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Les révélations morbides du croque-mort de Marilyn Monroe

Les révélations morbides du croque-mort de Marilyn Monroe
publié le 10/06/2015
en ligne sur vanityfair.fr


Un mythe s'effrondre. Après avoir conduit des stars à la morgue toute sa vie, Allan Abbott, le croque-mort de Hollywood, a publié ses mémoires dans un livre intitulé Pardon My Hearse. Et stupeur entre deux anecdotes à propos de John F. Kennedy ou Nathalie Wood, il dresse un portrait morbide du sex-symbol américain : fausses dents, lèvres gercées, jambes mal épilées, faux seins, peau abîmée, pédicure douteuse...

« Elle ne ressemblait pas à Marilyn Monroe mais à une femme banale, qui prend de l’âge et qui ne prend pas beaucoup soin d’elle », raconte Allan Abbot, qui s'est dit choqué par l’état dans lequel il a retrouvé la jeune femme, décédée à 36 ans d'une overdose de barbituriques.

Le croque-mort explique que, compte tenu de la position de Marilyn Monroe à sa mort, son visage n’était plus reconnaissable : « Marilyn est morte face contre terre. Elle avait des taches violettes sur ses joues et son cou était particulièrement enflé. » Ses cheveux, eux, étaient courts et crépus. « Ses jambes n’étaient pas épilées, ses lèvres en mauvais état. Elle avait besoin d’une manucure et d’une pédicure », continue-t-il.

L’état de sa poitrine a laissé les employés des pompes funèbres perplexes : « Elle ne ressemblait pas à Marilyn Monroe », révèle la femme du thanatopracteur, qui a rembouré le soutien-gorge de coton pour lui donner plus de formes.

Des révélations surprenantes pour cette incarnation du glamour, qui aurait néanmoins confié plusieurs fois à son psychiatre s'examiner régulièrement devant son miroir pour constater les effets de l'âge sur son corps.

> A lire sur le Daily Mail

logo_molEXCLUSIVE: Marilyn Monroe had purple blotches on her face, falsie breasts and 'didn't take care of herself' reveals mortician who prepared her and other stars for burial
Article published in 9 June 2015
by Caroline Howe - online on dailymail

  • Allan Abbott and Ron Hast first job delivering flowers from the mortuary to the cemetery led to top funeral company - and limo service
  • They picked up Marilyn Monroe's remains and Abbott describes the  shocking state of her body in new book
  • 'She looked like a very average, aging woman who had not been taking very good care of herself,' he writes
  • They drove Natalie Wood's mother and her sister, Lana Wood to Natalie's funeral in 1981
  • Their limos drove John F. Kennedy and his entourage all over Los Angeles during the 1960 Democratic Convention
  • They picked up Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in 1963 at the San Bernardino train station for an incognito arrival into Los Angeles 

From Marilyn Monroe's hairy legs, to Natalie Wood's bruises, two morticians to the stars share their last unique and final glimpse of some of the cream of Hollywood.
Abbott & Hast became the funeral service of choice for Los Angeles' rich and famous during the 1960s.
When celebrities died, the firm would be relied on to pick up the bodies and chauffer them away.

So it was perhaps unsurprising when, on August 5, 1962, the company received a call to pick up the body of Marilyn Monroe after she was found dead in her home from a suspected overdose.
Abott revealed they had been shocked by the state of the starlet who bared almost no resemble so her stunning onscreen persona.

Fallen star: Allan Abbott and Ron Hast were shocked when they saw the condition of Marilyn Monroe's body. Abbott and his brother write about it in gruesome detail in new book Pardon My Hearse

Marilyn's bedroom: The room where film actress Marilyn Monroe's body was found on August 9, 1962

He added that her face had been marred by purple blotches, her roots were showing and she was in need of a manicure and pedicure.

The company also transported screen stars Clark Gable and Ernie Kovacs to their respective funerals, with Frank Sinatra and Jack Lemmon serving as pallbearers at the latter.
But it wasn't just the dead famous they transported.
Their limo service chauffeured married actors Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and even presidential nominee John F. Kennedy.

High school friends Allan Abbott and Ron Hast had bought their first old hearse to use on camping trips while prospecting rocks and fossils in the 1950s.
It also brought their first summer job during college, delivering flowers from the mortuary to the cemetery.
From standard hearses, to flower trucks, to rental limos, to an 'air hearse', a boat for scattering ashes at sea, funeral prop rentals - the company that Abbott and Hast created evolved into the leading hearse, mortuary and funeral service company in Hollywood.
Allan Abbot candidly writes about transporting famous corpses as well as driving celebrities and renting his cars and props to movie studies in Pardon My Hearse, a Craven Street Books publication to be published on June 15.

