichols, the editor of the magazine, gives her the award.

> The Martin and Lewis Show
1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00110_1 1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00120_1 1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00100_1 aw_redbook_56410
1953  1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00210_1  1953 
1954_deanjerry  1953-04-28-MONROE__MARILYN_-_1953_REBOOK_SILVER_CUP_MOVIE_AWARDS631  1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00200 
1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00300_010_1 1953-filmsinreview 1953_117279018 

> dans les coulisses

The Martin and Lewis Show
With Guest Star: Marilyn Monroe
The following transcript appeared in MARILYN: then & now Vol. 2 No. 5
On February 24th, 1953 Marilyn was awarded the Red Book magazine award for ‘Best Young Box Office Personality.’ The presentation was made at the end of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’s radio show. Not only did Marilyn accept her award, but she guest starred. What follows is a transcript of Monroe’s portion of the program. Martin opened the show by singing “You’d Be Surprised” in tribute to Monroe.

> Radio Show

Martin: And now folks comes the real special part of our program. The happy time when we introduce our guest star. Course, tonight it’s especially happy because we have Marilyn Monroe, and, as I told you, Jerry doesn’t know about it. So it’s going to be a complete surprise. And . . . ah . . . Shhh . . . Here comes Jerry.

Lewis: Dean, who is it? Dean? Who? Our guest? Dean, who . . . is . . . it? Yes, ah . . . Who?

Martin: Well, I’ll give you a hint. If I was an artist, I’d like to do her in oil.

Lewis: You’d like to do her in oil? (laughter)

Martin: Yeah. Now, who’s our guest star?

Lewis: A sardine? (laughter)

Martin: Ah, shut up! Look, you take the most beautiful legs in the world, the most beautiful figure in the world, and the most beautiful face in the world, and put them all together, what do you get?

Lewis: The ugliest woman in the world!

Martin: How come?

Lewis: You got me so excited I put everything in the wrong place!

Martin: Well . . . This girl has everything in the right place. Jerry, every once in a while a meteor flashes through the skies and falls into the ocean. Fortunately for us, the ball of fire we have with us, as our guest, missed the ocean and landed at Twentieth Century-Fox. So, I give you the two most exciting words in the modern dictionary: Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe: Thanks Dean. That was a very flattering introduction.

Martin: Well, you deserve it Ms. MaRone . . . ah . . .

Monroe: Dean, look at your script. It’s Monroe.

Martin: I’m looking at you, and it’s Ma Rone! I’ll tell you. Right Jer?

Lewis: Zippy doo dah, Deany, darling! Get a load of the dress she’s wearing, Dean. Two arm holes, loosely tied together. Wow wee, what a dress! (laughter)

Monroe: Oh, it’s nothing much just (laughter) . . . just something I threw on.

Lewis: You almost missed, didn’t ya? (laughter)

Martin: Yeah!

Monroe: Gee, thanks boys. Do you really think this gown does something for me?

Martin: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but it does a lot more for us. What . . . what is it made of? Silk?

Monroe: As a matter of fact, it’s just plain cotton.

Lewis: Cotton? I’ve seen more cotton at tope of a bottle of Aspirin.

Monroe: I better talk to the wardrobe mistress about this dress. It’s so tight I nearly wore myself out putting it on.

Martin: Poor girl, are you all in? (laughter)

Monroe: Gosh! Gosh, I hope so! (laughter)

Lewis: Gee, Ms. Monroe, Dean and I saw your last picture, Niagara. It was a “Dar:” A positive “Dar!”

Monroe: What was the audience reaction to the picture in the theater?

Martin: After your first scene, they served the Hershey bars in Dixie cups! (laughter)

Lewis: Dean?

Martin: Yes?

Lewis: You better concentrate on the script.

Martin: It’s your turn! (laughter)

Lewis: Oh! (laughter) We had a cocktail party at my house with a bar tender and everything, and we showed home movies of your picture, Ms. Monroe.

Monroe: Now, you’re not going to tell me that when I came on the screen that the ice in the drinks melted?

Lewis: Oh no! That would be silly (Jerry laughs). The bartender melted!

Monroe: Oh, you fellas are just kidding.

Martin: Kidding? Remember the scene where you were kissing your boyfriend?

Monroe: Yes.

Lewis: Right in the middle, my canary threw himself to the cat! (laughter) Ah, Ms. Monroe, if you go out with me after the show I’ll buy you a bottle of perfume . . .

Martin: You’re wasting your time, Jer. Marilyn would rather go out with somebody like me.

Monroe: That’s right. I’m a blonde, and I like to go out with tall, dark, handsome men. You see, opposites attract.

Lewis: Then you’ll love me. I’m just the opposite. (laughter)

Monroe: Look Jerry, you’re a man, and I’m a woman.

