11 septembre 2008

26/02/1959 Marilyn reçoit l'Etoile de Crystal

1959_CrystalFrenchAward_award_010_1Le 26 février 1959, Marilyn Monroe reçoit le prix français "French Crystal Star Award" (représenté par une étoile en cristal) pour la catégorie de "La meilleure actrice étrangère" pour le film "Le prince et la danseuse". C'est Georges Auric, un compositeur français, qui lui remet le prix. Marilyn étant enceinte, elle ne put venir en France pour recevoir son prix; par conséquent, la cérémonie eut lieu au 'French Ambassador Hotel' (le consul de France) de New York.
Photographies de Paul Slade.
February 26, 1959, Marilyn Monroe receives the "French Crystal Star Award" (represented by a crystal star) for the category of "The Best Foreign Actress" for the film "The Prince and the Showgirl". This is Georges Auric, a French composer, who gives her the price. Marilyn was pregnant,so  she could not come to France to receive his prize, so the ceremony took place at the 'French Ambassador Hotel' (the consul of France) in New York.
Photographs of Paul Slade.

1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0010_010_1 1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0011_010_1 
1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0012_010  1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0012_010a
1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0021_020_1 1959_05_13_david_di_donatello_reception_010_1
1959_m_220616703_0  32_Etoile_de_cristal_04 

> Marilyn est accompagnée de son mari Arthur Miller.
1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0050_010_withArthur_1 1959_m_220616631_0 1959-cryst7 

> Marilyn et un basset du consul
 1959_m_220616635_0  1959_02_23_CrystalFrenchAward_French_ambassade_011_1  1959_02_23_CrystalFrenchAward_French_ambassade_012_1
1959_02_23_CrystalFrenchAward_French_ambassade_010_1  1959-crystal-dog  1959-cryst2 
1959_02_23_CrystalFrenchAward_French_ambassade_020_1 32_Etoile_de_cristal_01   

> Marilyn avec May Reis
32_Etoile_de_cristal_02 32_Etoile_de_cristal_03 

> photos de (et avec) James Haspiel
1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0020_010_1 1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0020_020_1 1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0020_020_2
 1959_MSix2 1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0030_010_withJamesHaspiel_1 fourofthemonroesix
1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0030_020_withJamesHaspiel_1 1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0030_030_withJamesHaspiel_1

****** article de presse ******

> couvertures de magazines
mag_1959_CrystalFrenchAward_0021_010_2 mag_1959_Donatello00400_020mag

> photo de presse

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06 septembre 2008

24/02/1953 Marilyn reçoit le prix Redbook

1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_award_1Le 24 février 1953, Marilyn Monroe participe à l'émission "The Martin and Lewis Show" (un show TV américain avec Dean Martin et Jerry Lewis) où elle joue dans un sketch;
puis elle reçoit le "
Red Book Award" (prix décerné par le magazine 'Redbook') de la catégorie "Best Young Box Office Personality" (La meilleure jeune personnalité du Box Office) de l'année 1952, prix remis par Wade H. Nichols, l'éditeur du magazine.

In February 24, 1953, Marilyn Monroe participates in the radio show "The Martin and Lewis Show" (an American TV show with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis) where she plays in a sketch;
then, she receives the "Red Book Award", by 'Redbook' magazine, for the category "Best Young Box Office Personality" of the year 1952; Wade H. Nichols, the editor of the magazine, gives her the award.

> The Martin and Lewis Show
1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00110_1 1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00120_1 1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00100_1 aw_redbook_56410
1953  1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00210_1  1953 
1954_deanjerry  1953-04-28-MONROE__MARILYN_-_1953_REBOOK_SILVER_CUP_MOVIE_AWARDS631  1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00200 
1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00300_010_1 1953-filmsinreview 1953_117279018 

> dans les coulisses

The Martin and Lewis Show
With Guest Star: Marilyn Monroe
The following transcript appeared in MARILYN: then & now Vol. 2 No. 5
On February 24th, 1953 Marilyn was awarded the Red Book magazine award for ‘Best Young Box Office Personality.’ The presentation was made at the end of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’s radio show. Not only did Marilyn accept her award, but she guest starred. What follows is a transcript of Monroe’s portion of the program. Martin opened the show by singing “You’d Be Surprised” in tribute to Monroe.