A 1941 morbid-looking black Packard hearse the pair purchased for a mere $40 started it all. They fitted what they called the 'black elephant' with a mattress and used it for long camping trips.
It felt creepy knowing that it had a history of transporting corpses and 'it took awhile to get used to seeing people make the sign of the cross or remove their hats as we drove by', Abbott writes.
Even Ron's parents made him park it a block away from their house.
When they were offered $400 for it, they sold it, bought two more hearses so that each of them owned their own hearse as their personal vehicle.
Their lucrative move to a venture in undertaking was serendipitous and began when they accepted a summer job to deliver flowers from a mortuary to a cemetery.
That segued into a request to pick up bodies for $95 - a big sum of cash for the two, new to the shroud business. They practiced on Abbott's mother – picking her up off the floor and placing her on an old ambulance cot.

'Now the time had come for us to decide if we were really prepared to be in such a predictably disquieting line of work, and we needed to know if we were mentally resolved to deal with what was sure to come', Abbott writes.
They rented an old building on the west side of Los Angeles in an area dubbed 'Death Row', zoned for mortuary operations and set up shop. In the basement they found old mortuary paraphernalia that included artificial arms, legs, dentures, wicker caskets, early embalming equipment.
And they were in business with calls from San Quentin State Prison to remove bodies after executions. They were called to remove a body at a candy factory after the worker had fallen into a vat of chocolate and drowned.

Movie studios starting calling requesting funeral cars to use in films.
The pair added a large flower truck in their fleet of vehicles using it for funerals of Jack Warner, head of Warner Brothers, actor Jimmy Durante, singer Mario Lanza, to name a few.
They were called on in the early 1960s to pick up Swedish film actress, Inger Stevens who was in a popular television show at the time, The Farmer's daughter, and drive her to Los Angeles International Airport.
When Abbott knocked on the door of her Hollywood apartment, he was informed by a man on the other side of the door that she had left for the airport in her own car.

Rigor: Marilyn Monroe's body was first taken to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's office. Early stages of rigor mortis had begun indicating she had been dead longer than the presumed three hours.. Monroe was found dead of a suspected  barbiturate overdose

Shock: The body of actress Marilyn Monroe arrives at the mortuary. 'When we removed the sheet covering her, it was almost impossible to believe this was the body of Marilyn Monroe,' writes Abbott. 'She looked like a very average, aging woman who had not been taking very good care of herself'

All-purpose: Allan Abbott and Ron Hast first job delivering flowers from the mortuary to the cemetery led to top funeral company - and limo service

Abbott and his girlfriend took it upon themselves to investigate the unidentified voice. It turned out to be Isaac Jones, President of Nat King Cole's Kell-Cole Productions and the first black person to produce an A-list picture when he was a producer of 'A Man Called Adam', starring Sammy Davis Jr.
Jones and Stevens had secretly married in Mexico in 1961 and kept it a secret believing an interracial relationship would ruin her career. Nine years later, after dating Burt Reynolds for a year in a reportedly volatile relationship, she was discovered unconscious on her kitchen floor and died of acute barbiturate intoxication en route to the hospital.
Friends never believed that she took her own life. She was still married to Jones at the time of her death.
Abbott & Hast were called for cars and drivers for Inger's funeral.

The following year, a call came into the West Los Angeles Police Station in the early hours of August 5, 1962. Dr. Hyman Engelberg identified himself to Sergeant Jack Clemmons on the desk and stated that Marilyn Monroe was dead in her house at 1230 Fifth Helena Drive in Brentwood.
Engelberg said Dr. Ralph Greenson had informed him that her death was from an overdose of Nembutal and stated it was suicide. Clemmons jumped into a squad car and headed out to her house.
The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office called Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery and instructed them to remove her body. Manager Guy Hockett took the assignment and discovered her body was in the early stages of rigor mortis, a condition that typically begins six to eight hours after death but he had been informed that death had occurred three hours prior to his arrival.
Hockett delivered her body to the mortuary.