Lewis: Now that we’ve chosen sides, let play. (laughter)

Martin: Won’t you give up, Jer. Marilyn prefers me. I’ve gone out with women that would not even look at you.

Lewis: So what? I’ve gone out with women who wouldn’t look at me either.
Monroe: Okay Jerry, supposing I do go out with you, what will we do?

Lewis: Well, we’ll get in my car and drive up Lookout Mountain, and when we get to the top . . .

Monroe: Yes?

Lewis: LOOK OUT! (laughter)

Monroe: No Jerry, if I went out with you it might get into the newspaper, and you know how some newspapers will do anything for a story.

Martin: Well, we do about that type of newspaper, Marilyn, but we can paint a better picture if we dramatize it. So Wallington start dramatizing.

Announcer: The Chesterfield – buy them by the carton players – presents Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Marilyn Monroe in a dramatic newspaper yarn. It’s the story of a cold-blooded newspaper editor who has no friends, but who is loved by Marilyn Monroe entitled . . . So Who Needs Friends?

(phone rings)

Lewis (as Editor): Yello. This is the Morning Hangover. What? Just a minute. I’ll get the pressroom.

(buzzer heard)

Martin (as printer): Hello. Pressroom. What is it chief?

Lewis: Quick, tear out the front page.

Martin: Why?

Lewis: My mother just bought a new garbage pail, and she needs something to line it with.

Monroe: Hello chief. Tell me baby doll, what’s cooking.

Lewis: I am. Get off my lap!

Monroe: I’ve got a head line for ya, chief: Noted Doctor Advocates Fish Breeding for a Hobby.

Lewis: It’s too long. Cut it down.

Monroe: What will I say?

Lewis: Surgeon Urgin’ Sturgeon Mergin’. Come on baby, give us a kiss.

(kissing noises)

Martin (as publisher, opens door): Editor Lewis, I’m the publisher of this paper, and I’m not paying you to kiss our star reporter. Spending all your time kissing doesn’t increase our circulation.

Lewis: But it increases mine!

Monroe: I . . . I can explain Publisher Martin. I just came in to show him my wardrobe the I’m going to take along on my vacation. This is my hunting outfit.

Martin: Hunting outfit? But that’s a backless, strapless gown! You don’t know your clothes.

Monroe: You don’t know what I’m hunting.

Martin: I should have known better than to hire a woman reporter.

Monroe: Just a minute, sir. I’m a newspaperman. I’m not a woman.

Lewis: You’re not? I think we have a scoop.

Monroe: I mean, while I’m on this paper I don’t want to be thought of as a woman. I want to be though of as a man.

Martin: Okay, but I hope we get adjoining lockers at the “Y”.

(phone rings)

Lewis: Yello. Morning Hangover.

Announcer: Hello chief. Remember Detroit Danny?

Lewis: You mean the gangster who was almost beaten to death last week with a bag of wet chicken livers?

Announcer: Yeah. Well, he was shot to death, and I found the slug.

Lewis: I know how Detroit Danny got knocked off. He was trying to blackmail Eskimo Eddie.

Monroe: Chief, if you print that story Eddie will kill you, and I’ll be alone.

Martin: Wanna’ bet?!?

Monroe: Chief, darling, don’t do it. Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.

Lewis: Ah . . . stop your naggin’! (laughter)

Monroe: I don’t want you to get killed. I’m a woman. I want loving arms around me.

Lewis: Don’t worry. If I’m killed, somebody will come along tomorrow.

Monroe: Yeah, but what am I going to do tonight? (laughter) I don’t want you murdered. Give up your job, and I’ll marry you.

Lewis: What other work could I get?
Martin: Well, don’t worry about it, kid. You’re young. You can always live on love.

Monroe: Yes. Give up your job, and we’ll have kisses for breakfast, kisses for lunch, kisses for supper.

Lewis: Gosh! Kisses for breakfast, kisses for lunch, kisses for supper. Okay, it’s a deal, baby, but I’m warning ya’ . . .

Monroe: About what?

Lewis: Don’t let me ever catch you having any meal.

> The RedBook Award

> Les lauréats du prix Redbook 1952 sont:
-Marilyn Monroe "Best Young Box-Office Personality"
-Julie Harris "Best Young Actress"
-Leslie Caron "Best Young Foreign Actress"
-Marge and Gower Champion "Best Young Dance Team"
-Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis "Best Young Comedians"

> ci-dessous: Leslie Caron, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe,
Wade H Nichols et Jerry Lewis.