> Radio Show

Martin: And now folks comes the real special part of our program. The happy time when we introduce our guest star. Course, tonight it’s especially happy because we have Marilyn Monroe, and, as I told you, Jerry doesn’t know about it. So it’s going to be a complete surprise. And . . . ah . . . Shhh . . . Here comes Jerry.

Lewis: Dean, who is it? Dean? Who? Our guest? Dean, who . . . is . . . it? Yes, ah . . . Who?

Martin: Well, I’ll give you a hint. If I was an artist, I’d like to do her in oil.

Lewis: You’d like to do her in oil? (laughter)

Martin: Yeah. Now, who’s our guest star?

Lewis: A sardine? (laughter)

Martin: Ah, shut up! Look, you take the most beautiful legs in the world, the most beautiful figure in the world, and the most beautiful face in the world, and put them all together, what do you get?

Lewis: The ugliest woman in the world!

Martin: How come?

Lewis: You got me so excited I put everything in the wrong place!

Martin: Well . . . This girl has everything in the right place. Jerry, every once in a while a meteor flashes through the skies and falls into the ocean. Fortunately for us, the ball of fire we have with us, as our guest, missed the ocean and landed at Twentieth Century-Fox. So, I give you the two most exciting words in the modern dictionary: Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe: Thanks Dean. That was a very flattering introduction.

Martin: Well, you deserve it Ms. MaRone . . . ah . . .

Monroe: Dean, look at your script. It’s Monroe.

Martin: I’m looking at you, and it’s Ma Rone! I’ll tell you. Right Jer?

Lewis: Zippy doo dah, Deany, darling! Get a load of the dress she’s wearing, Dean. Two arm holes, loosely tied together. Wow wee, what a dress! (laughter)

Monroe: Oh, it’s nothing much just (laughter) . . . just something I threw on.

Lewis: You almost missed, didn’t ya? (laughter)

Martin: Yeah!

Monroe: Gee, thanks boys. Do you really think this gown does something for me?

Martin: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but it does a lot more for us. What . . . what is it made of? Silk?

Monroe: As a matter of fact, it’s just plain cotton.

Lewis: Cotton? I’ve seen more cotton at tope of a bottle of Aspirin.

Monroe: I better talk to the wardrobe mistress about this dress. It’s so tight I nearly wore myself out putting it on.

Martin: Poor girl, are you all in? (laughter)

Monroe: Gosh! Gosh, I hope so! (laughter)

Lewis: Gee, Ms. Monroe, Dean and I saw your last picture, Niagara. It was a “Dar:” A positive “Dar!”

Monroe: What was the audience reaction to the picture in the theater?

Martin: After your first scene, they served the Hershey bars in Dixie cups! (laughter)

Lewis: Dean?

Martin: Yes?

Lewis: You better concentrate on the script.

Martin: It’s your turn! (laughter)

Lewis: Oh! (laughter) We had a cocktail party at my house with a bar tender and everything, and we showed home movies of your picture, Ms. Monroe.

Monroe: Now, you’re not going to tell me that when I came on the screen that the ice in the drinks melted?

Lewis: Oh no! That would be silly (Jerry laughs). The bartender melted!

Monroe: Oh, you fellas are just kidding.

Martin: Kidding? Remember the scene where you were kissing your boyfriend?

Monroe: Yes.

Lewis: Right in the middle, my canary threw himself to the cat! (laughter) Ah, Ms. Monroe, if you go out with me after the show I’ll buy you a bottle of perfume . . .

Martin: You’re wasting your time, Jer. Marilyn would rather go out with somebody like me.