Ron Hast and Allan Abbott stand next to Monroe's casket prior to the service at the cemetery crypt. Their hearse drove Marilyn Monroe's casket in her funeral procession on August 8, 1962 to Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles

Incognito: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor arrive in San Bernadino in 1963 by train in an effort to avoid large unruly crowds in LA. But Liz was put off that there weren't more fans waiting to see her

The mortuary men picked up bodies for $95 - a big sum of cash for the two new to the shroud business. They practiced on Abbott's mother – picking her up off the floor and placing her on an old ambulance cot

Abbott's company was called and they sent Leonard 'Chris' Kreminski to assist in removing the body. It was later transported downtown for the postmortem.
'Because of the tremendous implications of this case, it took much longer for Coroner Theodore Curphey to finally make some statements. His best and most dedicated pathologist, Thomas Noguchi, known to some as 'The Knife,' spent about three times as much time as it usually took him to do a full postmortem.
'The deputies at the coroner's office informed me that Dr. Noguchi had been extremely thorough with his examination of her body. He spent a great deal of time looking for hypodermic needle marks, which he did discover in her arm pit, but this area is often used by doctors when treating female movie stars.
'He continued to search in unusual places like inside her nose, between her toes and fingers, under her tongue, and in her genitals, but was unable to discover any additional injection points', Abbott writes.

Abbott was present and entered the embalming room with the embalmer, identified only as 'Frenchie'.
'When we removed the sheet covering her, it was almost impossible to believe this was the body of Marilyn Monroe. She looked like a very average, aging woman who had not been taking very good care of herself. Obviously, the circumstances surrounding her death had greatly exacerbated her poor appearance and she was unrecognizable.

Abbott drove the hearse for the 1962 funeral of actor Ernie Kovacs with Frank Sinatra and Jack Lemmon serving as pallbearers. Kovacs had been killed in a Chevrolet Corvair, one of the early rear-engine American cars that were discontinued because the car was known to go out of control after hard braking

Their limos drove John F. Kennedy and his entourage all over Los Angeles during the 1960 Democratic Convention. Abbott says they had a hard time collecting payment from the candidate

'When someone dies, gravity causes the blood to settle to the lowest point of the body. This condition is called lividity, and considering that many people die lying on their backs, the discoloration that occurs is seldom visible.
'In Marilyn's case, she died face down, so there were purple blotches on her face, and her neck was very swollen. They had bathed her at the coroner's office, and her hair was frizzy and fairly short.
'You could tell she had not bleached it for some time, because the roots were darker and had grown out about half an inch.
'Her natural hair color was a light brown, not blonde. Her legs hadn't been shaved for at least a week, and her lips were badly chapped. She was also in need of a manicure and pedicure.'

'We began discussing the terrible swelling in her neck, and Frenchie decided that a surgical procedure was needed. This was out of my area of expertise, so I deferred to his decision. Frenchie knew how to correct the problem, but it wasn't going to be pretty.
'He instructed me to hold her on her side so he could make an incision in the back of her neck in the shape of a marquis diamond and remove about two square inches of skin. He then pulled the sides together and stitched it up. It wasn't pleasant to watch, but it was quite effective in reducing the swelling.
'Marilyn's executrix had just brought in her clothing, so Mrs. Hockett, wife of the cemetery's manager, rang me to come up to the office and pick up the package. She also informed me that the lady said Marilyn didn't wear panties, and she couldn't find any among her clothing.

In 1981, Natalie Wood mysteriously drowned in the waters off of Catalina Island, California where she and her husband Robert Wagner and guest and actor Christopher Walken had been partying . Natalie's body was bruised from hitting the rocks and the coroner's pathologist chose to surgically remove some of that tissue to examine closely. Natalie was dressed in a full-length fur coat so that the bruising was not visible when the casket was open

Robert Wagner comforts his daughter Courtney Brooke Wagner at Natalie's funeral.  The casket was carried from the hearse to the device used to lower it into the grave. Moving over to stand next to Abbot who was at the head of the casket was Christopher Walken – separated from the other attendees

'I also noticed that among the items was a small pair of false breasts. I had seen falsies before, but these were much smaller than any I'd seen'.

'That doesn't look like Marilyn Monroe,' Mrs. Hamrock stated. 'What happened to her boobs ?' In his own defense, Frenchie told her that the cutting of the ribs during the autopsy had caused this condition. He further stated that he had even used the falsies that were brought in with her clothing, but they had been much too small to enhance her physique'.
Mrs. Hamrock reached down and pulled at the neck of the dress, which was a very springy material. She reached in with her other hand to remove the falsies and threw them into the trash can. She then pulled some clumps of cotton off a roll and formed much larger breasts by stuffing her bra. At this point she stepped back and proudly exclaimed, 'Now that looks like Marilyn Monroe !'
Abbott later retrieved the falsies from the trash and took them home.