1953-MONROE__MARILYN_-_1953_FEB_24_REDBOOK_SILVER_CUP_BEST_YOUN  1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00100_1 1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00110_1 

> La coupe
Redb14  Redb15  Redb16

 > captures
1953_02_24_red_book_award_cap_010_1 1953_02_24_red_book_award_cap_011_1 
1953-redbook-cap1-01  1953-redbook-cap1-02  1953-redbook-cap1-03 
1953-redbook-cap1-04  1953-redbook-cap1-05  1953-redbook-cap1-06 
1953-redbook-cap1-07  1953-redbook-cap1-08  1953-redbook-cap1-09 
1953-redbook-cap2-01  1953-redbook-cap2-02  1953-redbook-cap2-03 
1953-redbook-cap2-04  1953-redbook-cap2-05  1953-redbook-cap2-06 
1953-redbook-cap2-07  1953-redbook-cap2-08  1953-redbook-cap2-09 
1953-redbook-cap2-10  1953-redbook-cap2-11  1953-redbook-cap2-12 
1953-redbook-cap2-13  1953-redbook-cap2-14  1953-redbook-cap2-15 
1953-redbook-cap2-16  1953-redbook-cap2-17  1953-redbook-cap2-18 
1953-redbook-cap2-19  1953-redbook-cap2-20  1953-redbook-cap2-21 

>> Vidéo 1: la remise du prix (en entier)

>> Vidéo 2 : remise du prix (coupée)

>> Vidéo 3: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marilyn et Leslie Caron

- Bonus sur le blog -
article Les Robes de Cocktail brodées de Ceil Chapman

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09/02/1953, Beverly Hills Hotel - Marilyn reçoit le prix Photoplay

1952_photoplay_price_1Le 9 février 1953, Marilyn Monroe reçoit le prix "The New Star Award" ("Le prix de la nouvelle star") du magazine Photoplay de "Rapid Rise to Stardom in 1952" ("L'accès le plus rapide à la célébrité pour l'année 1952"). La remise de prix eut lieu dans une salle du Beverly Hills Hotel. C'est Fred Sammis qui lui remet le prix et Marilyn est arrivée avec deux heures de retard.
In February 9, 1953, Marilyn Monroe is awarded the "The New Star Award" by 'Photoplay' magazine of the "Rapid Rise to Stardom in 1952". The award ceremony tooks place in a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is Fred Sammis who gives her the price.

165390_0  165393_0 

1952_photoplay01_award010_1 1953_photoplay_52 1953_02_Award
1953_02_09_Award 1952_photoplay01_award032_1 1952_photoplay01_award033_1 rare_1952_marilyn_1953 

Son fiancé Joe DiMaggio ayant horreur des galas hollywoodiens, Marilyn était ainsi accompagnée de son ami journaliste Sidney Skolsky.
Her fiance Joe DiMaggio hates Hollywood Party, so Marilyn was accompanied by friend and journalist Sidney Skolsky.

1952_photoplay01_award0300_withSidneySkolsky_010 1952_photoplay01_award0300_withSidneySkolsky_02 1952_0012178  

Pour cette réception, Marilyn Monroe porta la désormais célèbre robe en lamé doré, cousue sur elle, et conçue par Billy Travilla, le costumier styliste des studios de la Fox. Une robe créée pour le film Les Hommes préfèrent les Blondes, et dont la majorité de la scène sera finalement coupée au montage, et on pense en deviner la raison: lors de cette soirée de la remise du prix Photoplay, Marilyn va déclencher à nouveau un scandale dont l'origine n'est autre que sa tenue, jugée -encore une fois- vulgaire et provocante ! Dès son arrivée, l'acteur Jerry Lewis -l'un des maîtres de la cérémonie- a sauté sur une table en hurlant comme un loup.

For the reception party, Marilyn wears the now famous gold lamé dress, sewn on her, and designed by Billy Travilla, the costume designer of Fox studios. A dress created for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and from it the majority of the scene will be eventually edited out, and we think guess why: during the evening of the award Photoplay, Marilyn will trigger a new scandal whose origin is none other than her outfit, judged -again- vulgar! The launch of the anti-Marilyn campaign was led by actress Joan Crawford who was present at this event. Marilyn has stolen the limelight, Crawford attacked Marilyn by jealousy.

> Marilyn entourée de Dean Martin et Jerry Lewis

Les journalistes commenteront dans la presse l'apparition de Marilyn et surtout sa tenue:

- Dès le lendemain, la chroniqueuse Florabel Muir écrit dans le Los Angeles Daily Mirror : "Avec une petite torsion de son derriere, Marilyn Monroe a volé la vedette... Les invités rassemblés ont éclaté sous des applaudissements féroces, [tandis que] deux autres stars de l'écran, Joan Crawford et Lana Turner, n'ont attiré qu'une attention occasionnelle. Après Marilyn, toutes les autres filles paraissaient bien ternee par contraste."