Monroe: That’s right. I’m a blonde, and I like to go out with tall, dark, handsome men. You see, opposites attract.

Lewis: Then you’ll love me. I’m just the opposite. (laughter)

Monroe: Look Jerry, you’re a man, and I’m a woman.

Lewis: Now that we’ve chosen sides, let play. (laughter)

Martin: Won’t you give up, Jer. Marilyn prefers me. I’ve gone out with women that would not even look at you.

Lewis: So what? I’ve gone out with women who wouldn’t look at me either.
Monroe: Okay Jerry, supposing I do go out with you, what will we do?

Lewis: Well, we’ll get in my car and drive up Lookout Mountain, and when we get to the top . . .

Monroe: Yes?

Lewis: LOOK OUT! (laughter)

Monroe: No Jerry, if I went out with you it might get into the newspaper, and you know how some newspapers will do anything for a story.

Martin: Well, we do about that type of newspaper, Marilyn, but we can paint a better picture if we dramatize it. So Wallington start dramatizing.

Announcer: The Chesterfield – buy them by the carton players – presents Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Marilyn Monroe in a dramatic newspaper yarn. It’s the story of a cold-blooded newspaper editor who has no friends, but who is loved by Marilyn Monroe entitled . . . So Who Needs Friends?

(phone rings)

Lewis (as Editor): Yello. This is the Morning Hangover. What? Just a minute. I’ll get the pressroom.

(buzzer heard)

Martin (as printer): Hello. Pressroom. What is it chief?

Lewis: Quick, tear out the front page.

Martin: Why?

Lewis: My mother just bought a new garbage pail, and she needs something to line it with.

Monroe: Hello chief. Tell me baby doll, what’s cooking.

Lewis: I am. Get off my lap!

Monroe: I’ve got a head line for ya, chief: Noted Doctor Advocates Fish Breeding for a Hobby.

Lewis: It’s too long. Cut it down.

Monroe: What will I say?

Lewis: Surgeon Urgin’ Sturgeon Mergin’. Come on baby, give us a kiss.

(kissing noises)

Martin (as publisher, opens door): Editor Lewis, I’m the publisher of this paper, and I’m not paying you to kiss our star reporter. Spending all your time kissing doesn’t increase our circulation.

Lewis: But it increases mine!

Monroe: I . . . I can explain Publisher Martin. I just came in to show him my wardrobe the I’m going to take along on my vacation. This is my hunting outfit.

Martin: Hunting outfit? But that’s a backless, strapless gown! You don’t know your clothes.

Monroe: You don’t know what I’m hunting.

Martin: I should have known better than to hire a woman reporter.

Monroe: Just a minute, sir. I’m a newspaperman. I’m not a woman.

Lewis: You’re not? I think we have a scoop.

Monroe: I mean, while I’m on this paper I don’t want to be thought of as a woman. I want to be though of as a man.

Martin: Okay, but I hope we get adjoining lockers at the “Y”.

(phone rings)

Lewis: Yello. Morning Hangover.

Announcer: Hello chief. Remember Detroit Danny?

Lewis: You mean the gangster who was almost beaten to death last week with a bag of wet chicken livers?

Announcer: Yeah. Well, he was shot to death, and I found the slug.

Lewis: I know how Detroit Danny got knocked off. He was trying to blackmail Eskimo Eddie.

Monroe: Chief, if you print that story Eddie will kill you, and I’ll be alone.

Martin: Wanna’ bet?!?

Monroe: Chief, darling, don’t do it. Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.

Lewis: Ah . . . stop your naggin’! (laughter)

Monroe: I don’t want you to get killed. I’m a woman. I want loving arms around me.

Lewis: Don’t worry. If I’m killed, somebody will come along tomorrow.

Monroe: Yeah, but what am I going to do tonight? (laughter) I don’t want you murdered. Give up your job, and I’ll marry you.

Lewis: What other work could I get?
Martin: Well, don’t worry about it, kid. You’re young. You can always live on love.