Sydney Guilaroff, Monroe's makeup man, and Allan 'Whitey' Snyder, arrived at the mortuary. Sydney brought the wig that was made for her for the film, Something's Got to Give, and Whitey applied her makeup.
Whitey told Abbott that Marilyn's breasts at age thirty-six were beginning to sag. She wore a bra but placed the little falsies between her bra and the sweater to make it look like she was unsupported and braless.

Joe DiMaggio kept a vigil at the mortuary. He stood by the casket for a while and then he walked in the cemetery outside and cried. They had married in January 1954 and Marilyn had filed for divorce 274 days later. They remained close and Joe never stopped loving her. Monroe was buried in Westwood Cemetery.

DM-13a  DM-13b  
Eventually the mortuary partners bought a plane and a boat so they could offer burial at sea or to have ashes scattered from the air or over the water


That same year, 1962, Abbott was called to drive the hearse for actor Ernie Kovacs funeral. He directed pallbearers Frank Sinatra, Jack Lemmon and four others during the funeral ceremony with actress Kim Novak in attendance.

Kovacs had been killed in a Chevrolet Corvair, one of the early rear-engine American cars that were discontinued because the car was known to go out of control after hard braking. Ralph Nadar's book Unsafe at Any Speed sped up the demise of the Corvair.

In 1981, Natalie Wood mysteriously drowned in the waters off of Catalina Island, California where she and her husband Robert Wagner and guest and actor Christopher Walken had been partying. The call came in to Abbott to drive the family car and pick up Natalie's mother as well as her sister, Lana Wood.

The casket was carried from the hearse to the device used to lower it into the grave. Moving over to stand next to Abbot who was at the head of the casket was Christopher Walken – separated from the other attendees.

Natalie's body was bruised from hitting the rocks and the coroner's pathologist chose to surgically remove some of that tissue to examine closely. Natalie was dressed in a full-length fur coat so that the bruising was not visible when the casket was open.

'People have often asked me if my line of work was depressing. Sometimes that was the case but all things considered, it was certainly never dull'. Abbott admits to developing a gallows sense of humor. If asked how's business, he answered, 'Dead'. A slogan for the company was 'We'll be the last ones to let you down'.

- - - - -

- They picked up Marilyn Monroe's remains and helped prepare it for burial, witnessing the shocking state her body was in at the time of death.
- Two years earlier, Abbott drove a family car for screen star Clark Gable's funeral at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California in 1960.
- Abbott drove the hearse for the 1962 funeral of actor Ernie Kovacs with Frank Sinatra and Jack Lemmon serving as pallbearers and attended by Kim Novak.
- They drove Natalie Wood's mother and her sister, Lana Wood to Natalie's funeral in 1981.
- Their limos drove presidential nominee John F. Kennedy and his entourage all over Los Angeles during the 1960 Democratic Convention – and had a hard time collecting from the candidate.
- They picked up Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in 1963 at the San Bernardino train station for an incognito arrival into Los Angeles sixty miles away, to have Elizabeth complain of no stargazers and Richard needing a drink
- They drove Carly Simon and a girlfriend to the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in the Sixties listening to her complain that her new boyfriend resented her latest song. Carly then pulled two joints out of her handbag and the girls lit up. Allan didn't want to be high while driving but neither did he want to close the divider and not hear their gossip.

- - - - -

Pardon My Hearse by Allan Abbott and Gregory Abbott published by Craven Street Books is available on Amazon June 15, 2015

A la TV - Révélations sur la mort de Marilyn


 Vendredi 26 février 2016 - 15h40 - France 5
- à revoir en replay pendant 7 jours-
Rediffusions: Samedi 12 mars à 1h00
Dimanche 20 mars à 14h45