- La journaliste échotière Sheilah Graham dit de Marilyn, qu'elle “se tortilla, vêtue de la plus serrée des robes dorées moulantes. Tandis que tout le monde la regardait, la blonde se balançait sinueusement dans la longue pièce jusqu'à sa place sur l'estrade. Elle avait arrêté le spectacle à froid.

- Le journaliste Jim Bacon (de l'Associated Press), compare le fessier de Marilyn à "deux chiots se battant sous un drap de soie" (la formule restera célèbre dans les citations sur Marilyn).
- Quand à Joan Crawford, elle exprime son ressentiment à travers un article de son chroniqueur préféré, Bob Thomas, qui va la citer: "C'était comme un spectacle burlesque. Le public a crié et crié, et Jerry Lewis s'est levé sur la table et a sifflé. Mais ceux d'entre nous dans l'industrie ont juste frissonné. . . Le sexe joue un rôle extrêmement important dans la vie de chaque personne. Les gens s'y intéressent, en sont intrigués. Mais ils n'aiment pas le voir étalé sur leurs visages. . . La publicité est allée trop loin. Elle fait l'erreur de croire sa publicité. Quelqu'un devrait lui faire voir la lumière. Il faut lui dire que le public aime les personnalités féminines provocantes; mais il aime aussi savoir que sous tout cela, les actrices sont des dames."

The journalists will comment in the press the appearance of Marilyn and specially her outfit:

- The next day, the gossip columnist Florabel Muir writes in the Los Angeles Daily Mirror that "With one little twist of her derriere, Marilyn Monroe stole the show… The assembled guests broke into wild applause, [while] two other screen stars, Joan Crawford and Lana Turner, got only casual attention. After Marilyn every other girl appeared dull by contrast."

- The gossip columnist Sheilah Graham says of Marilyn that she “wriggled in, wearing the tightest of tight gold dresses. While everyone watched, the blonde swayed sinuously down the long room to her place on the dais. She had stopped the show cold.
- The reporter Jim Bacon (from the Associated Press) compares the buttocks of Marilyn like “two puppies fighting under a silk sheet.

- As for Joan Crawford, she expresses her resentment through an article by her favorite columnist, Bob Thomas, who will quote her: "It was like a burlesque show. The audience yelled and shouted, and Jerry Lewis got up on the table and whistled. But those of us in the industry just shuddered. . .Sex plays a tremendously important part in every person’s life. People are interested in it, intrigued with it. But they don’t like to see it flaunted in their faces. . . The publicity has gone too far. She is making the mistake of believing her publicity. Someone should make her see the light. She should be told that the public likes provocative feminine personalities; but it also likes to know that underneath it all, the actresses are ladies."

La réponse de Marilyn à Joan Crawford sera rapportée par un article de Louella Parsons:
"Bien que je ne connaisse pas très bien Mlle Crawford, elle était pour moi un symbole de gentillesse et de compréhension envers ceux qui ont besoin d’aide. Au début, tout ce à quoi je pouvais penser était pourquoi m'aurait-elle choisi pour lancer son venin ? C'est une grande star. Je ne fais que débuter. Et puis, après le premier choc, je me suis dit qu'elle avait dû parler à M. Thomas impulsivement, sans réfléchir."

Marilyn's response to Joan Crawford will be reported in an article by Louella Parsons:
"Although I don’t know Miss Crawford very well, she was a symbol to me of kindness and understanding to those who need help. At first, all I could think of was why should she select me to blast ? She is a great star. I’m just starting. And then, when the first hurt began to die down, I told myself she must have spoken to Mr. Thomas impulsively, without thinking."


1952_photoplay01_diner010_0010 1952_photoplay01_diner010_020 1952_photoplay01_diner020_00200
1952_photoplay01_diner020_00200_c1 1952_photoplay01_diner020_010 1952_photoplay01_diner021_0010

1953_mm_with_McKrimphotoplay 1953_mm_with_McKrimphotoplay2 1952_photoplay 1952_photoplay01_diner023_0010a
1952_photoplay01_diner026_010_1  1952_photoplay01_diner022_0010_2  1952_photoplay01_diner023_0010 
1952_photoplay01_diner022_0010 1952_photoplay01_diner022_0020 
1952-MONROE__MARILYN_-_1952_PHOTOPLAY_AWARDS_FASTEST_RISING_STA 1952_photoplay01_diner025_0010 

1953-02-09-photoplay-juliens-02 1953-02-09-photoplay-juliens-03 1953-02-09-photoplay-juliens-04a 

> Marilyn avec Dan Dailey

>> Photo de Murray Garrett >> 
ph_murray_garrett_1953_photoplay murray_garrett_14 