Monroe: Yes. Give up your job, and we’ll have kisses for breakfast, kisses for lunch, kisses for supper.

Lewis: Gosh! Kisses for breakfast, kisses for lunch, kisses for supper. Okay, it’s a deal, baby, but I’m warning ya’ . . .

Monroe: About what?

Lewis: Don’t let me ever catch you having any meal.

> The RedBook Award

> Les lauréats du prix Redbook 1952 sont:
-Marilyn Monroe "Best Young Box-Office Personality"
-Julie Harris "Best Young Actress"
-Leslie Caron "Best Young Foreign Actress"
-Marge and Gower Champion "Best Young Dance Team"
-Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis "Best Young Comedians"

> ci-dessous: Leslie Caron, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe,
Wade H Nichols et Jerry Lewis.

1953-MONROE__MARILYN_-_1953_FEB_24_REDBOOK_SILVER_CUP_BEST_YOUN  1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00100_1 1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00110_1 

> La coupe
Redb14  Redb15  Redb16

 > captures
1953_02_24_red_book_award_cap_010_1 1953_02_24_red_book_award_cap_011_1 
1953-redbook-cap1-01  1953-redbook-cap1-02  1953-redbook-cap1-03 
1953-redbook-cap1-04  1953-redbook-cap1-05  1953-redbook-cap1-06 
1953-redbook-cap1-07  1953-redbook-cap1-08  1953-redbook-cap1-09 
1953-redbook-cap2-01  1953-redbook-cap2-02  1953-redbook-cap2-03 
1953-redbook-cap2-04  1953-redbook-cap2-05  1953-redbook-cap2-06 
1953-redbook-cap2-07  1953-redbook-cap2-08  1953-redbook-cap2-09 
1953-redbook-cap2-10  1953-redbook-cap2-11  1953-redbook-cap2-12 
1953-redbook-cap2-13  1953-redbook-cap2-14  1953-redbook-cap2-15 
1953-redbook-cap2-16  1953-redbook-cap2-17  1953-redbook-cap2-18 
1953-redbook-cap2-19  1953-redbook-cap2-20  1953-redbook-cap2-21 

>> Vidéo 1: la remise du prix (en entier)

>> Vidéo 2 : remise du prix (coupée)

>> Vidéo 3: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marilyn et Leslie Caron

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19/06/1954 Marilyn récompensée par la légion US

La joyeuse parade
Sur le tournage

1954_july_AmericanLegion_forKoreaSupport_award_1Le 19 juin 1954, Marilyn Monroe reçoit un trophée "Testimonial Appreciation" décerné par "The American Legion", à Morningside Park dans la ville d'Inglewood (en Californie), pour son soutien des troupes américaines en Corée où la star se produisit sur scène devant les GIs en février de la même année. Marilyn étant en tournage du film There's no business like show business ("La Joyeuse Parade"), elle porte une des tenues du film.
On 1954 June 19, Marilyn Monroe is presented with a trophy and plaque of "Testimonial Appreciation"
, by Lewis K. Gough past National Commander of the American Legion, at Idlewood, California, for her Morale building activities on behalf of the armed forces in Korea in February. Miss Monroe is currently starring in 'There's No Business Like Show Business'.

Discours de Marilyn:
"Merci. Je remercie tous les membres de la légion américaine."

 1954_july_AmericanLegion_forKoreaSupport_011_010 aw_41510339_m tnb_sc06_set_060_1a

>  De gauche à droite:
Charles Sharitt, E.L. Gualano, Gough, Joe Koller,
Marilyn Monroe, Robert B. Jahn,George McCormack et James L. Hughes.