Documentaire - Révélations sur la mort de Marilyn

Durée: 50 min
Réalisation: Renny Bartlett , Ed Hower

Année: 2014, Grande-Bretagne
>>  site france5.fr
Résumé: Cette série propose de décrypter des affaires célèbres encore non élucidées, à l'aide de nouveaux éléments scientifiques et de pièces à conviction inédites qui relancent l'enquête. 5 août 1962, Marilyn Monroe est retrouvée morte à son domicile de Los Angeles. L'autopsie conclut à un suicide probable. Mais cette version des faits n'a jamais totalement convaincu. Une rumeur vient de refaire surface. Le soir de sa mort, Marilyn Monroe se serait disputée avec un homme dont le nom reste absent du rapport d'enquête. La confrontation se serait soldée par l'assassinat de l'actrice. De mystérieux enregistrements et des témoignages passés sous silence apportent un nouvel éclairage.
Chris Eptin (écrivain et journaliste)
Richard Buskin (co-auteur de "The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed")
Darwin Porter (biographe)
Robert Watson (historien spécialisé dans les Présidents USA)
Buddy Greco (Historien, ancien chanteur au Cal Neva)
Jack Clemmons (ancien policier - extrait interview de 1992)
George Masters (coiffeur de Marilyn - extrait audio de 1988)
Jeff Platts (expert en sécurité, neveu de Masters)
Sam York (préfet Police - extrait interview de 1985)
Raymond Strait (écrivain, ancien attaché de presse)
Fred Otash (extrait interview de 1985)
James Hall (ancien ambulancier - extrait interview de 1992)
Jay Margolis (co-auteur de "The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed")


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A la TV - Personne ne Bouge


Dimanche 6 mars 2016 - 17h00 - Arte
- à revoir en replay pendant 7 jours-
Rediffusion: Mercredi 9 mars à 06h30

Magazine - Personne ne bouge
"Spécial Marilyn Monroe"


Durée: 35 min
Réalisation: Philippe Collin, Xavier Mauduit et Frédéric Bonnaud

Année: 2016, France
>>  extraits sur arte.tv

Un spécial Marilyn Monroe avec un retour sur le tournage en 1961 des "Misfits" ("Les Désaxés"), son dernier rôle ; l'anniversaire de JFK le 19 mai 1962 ; le clip "Marilyn Monroe" de Pharrell Williams ; sa rencontre avec la brune incendiaire Jane Russell dans "Les Hommes préfèrent les blondes" ; un entretien avec sa professeur d'art dramatique, Natasha Lytess

Story : The Misfits
On lui préfère souvent sa blondeur angélique, ses poses de ravissantes idiotes. Pourtant quand, en 1961, elle tourne The Misfits, son dernier rôle, on découvre une Monroe crépusculaire dans la peau d’une divorcée éprise d’une bande de cow-boys à bout de souffle. Autopsie d’une désaxée.

Garderobe : le soutien-gorge
Marilyn avait, en plus de son immense talent, deux arguments de taille qu’elle sut mettre en valeur en usant de soutiens-gorge de compèt’ qui contribuèrent à sa légende.  Tour d’horizon de cet élément de lingerie qui fait partie du quotidien des femmes.

Scandale ! : Le Madison Square Garden
Le 19 mai 1962 au Madison Square Garden, JFK fête ses 45 ans. Pour l’occasion, Marilyn Monroe chante, dans un souffle, un joyeux anniversaire dont on découvre tout à coup le puissant potentiel érotique alors qu’une rumeur raconte que JFK tromperait sa femme Jackie Kennedy avec la star. Scandale !

Clipologie : « Marilyn Monroe» de Pharrell Williams
Nous sommes en 2014 et après "Happy", Pharrell Williams sort un single qui porte le nom de la star la plus malheureuse du XXe siècle : Marilyn Monroe. Le message est simple : nul besoin d’être une icône ou une héroïne telle Marilyn pour plaire à Pharrell, amoureux des femmes en général sans distinction de taille, de race ou de religion.. mais si possible quand même ultra-canon !

Star System : la méthode Marilyn
Aucune star n’aura autant incarné l’essence de la pop culture que Marylin Monroe, icône éternelle qui a atteint le plus haut niveau de célébrité qui existe : celui de produit de merchandising en licence libre qui lui confère un caractère immortel. Vous voulez devenir célèbre ou le rester ? Découvrez la méthode Marilyn.

Icône : Les Hommes préfèrent les blondes
En 1953, le réalisateur Howard Hawks réunit pour la première fois la blonde peroxydée Marilyn Monroe et la brune incendiaire Jane Russell dans Les Hommes préfèrent les Blondes. Jean-Marc Lalanne revient pour nous sur ce buddy movie au féminin dans lequel Marilyn Monroe, elle, préfère les riches.