>> Photo de Phil Stern >> 
Marilyn avec Bill Goetz


 > encart publicitaire de 1953

>>  captures 1 (remise du prix)
1953-photoplay-cap2-01  1953-photoplay-cap2-02  1953-photoplay-cap2-03 
1953-photoplay-cap2-04  1953-photoplay-cap2-05  1953-photoplay-cap2-06 
1953-photoplay-cap2-07  1953-photoplay-cap2-08  1953-photoplay-cap2-09 
1953-photoplay-cap2-10  1953-photoplay-cap2-11  1953-photoplay-cap2-12 
1953-photoplay-cap2-13  1953-photoplay-cap2-14  1953-photoplay-cap2-15 

       >>  captures 2 (répétitions) 
1953-photoplay-cap1-01  1953-photoplay-cap1-02  1953-photoplay-cap1-03 
1953-photoplay-cap1-04  1953-photoplay-cap1-05  1953-photoplay-cap1-06 
1953-photoplay-cap1-07  1953-photoplay-cap1-08  1953-photoplay-cap1-09 
1953-photoplay-cap1-10  1953-photoplay-cap1-11  1953-photoplay-cap1-12 
1953-photoplay-cap1-13  1953-photoplay-cap1-14  1953-photoplay-cap1-15 
1953-photoplay-cap1-16  1953-photoplay-cap1-17  1953-photoplay-cap1-18 
1953-photoplay-cap1-19  1953-photoplay-cap1-20  1953-photoplay-cap1-21 
1953-photoplay-cap1-22  1953-photoplay-cap1-23  1953-photoplay-cap1-24 
1953-photoplay-cap1-25  1953-photoplay-cap1-26  1953-photoplay-cap1-27 
1953-photoplay-cap1-28  1953-photoplay-cap1-29  1953-photoplay-cap1-30 
1953-photoplay-cap1-31  1953-photoplay-cap1-32  1953-photoplay-cap1-33 
1953-photoplay-cap1-34  1953-photoplay-cap1-35  1953-photoplay-cap1-36 
1953-photoplay-cap1-37  1953-photoplay-cap1-38  1953-photoplay-cap1-39 

>>  captures 3 (présentation du prix) 
1952-photoplay-cap1  1952-photoplay-cap2  1952-photoplay-cap3 

 >> Vidéo 1: remise du prix

>> Vidéo 2: reception du prix et tournage des remerciements

> dans la presse
23fevrier1953_time_magazine 2mars1953_Fitchburg_Sentinel__Massachusetts 
Article 1/
TIME Magazine article of February 23, 1953
Article 2/
Fitchburg Sentinel Massachusetts of March 2, 1953

Sources article
- en ligne: article "...the real fight between Crawford / Monroe..." sur Vanity Fair
- livre "Marilyn Monroe", l'encyclopédie, d'Adam Victor

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1953 Marilyn par Alfred Eisenstaedt

Marilyn Monroe photographiée par Alfred Eisenstaedt
chez elle, dans la cour de son appartement de Doheny Drive
en Mai 1953 - reportage photographique pour le magazine Life

"When I photographed Marilyn Monroe, I mixed up my cameras - one had black-and-white film, the other color. I took many pictures. Only two color ones came out all right. My favorite picture of Marilyn hangs always on the wall in my office. It was taken on the little patio of her Hollywood house." - Alfred Eisenstaedt.

1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_0010_010_1 ph_eisen_mmae1 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_0010_020_1
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00410_010_a 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00400_010 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00400_020_1
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00411_010_01 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00110_010 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00110_020_01 mm_by_eisen_Q041
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00200_010_3 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00210 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00220a1 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00300_020
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00300_010_1 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00310 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00519_010_1 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00520_1
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00500_00010_1_GF 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00510_010_1_GF_1 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00510_020_1_GF
ph_eisen_face ph_eisen_37165290 ph_eisen_37165295
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00700_010_1_GF_1 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00701_010_1_GF_1 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00800_010_01
Eisenstaedt_01 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00901_010_1_GF_1 
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00910_010 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00920_010_1 ph_eisen_monroe
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00920_010_2 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00921_010_1 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00924_020_1
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00922_010_1_GF 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00922_020_1 
1953_by_eisen_MONROE__MARILYN___ALFRED_EISENSTAEDT302  1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_00923_010
1953-by_eisen-MONROE__MARILYN_-_ALFRED_EISENSTAEDT_1953_LIFE_MAGAZINE661 ph_eisen_standa11
1953-AE-3 1953-AE-3b  
ph_eisen_37165427 eisenstaedt_11
ph_eisen_2 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_inCar_0010_010_1_GF 
eisenstaedt_1 eisenstaedt_2 eisenstaedt_3
 ph_A_Eisen_3 eisenstaedt_5 eisenstaedt_6
eisenstaedt_7 eisenstaedt_8 eisenstaedt_9
ph_eisen_37165299 ph_eisen_37165302
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_onSofa_0030_010_1_GF 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_onSofa_0010_010_1_GF 1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_onSofa_0020_010_1_GF