1954_voir_Corbis_U1061705  film-tnb-__57__4_ 

> Captures
1954_july_AmericanLegion_forKoreaSupport_020_010 1954_july_AmericanLegion_forKoreaSupport_020_020 
1954_americanlegion_cap01 1954_americanlegion_cap02 1954_americanlegion_cap03
1954_americanlegion_cap04 1954_americanlegion_cap05 1954_americanlegion_cap06
1954_americanlegion_cap07 1954_americanlegion_cap08 1954_americanlegion_cap09
1954_americanlegion_cap10 1954_americanlegion_cap11 1954_americanlegion_cap12

 >> Vidéo: la remise du prix à Marilyn

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05 septembre 2008

9/02/1953 Marilyn reçoit le prix Photoplay

1952_photoplay_price_1Le 9 février 1953, Marilyn Monroe reçoit le prix "The New Star Award" ("Le prix de la nouvelle star") du magazine Photoplay de "Rapid Rise to Stardom in 1952" ("L'accès le plus rapide à la célébrité pour l'année 1952"). La remise de prix eut lieu dans une salle du Beverly Hills Hotel. C'est Fred Sammis qui lui remet le prix.
In February 9, 1953, Marilyn Monroe is awarded the "The New Star Award" by 'Photoplay' magazine of the "Rapid Rise to Stardom in 1952". The award ceremony tooks place in a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is Fred Sammis who gives her the price.

165390_0  165393_0 

1952_photoplay01_award010_1 1953_photoplay_52 1953_02_Award
1953_02_09_Award 1952_photoplay01_award032_1 1952_photoplay01_award033_1 rare_1952_marilyn_1953 

Son fiancé Joe DiMaggio ayant horreur des galas hollywoodiens, Marilyn était ainsi accompagnée de son ami journaliste Sidney Skolsky.
Her fiance Joe DiMaggio hates Hollywood Party, so Marilyn was accompanied by friend and journalist Sidney Skolsky.

1952_photoplay01_award0300_withSidneySkolsky_010 1952_photoplay01_award0300_withSidneySkolsky_02 1952_0012178

> Marilyn entourée de Dean Martin et Jerry Lewis

Pour cette réception, Marilyn portait la désormais célèbre robe en lamé doré, cousue sur elle, et conçue par Billy Travilla, le costumier styliste des studios de la Fox. Une robe créée pour le film Les Hommes préfèrent les Blondes, et dont la majorité de la scène sera finalement coupée au montage, et on pense en deviner la raison: lors de cette soirée de la remise du prix Photoplay, Marilyn va déclencher à nouveau un scandale dont l'origine n'est autre que sa tenue, jugée -encore une fois- vulgaire ! Le lancement de cette campagne anti-Marilyn fut menée par l'actrice Joan Crawford qui était présente à cette soirée. Marilyn lui ayant volée la vedette, Crawford s'attaqua à Marilyn par jalousie. D'ailleurs le lendemain, un article paru dans le Los Angeles Mirror rapportera qu' "à côté de Marilyn, toutes les autres (actrices) paraissaient bien ternes".
For the reception party, Marilyn wears the now famous gold lamé dress, sewn on her, and designed by Billy Travilla, the costume designer of Fox studios. A dress created for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and from it the majority of the scene will be eventually edited out, and we think guess why: during the evening of the award Photoplay, Marilyn will trigger a new scandal whose origin is none other than her outfit, judged -again- vulgar! The launch of the anti-Marilyn campaign was led by actress Joan Crawford who was present at this event. Marilyn has stolen the limelight, Crawford attacked Marilyn by jealousy. And the next day, an article in the 'Los Angeles Mirror' will say that "next to Marilyn, all other (actresses) seemed very dull."

1952_photoplay01_diner010_0010 1952_photoplay01_diner010_020 1952_photoplay01_diner020_00200
1952_photoplay01_diner020_00200_c1 1952_photoplay01_diner020_010 1952_photoplay01_diner021_0010

1953_mm_with_McKrimphotoplay 1953_mm_with_McKrimphotoplay2 1952_photoplay 1952_photoplay01_diner023_0010a
1952_photoplay01_diner026_010_1  1952_photoplay01_diner022_0010_2  1952_photoplay01_diner023_0010 
1952_photoplay01_diner022_0010 1952_photoplay01_diner022_0020 
1952-MONROE__MARILYN_-_1952_PHOTOPLAY_AWARDS_FASTEST_RISING_STA 1952_photoplay01_diner025_0010 