Perle Rare : Natasha Lytess
La première fois qu’elle a vu Marilyn, elle ne l’a pas trouvée jolie. En 1948, Natasha Lytess est engagée par la Colombia comme professeur d’art dramatique. Pendant presque dix ans et vingt films elle fut le coach, la confidente, la colocataire et aussi un peu la maman de Miss Monroe. Pour les caméras de "Cinq colonnes à la Une", Natasha Lytess se souvient de Marilyn.


>> infographie via arte.tv

>> BD "Marilyn, Sang Chaud
Marilyn devient victime de suceurs de sang...
une "Vampire opéra" imaginée par Leslie Plée.
sur arte.tv



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Les derniers repas des stars

Les derniers repas des stars
publié le 21/02/2016
en ligne sur msn.com


Du champagne avec des champignons farcis pour Marilyn Monroe, de la root beer et une cigarette pour Kurt Cobain… Voici les derniers repas des célébrités disparues.

BBoHmzI  Marilyn Monroe

L’une des plus grandes actrices de l’histoire du cinéma est décédée à l’âge de 36 ans d’une overdose de somnifères. Le 5 août 1962, Marilyn aurait mangé comme dernier repas des champignons farcis avec des boulettes de viande, et du champagne Dom Pérignon.

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Les 10 artistes morts les plus rentables

vanity_fair_logoLes 10 artistes morts les plus rentables
publié le 06/02/2015
en ligne sur vanityfair.fr

Même outre-tombe, ces personnalités continuent de faire tourner une machine de plusieurs millions de dollars. Découvrez le classement Forbes des célébrités mortes les plus rentables de l’année 2014.

01/ Michael Jackson avec 140 millions de Dollars
02/ Elvis Presley avec 55 millions de Dollars
03/ Charles Schulz, avec 40 millions de dollars
04/ Elizabeth Taylor, avec 25 millions de dollars
05/ Bob Marley, avec 20 millions de dollars

06/ Marilyn Monroe, avec 17 millions de dollars

marilyn_monroe_riche_gif_6600_north_626x_white < Marilyn Monroe chez elle, dans sa maison en Californie, en 1953.
Photo Alfred Eisenstaedt/Pix Inc./The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Marilyn est morte dans d’étranges circonstances le 5 août 1962, ne laissant à 36 ans que peu de choses derrière elle. Pourtant, depuis, Authentic Brand Group (qui possède aussi les droits de Elvis Presley et Mohamed Ali, pour n’en citer que deux), a racheté les droits de Monroe et la décline en marque déposée bien juteuse ; dernièrement, on a pu voir apparaître une ligne de lingerie Marilyn Monroe, en plus de sa ligne de vêtements pour ados qui se vend comme des petits pains chez Macy’s.

07/ John Lennon, avec 12 millions de dollars
08/ Albert Einstein, avec 11 millions de dollars
09 a/ Theodor Geisel, avec 9 millions de dollars
09 b/ Bruce Lee, avec 9 millions de dollars
09 c/ Steve McQueen, avec 9 millions de dollars
09 d/ Bettie Page, avec 9 millions de dollars
10/ James Dean, avec 7 millions de dollars

14 février 2016

Une nuée de Marilyn Monroe en Australie

Une nuée de Marilyn Monroe débarque sur les plages australiennes pour la bonne cause
le 11 février 2016 - sur lci.tf1.fr


En Australie, une centaine de Marilyn Monroe ont parcouru la plage d'Adelaide dans une course de 400 mètres, pour la bonne cause: la lutte contre le cancer. Une initiative originale menée par Sarah Tinney il y a trois ans, en hommage à sa mère, morte du cancer en 2007.

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Marilyn Monroe, certains l'aiment fausse

Marilyn Monroe, certains l'aiment fausse
le 22 mai 2015 - par Nicolas Filio - sur franceinter.fr

Plus de cinquante ans après sa mort, la plus célèbre des blondes d'Hollywood compte toujours de nombreux admirateurs qui partagent ses photos sur les réseaux sociaux. Mais est-ce bien Marilyn sur ces images ?

Pendant la quinzaine d'années qu'a duré sa carrière, Marilyn Monroe a été photographiée sur la plage, dans le métro, lisant des livres, prenant des photos, souriante, triste, avec une robe blanche, un manteau de fourrure ou, plus rarement, sans vêtements… Mais ce n'est pas assez, vraisemblablement. Pour certains de ses admirateurs, il faut ajouter des images, continuer à fabriquer le mythe.
Ainsi, parmi les photos de Marilyn qui circulent sur le net, il en existe beaucoup qui ne sont en fait pas d'elle. Ou pas complètement.