Marilyn Monroe et Alfred Eisenstaedt

ph-eisen-Marilyn Monroe at home in Hollywood by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1953 (1)  ph-eisen-Marilyn Monroe at home in Hollywood by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1953 (2) 
1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_withAlfred_0010_a   1952_AlfredEisenstaedt_Marilyn_withAlfred_0020_1

> Contact Sheet
ph_eisen_05_grid2_web ph_eisen_06_grid4 
ph_eisen_09_grid03 ph_eisen_13_grid5 
1953-AE-1 1953-AE-2 

> couvertures de magazines:
ph_eisen_mag_people_weekly_1985_10_21 ph_eisen_MAG_YOURSELF_MM010
ph_eisen_MAG_FR_LES_INROCKUPTIBLES_2006_09_19_COVER_1 lefigaromag_cover Fevrier2011

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08 mai 2008

1953 Marilyn par Ben Ross

Marilyn Monroe en novembre 1953
photographiée par Ben Ross

 Marilyn est arrivée en retard le soir dans la chambre d'hôtel de Ben Ross et il a commencé à la photographier, ne faisant que ça: photographier, photographier, photographier.
 >> Source anecdote: site pbs (en anglais)


 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_010_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_010_020_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_011_010_1 
1952-by_ben_ross-1  1952-by_ben_ross-2 
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_011_030_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_012_020_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_011_020_1
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_013_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_020_010_1
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_020_010_01 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_020_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_021_010_2 
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_021_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_022_010_1
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_022_030_11953-MONROE__MARILYN_-_BEN_AND_SID_ROSS035 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_023_010_1  
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_021_020_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_021_030_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_022_020_1
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_025_010_2a 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_024_010_1
ph_benross_1 ph_bvenross_2 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_032_010_1
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_030_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_030_020_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_030_030_1
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_040_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_041_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_041_020_1
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_041_030_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_041_040_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_042_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_043_030_1
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_043_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_043_020_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_043_030_2 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_043_040_1

1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_044_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_044_020_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_045_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_045_010_2
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_051_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_050_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_052_010_1


>> Planche photos
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_contact_010_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_contact_020_1
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_faces_010_1 ph_benross_marilyn_monroe

>> Magazine Modern Screen janvier 1955
1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_mag_Modern_Screen_1955_january_1 1953_by_ben_ross_marilyn_mag_Modern_Screen_1955_january_2

> couvertures de magazines

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31 mars 2008

1953 Marilyn à GreenAcres par Harold Lloyd

1953_LA_greenacresLloydsHome_010_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1_GF 1953_LA_greenacresLloydsHome_010_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1
1953_LA_greenacresLloydsHome_010_030_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953-lloyd-lot1119-H3257-L78860462 1953_LA_greenacresLloydsHome_010_040_by_harold_Lloyd_1

Marilyn Monroe devant le domicile de l'acteur Harold Lloyd, qui dispose d'une immense villa baptisée GreenAcres. Harold photographie ici Marilyn à son arrivée, le jour du tournage de la publicité pour Coca-Cola qui aura lieu près de la piscine de la villa.

1953_LA_greenacresLloydsHome_010_010_by_harold_Lloyd_3 1953_LA_greenacresLloydsHome_010_020_by_harold_Lloyd_2
1953_LA_greenacresLloydsHome_010_030_by_harold_Lloyd_2 1953_LA_greenacresLloydsHome_010_040_by_harold_Lloyd_2 

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1953, Marilyn en tournage à GreenAcres

Dans les coulisses de la publicité que tourne Marilyn Monroe pour Coca-Cola en 1953, qui prit place dans l'immense propriété nommée GreenAcres, appartenant à l'acteur Harold Lloyd, qui par la même occasion, prend ces photographies du tournage. Longtemps restés inédits, la plupart des clichés seront dévoilés au public bien après la mort d'Harold Lloyd.
(A voir sur le blog: captures et vidéo de la publicité coca )
Pour info: Marilyn est vêtue du maillot de bain rouge qu'elle porte dans How Marry a Millionaire.