1953-02-09-photoplay-juliens-02 1953-02-09-photoplay-juliens-03 1953-02-09-photoplay-juliens-04a 

> Marilyn avec Dan Dailey

>> Photo de Murray Garrett >> 
ph_murray_garrett_1953_photoplay murray_garrett_14 

>> Photo de Phil Stern >> 
Marilyn avec Bill Goetz


 > encart publicitaire de 1953

>>  captures 1 (remise du prix)
1953-photoplay-cap2-01  1953-photoplay-cap2-02  1953-photoplay-cap2-03 
1953-photoplay-cap2-04  1953-photoplay-cap2-05  1953-photoplay-cap2-06 
1953-photoplay-cap2-07  1953-photoplay-cap2-08  1953-photoplay-cap2-09 
1953-photoplay-cap2-10  1953-photoplay-cap2-11  1953-photoplay-cap2-12 
1953-photoplay-cap2-13  1953-photoplay-cap2-14  1953-photoplay-cap2-15 

       >>  captures 2 (répétitions) 
1953-photoplay-cap1-01  1953-photoplay-cap1-02  1953-photoplay-cap1-03 
1953-photoplay-cap1-04  1953-photoplay-cap1-05  1953-photoplay-cap1-06 
1953-photoplay-cap1-07  1953-photoplay-cap1-08  1953-photoplay-cap1-09 
1953-photoplay-cap1-10  1953-photoplay-cap1-11  1953-photoplay-cap1-12 
1953-photoplay-cap1-13  1953-photoplay-cap1-14  1953-photoplay-cap1-15 
1953-photoplay-cap1-16  1953-photoplay-cap1-17  1953-photoplay-cap1-18 
1953-photoplay-cap1-19  1953-photoplay-cap1-20  1953-photoplay-cap1-21 
1953-photoplay-cap1-22  1953-photoplay-cap1-23  1953-photoplay-cap1-24 
1953-photoplay-cap1-25  1953-photoplay-cap1-26  1953-photoplay-cap1-27 
1953-photoplay-cap1-28  1953-photoplay-cap1-29  1953-photoplay-cap1-30 
1953-photoplay-cap1-31  1953-photoplay-cap1-32  1953-photoplay-cap1-33 
1953-photoplay-cap1-34  1953-photoplay-cap1-35  1953-photoplay-cap1-36 
1953-photoplay-cap1-37  1953-photoplay-cap1-38  1953-photoplay-cap1-39 

>>  captures 3 (présentation du prix) 
1952-photoplay-cap1  1952-photoplay-cap2  1952-photoplay-cap3 

 >> Vidéo 1: remise du prix

>> Vidéo 2: reception du prix et tournage des remerciements

> dans la presse
23fevrier1953_time_magazine 2mars1953_Fitchburg_Sentinel__Massachusetts 
Article 1/
TIME Magazine article of February 23, 1953
Article 2/
Fitchburg Sentinel Massachusetts of March 2, 1953

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Marilyn élue le cadeau de noël 1951 des GIs

Marilyn Monroe est élue en décembre 1951 "Le plus beau cadeau de noël que tous les soldats aimeraient trouver au pied du sapin".
Marilyn Monroe is e
lected in December 1951 ""The Christmas gift every GI would find in their chimney".

1952_u986905acmemu5 1951_Christmas_BestGiftForSoldiers_010a_1 1951_Christmas_BestGiftForSoldiers_0200


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20/02/1948 Marilyn élue Artichoke Queen

Marilyn Monroe élue "Artichoke Queen" ("Reine de l'artichaut") le 20 février 1948 par la ville de Salinas, en Californie, lors d'une promotion dans une boutique de diamants où Marilyn a signé des autographes.
Monroe elected "Artichoke Queen"
in February 20, 1948 by the City of Salinas, California, during a promotion in a diamond shop where she signs autographs. 