Par exemple, cette femme au chat a bien les yeux, la bouche et le grain de beauté emblématique de la vedette des Hommes préfèrent les blondes. Les cheveux et le félin appartiennent quant à eux à une photographe, Anna Vihastaya, dont l'autoportrait a servi à réaliser ce montage, désormais diffusé comme un classique.


Dans le même genre, une autre photo rencontre beaucoup de succès auprès des fans de Marilyn Monroe sur le réseau social Pinterest. Mais le visage de l'actrice a en fait été collé sur le corps de Madonna.


Experte en iconographie marilynienne, Marijane Gray traque ces images manipulées et leur a consacré un réjouissant album sur Pinterest (qui ne sert donc pas qu'à désinformer). Elle a également signé pour BuzzFeed un article très utile sur ces femmes plus ou moins célèbres qu'on prend par erreur pour Monroe.
La confusion est souvent commise avec cette photo de Sandy Fulton par Bunny Yeager:


Une autre initiative existe pour lutter contre les fausses photos de l'héroïne de Certains l'aiment chaud: le Tumblr Not Marilyn Monroe. Il s'attaque en particulier aux prétendus clichés dénudés de l'actrice. En les publiant. Vous êtes prévenus si vous souhaitez aller y faire un tour.

Marilyn nue, c'est un fantasme qui ne se dément pas, mais Monroe s'est en fait très peu dévêtue pour les photographes. Une fois pour Tom Kelley, en 1949, avant que sa carrière ne décolle et une autre pour Bert Stern, en 1962, l'année de sa mort. Quant à la photo d'Andre de Dienes montrant une femme ne portant pas plus que du parfum allongée sur un trampoline, Marijane Gray est formelle : « Le photographe Andre de Dienes est célèbre à la fois pour ses photos de Marilyn Monroe et ses nus impressionnants. Cependant, il n'a jamais pu combiner ses deux passions car Marilyn n'a jamais accepté de poser nue pour lui. »

Marilyn, JFK et les autres

La relation de l'actrice avec John Fitzgerald Kennedy est un autre sujet de spéculations. Plusieurs clichés montrant les amants enlacés ont connu un grand succès ces dernières années.
Les photos sont vraies, mais elles mettent en scène des sosies. Ces fausses paparazzades sont la spécialité de l'artiste britannique Alison Jackson. Elle a également rassemblé pour une photo une fausse Marilyn et une fausse Lady Di. Une association pas aussi crédible compte tenu de la différence de générations.


En revanche, il paraît tout à fait plausible aux internautes que Marilyn ait posé avec les autres gloires des années 1950-1960 qu'étaient James Dean, Elvis Presley et Elizabeth Taylor. Pourtant, ces photos sont des montages. Deux d'entre eux utilisent d'ailleurs la même série de portraits réalisée par Ed Feingersh sur la terrasse de l'Ambassador Hotel, à New York.


Une autre photo de la célèbre blonde avec Elvis suggère que les deux stars auraient eu une aventure. Cela pourrait confirmer l'anecdote - très contestée - qu'a rapportée en 2006 un ancien membre de l'entourage du King. Mais cette image est en réalité issue d'un film, Girl Happy, et le visage de Marilyn Monroe a été collé sur celui de Mary Ann Mobley, la partenaire d'Elvis à l'écran.

Do not disturb, dit l'affiche. Et si en effet on laissait un peu Marilyn tranquille ?

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31 janvier 2016

A la TV - La vie secrète de Marilyn Monroe


 Dimanche 31 janvier 2016 - 22h45 - HD1
- à revoir en replay ? -
- La vie secrète de Marilyn Monroe
(en 2 parties)


Durée : 240 minutes
Année et origine : 2015, USA
Réalisateur: Laurie Collyer
D'après le livre de J. Randy Taraborelli "The secret life of Marilyn Monroe"

Acteurs:  Susan Sarandon (Gladys Mortenson), Kelli Garner (Marilyn Monroe), Embeth Davidtz (Natasha Lytess), Jack Noseworthy (Alan DeShields), Stephen Bogaert (Arthur Miller), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Joe DiMaggio), Barry Flatman (Darryl F Zanuck), Giacomo Gianniotti (Jimmy Dougherty) ...