1953_LA_greenacres_010_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_010_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_010_030_by_harold_Lloyd_1
juliens_lot558a  1953_LA_greenacres_020_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1
1953_LA_greenacres_020_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_021_010_by_harold_Lloyd_2
1953_LA_greenacres_021_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_021_030_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_021_040_by_harold_Lloyd_1
1953_LA_greenacres_011_010_by_harold_Lloyd_2 1953_LA_greenacres_022_010_by_harold_Lloyd_2 1953_LA_greenacres_022_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1 

1953_LA_greenacres_030_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_031_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_032_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1
1953_LA_greenacres_031_010_by_harold_Lloyd_2 ph_lloyd_0441_1_lg 
juliens_lot558d juliens_lot558e juliens_lot558g
1953_LA_greenacres_032_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_032_030_by_harold_Lloyd_2 1953_LA_greenacres_033_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1
1953_LA_greenacres_032_040_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_032_050_by_harold_Lloyd_2 1953_LA_greenacres_033_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1
1953_LA_greenacres_034_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_034_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_034_030_by_harold_Lloyd_1
1953_LA_greenacres_034_040_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_034_050_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_035_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1
1953_LA_greenacres_035_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_035_030_by_harold_Lloyd_2 1953_LA_greenacres_035_040_by_harold_Lloyd_1

1953_LA_greenacres_040_010_by_harold_Lloyd_2 1953_LA_greenacres_040_020_by_harold_Lloyd_2 1953_LA_greenacres_040_030_by_harold_Lloyd_2
1953_LA_greenacres_050_010_by_harold_Lloyd_21 1953_LA_greenacres_051_010_by_harold_Lloyd_21 lot940-202917_0 
1953_LA_greenacres_052_010_by_harold_Lloyd_3 1953_LA_greenacres_051_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1 ph_lloyd_49887287_m
  juliens_lot558b juliens_lot558c     
1953_LA_greenacres_051_030_by_harold_Lloyd_1  1953_LA_greenacres_060_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1
1953_LA_greenacres_060_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1_GF 1953_LA_greenacres_060_030_by_harold_Lloyd_2 1953_LA_greenacres_062_010_by_harold_Lloyd_2
1953_LA_greenacres_061_010_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_061_020_by_harold_Lloyd_1 1953_LA_greenacres_061_020_by_harold_Lloyd_2
juliens_lot558h juliens_lot558i juliens_lot558j
juliens_lot558k juliens_lot558l juliens_lot558m

> Photographies de William Kotler

ph_lloyd_1 ph_lloyd_3 ph_lloyd_2
ph_lloyd_4 ph_lloyd_5 ph_lloyd_by_william_kotler 

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1953 Marilyn par Mischa Pelz

Marilyn Monroe photographiée par Mischa Pelz
en 1953 à l'époque de la sortie de Gentlemen prefer blonds
"The Lawn Session"

Pelz_01 Pelz_02
Pelz_03 Pelz_04  
1953_in_garden_020_010_by_mischa_pelz_21 1953_in_garden_020_020_by_mischa_pelz_2 1953_in_garden_021_010_by_mischa_pelz_1 

1953_in_garden_020_030_by_mischa_pelz_1 1953_in_garden_030_010_by_mischa_pelz_3 1953_in_garden_031_010_by_mischa_pelz_2

Pelz_05 Pelz_07 Pelz_08 
1953_in_garden_030_010_by_mischa_pelz_2 1953_in_garden_031_010_by_mischa_pelz_1 1953_in_garden_030_020_by_mischa_pelz_1   
1953_in_garden_031_020_by_mischa_pelz_1 1953_in_garden_032_010_by_mischa_pelz_1
1953_in_garden_032_010_by_mischa_pelz_2 1953_in_garden_032_020_by_mischa_pelz_2 1953_in_garden_041_010_by_mischa_pelz_1
1952-Mischa_Pelza ph_mischa_pelz_2a
1953_in_garden_040_020_by_mischa_pelz_1   1953_in_garden_040_010_by_mischa_pelz_2 
ph_mischa_pelz_5a  1953_in_garden_041_010_by_mischa_pelz_2
1953_in_garden_041_010_by_mischa_pelz_3 ph_misha_pelz_GF_1 1953_in_garden_050_020_by_mischa_pelz_2
1953_in_garden_050_010_by_mischa_pelz_3 1953_in_garden_060_020_by_mischa_pelz_1 1953_in_garden_060_010_by_mischa_pelz_1_GF
1953_in_garden_070_010_by_mischa_pelz_1 1953_in_garden_080_010_by_mischa_pelz_1 1953_in_garden_080_020_by_mischa_pelz_1 ph_mischa_pelz_4a
1953_in_garden_081_010_by_mischa_pelz_1 ph_pelz_3 ph_pelz_2

1952-104708925_o 1952-104708928_o 1953-Mischa_Pelz_sitting 

> couvertures de magazines:
ph_pelz_mag_teleK7_1992_08_01_cover mag_parade_2008_07_27_cover

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26 janvier 2008

1953 Fourreau Blanc session 1

Poses glamour typiquement hollywoodienne
Marilyn Monroe en 1953 en fourrure blanche
Typically Hollywood glamorous poses
Marilyn Monroe in 1953 in white fur

>> Sous l'objectif de Frank Powolny

 * White Fur session 1 *
1952_WhiteFur_010_020_byFrankPowolny_1a 1952_WhiteFur_010_010_byFrankPowolny_1 1952_WhiteFur_010_010_byFrankPowolny_2_GF_1
ph_pow_FrankPowolny_MM 1952_WhiteFur_011_earings_020_byFrankPowolny_01 1952_WhiteFur_011_earings_030_byFrankPowolny_01

>> Sous l'objectif de Gene Trindl  
1952_WhiteFur_012_earings_010i_GF 1952_WhiteFur_012_earings_010 1952_WhiteFur_012_earings_020_1

- carte postale

> couvertures de magazines
ph_pow_MAG_OCEANDRIVE_COVER_1 mag_screen_news
ph_pow_mag_maxximoportada1de2 ph_pow_mag_maxximoportada2de2
mag_CR_1957_04_12_n15_cover_1  ph_pow_MAG_FR_CINE_REVUE_1957_04_12_COVER_1 ph_pow_MAG_FR_CINE_REVUE_COVER_MARILYN_1
ph_pow_mag_antena mag_amor_film_1957_11_covermag_confidences_1987
MAG_FR_TELE_STAR_1987_07_27_COVER_1 ph_pow_MAG_FR_TELE_K7_1991_08_24_COVER_1 ph_pow_MAG_FR_IDOLES_1989_10_NUM_1_COVER_1
ph_pow_MAG_FR_TV_MAGAZINE_1988_07_31_COVER_1 ph_pow_MAG_FR_TV_MAGAZINE_1988_07_31_COVER_LEDAUPHINE_1 ph_pow_MAG_LIBERTY_1959_COVER_1
ph_pow_MAG_FR_CONFIDENCES_1987_COVER_1 ph_pow_mag_epoca_1954Epoca_MarchBest ph_pow_mag_1953EigaNoTomo_Oct

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1953 Fourreau Blanc session 2 de Frank Powolny

Poses glamour typiquement hollywoodienne
Marilyn Monroe en 1953 en fourrure blanche
sous l'objectif de Frank Powolny
Typically Hollywood glamorous poses
Marilyn Monroe in 1953 in white fur,
by photographer Frank Powolny

*  White Fur session 2 *
1952_WhiteFur_020_necklace_pearls_010 1952_WhiteFur_020_necklace_pearls_020_a 1952_WhiteFur_020_necklace_pearls_021_1
1953-powolny-fur  1953-Powolny_Whitefur_PearlNecklace_06b_repaired 
powolny_whitefur lot93230 lot568b
ph_pow_44538 ph_powolny_4 1952_WhiteFur_020_necklace_pearls_040_1_a_GF
ph_powlny ph_pow_u772 1952_WhiteFur_022_necklace_diamonds_010
ph_powolny_59 glamourHarrison

 > couvertures de magazines
ph_pow_MAG_PHOTOPLAY_1953_COVER_MARILYN_1 ph_pow_mag_1956_cover
ph_pow_MAG_VISTO_MM010 ph_pow_mag_moviefan_1954_july mag_amor_film_1955_03_cover 

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1953 Fourreau Blanc session 3 de Frank Powolny

Poses glamour typiquement hollywoodienne
Marilyn Monroe en 1953 en fourrure blanche ,
Portraits pour "How to marry a millionaire"
sous l'objectif de Frank Powolny

Typically Hollywood glamorous poses
Marilyn Monroe in 1953 in white fur,
Portraits for "How to marry a millionaire"
photograohs by Frank Powolny

 * White Fur session 3 *
ph_powolvr5 1952_WhiteFur_030_earings_010_byFrankPowolny_2 
lot1141-H3257-L78857164 1952_WhiteFur_032_010_byFrankPowolny_01 
  1952_WhiteFur_033_010_1  1952_WhiteFur_033_020_1a_1  
1953-Powolny lot1141-H3257-L78857158 
ph_powolny_44958  1952_WhiteFur_031_earings_010_byFrankPowolny_1a  ph_powolny_61068 
1952_WhiteFur_033_040_1_GF ph_powolny_htm_1 
1952_WhiteFur_033_040_1 ph_powolny_3 ph_powolny_MovieLife_April1954a
1952_WhiteFur_033_050_2 ph_powolny 1952_mmp472 
ph_pow_marilynlounge  ph_pow_glamourph_powolny_htm_2 1952_WhiteFur_033_070_01

- Les colorisations -
1952_WhiteFur_032_010_byFrankPowolny_3c_3 1952_WhiteFur_033_020_3c_1 1952_WhiteFur_033_060_2c_1

> dédicace

> couvertures de magazines
ph_pow_mag_hebreu_1 ph_pow_mag_Quienfue
ph_pow_mag_lid_9marilyncover1 mag_la_reference_2010

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