L'histoire: La jeune Norma Jean Mortenson grandit dans la solitude, avec une mère absente. Elle devient une femme ambitieuse qui prend son destin en main. Devenue Marilyn, elle tente de maîtriser ses démons intérieurs et cherche à vaincre les faiblesses dont elle a héritée de sa mère...

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09 janvier 2016

Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Won't Believe

15 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Won't Believe
by Lauren Valenti - online marieclaire.com


If you think today's stars go to great lengths for beauty, it's nothing compared to what the screen sirens of yore did for vanity's sake. From DIY techniques that belong in your routine to *don't try this at home*, here are the super-sneaky beauty secrets of Hollywood's golden age.

mm_beauty  Marilyn Monroe

To make her lips appear fuller, Monroe would have her makeup artist apply 5 different shades of lipstick and gloss to create dimension. Darker reds went on the outer corners, while lighter hues were brushed on the middle of the lips.




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31 décembre 2015

President Kennedy Chats With Marilyn Monroe and Others...

President Kennedy Chats With Marilyn Monroe and Other Attractive People (Mostly Women)
Published on 27/12/2015
by Fritz Holznagel - online who2.com

White House photo by Cecil Stoughton  

This photo of President John F. Kennedy with actress Marilyn Monroe may be the most famous shot of JFK chatting up an actress. The photo was taken at a private house party after the famous “Happy birthday, Mister President” moment at a 1962 fundraiser in Madison Square Garden. That’s Attorney General Bobby Kennedy at left, and historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. having the absolute time of his life at right.

But thanks to the sur JFK Library and its excellent website, we now have many photos of President Kennedy chatting with handsome entertainers of all kinds. Let’s take a look.

White House photo by Abbie Rowe

Here’s the president meeting Julie London (later star of TV’s Emergency!) at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Nothing inappropriate here, of course, but Kennedy’s reputation for womanizing offers an interesting subtext for these photos. Perhaps he’s just doing his presidential duty, after all.

White House photo by Abby Rowe

Actress Dorothy Provine takes her turn with the Prez. (Provine is dressed as Pinky Pinkham, her character from the TV show The Roaring 20s.) Kennedy’s good — always eye-to-eye contact. Unlike some politicians we could name.

White House photo by Abbie Rowe

Here’s JFK with an even more famous blonde, Grace Kelly. But this is an official state visit with spouses present: Jacqueline Kennedy and Prince Rainier of Monaco, respectively. They aren’t even shaking hands. Of course, possibly Kennedy was put off by Kelly’s insane hat.

White House photo by Cecil Stoughton

President Kennedy wasn’t the only one shaking hands. Here’s his loyal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, shaking hands with superstar Judy Garland as comedian Carol Burnett looks on. What I like about these celebs-at-the-White House photos is that everybody is happy to see everybody. The glamour goes both ways. “You were in ‘The Wizard of Oz?’ That’s amazing. We’re leading the free world here.”

White House photo by Cecil Stoughton

Of course, Garland met the President as well. Judy Garland was only 4’11” tall, it turns out; John Kennedy was 6’0″ tall, and Carol Burnett has him matched in her heels here in the Oval Office. Hard to believe from looking at them here, but Garland was also five years younger than JFK.  She was born in 1922, he in 1917. (Yes, that’s Danny Kaye at right.)

White House photo by Cecil Stoughton

Here’s President Kennedy with opera royalty, Maria Callas. This is at that same crazy party with Marilyn Monroe, from May 19, 1962. UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson is at center in the background. I like the glow of celebrity in this photo, with everyone bearing in on Callas. She’s got the aura.

White House photo by Robert Knudson

Speaking of opera singers, here’s President Kennedy chatting up mezzo-soprano Grace Bumbry in the East Room of the White House after she sang at a dinner in honor of Vice-President Lyndon Johnson in 1962. The who’s who of figures in back include Speaker of the House John W. McCormack, Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren (turning away at center) and Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Abraham Ribicoff.  It was quite a party, but all these people are now dead. Except for Bumbry, who was 25 at the time. She received Kennedy Center Honors in 2009.

White House photo by Cecil Stoughton

Let’s end on this shot of JFK chatting with Julie Belafonte, wife of singer Harry Belafonte (who’s right behind them). This is that same cocktail party after “Happy birthday Mister President”!  The event was at the apartment of Democratic bigwig Arthur Krim.

What an era that was, when the president would just go to someone’s apartment and mingle after an event. No wonder John Kennedy met so many attractive people.