1948_02_20_artichoke_queen_salinas_california_1 1948  artichaut

Bien qu'il y avait déjà beaucoup d'artichauts à Castroville en Février 1948, le festival de l'Artichaut à Castroville n'existait cependant pas encore. Marilyn était à Salinas et Castroville pour promouvoir une vente de diamant pour un bijoutier local et profiter de la publicité pour sa propre carrière.
Tout a commencé quand Jim Seedman et Stan Seedman décidèrent de promouvoir la vente de leurs diamants pour leurs deux boutiques respectives. Jim était propriétaire de la boutique "Carlyle's Jewelry Stores" à Salinas et Stan d'une boutique à Hollywood. Ils étaient partenaires dans les deux bijouteries. Stan apprit par un vendeur de diamants de Los Angeles, qui avait travaillé à temps partiel pour la promotion de star de cinéma, qu'ils pouvaient louer les services d'une jeune starlette pour cette campagne publicitaire. Ils optèrent pour le choix d'une starlette nommée Doreen Nash mais celle-ci annula son engagement à la dernière minute. Ainsi ils se tournèrent vers une autre jeune starlette du nom de scène "Marilyn Monroe".
Stan l'amena pour une semaine à Salinas pour la promotion de leur vente de diamants. Elle résida au vieil hôtel Jeffery. Les choses évoluèrent assez vite dans leur travail si bien qu'ils se retrouvèrent à avoir une journée de libre le jeudi. Stan est allé à la réunion du jeudi des Kiwanis à Salinas et se retrouva assis à côté de Randy Barsotti, le directeur de la locale Bank of America. Stan lui raconta qu'il était l'hôte d'une starlette et qu'ils avaient une journée de libre. Randy suggéra qu'ils se rendent chez un ami photographe Cal Choke pour une séance photos. C'est à ce moment là que Randy eut l'idée de la surnommer "la Reine de l'Artichaut" (Artichoke Queen) !
Seedman se souvient de la visite de Miss Monroe et de son impact sur la petite ville. Les artichauts étaient beaux mais la jeune Marilyn les dépassait ! Le premier magasin commanda 200 photos de Miss Monroe pour une séance de signature d'autographes au magasin de Main Street mais leur nombre se révéla rapidement insuffisant par l'afflux de fans qui comprenait les écoliers et les jeunes mères de famille. "Nous ne savions pas que cela partirait aussi vite" s'exclama Seedman. Beaucoup plus de photos furent commandées et "avant la fin de la semaine, il en avait été distribuée plus de 1000". Personne aujourd'hui encore ne peut dire combien de diamants ont été vendus mais la publicité sur la Reine de l'Artichaut demeure le plus grand évènement.
Miss Monroe a attiré une foule si importante pour la petite ville de Salinas qu'il a fallu avoir recours à deux policiers devant le magasin pour contrôler la densité de la foule. "Nous n'avons jamais été aussi entassés dans le magasin" admis Seedman impressionné. Avant les artichauts étaient souvent ignorés des étals des épiciers puis soudain, ils ont eu du succès ! 

Although there were already a lot of artichokes in Castroville in February 1948, however, the Artichoke festival in Castroville  didn't yet exist. Marilyn was in Salinas and Castroville to promote the sale of diamond for a local jeweler and enjoy the publicity for his own career.
It all started when Jim and Stan Seedman decided to promote the sale of their diamonds for their two respective shops. Jim was the owner of the shop "Carlyle's Jewelry Stores" in Salinas and Stan has a shop in Hollywood. They were partners in both jewelers. Stan learned from a diamond seller in Los Angeles, who worked part-time for the promotion of movie star, that they could hire the services of a young starlet for this campaign. They opted for the choice of a starlet named Doreen Nash but she canceled her commitment at the last minute. So they turned to another young starlet stage name "Marilyn Monroe".
Stan took her for a week in Salinas to promote the sale of diamonds. She resided at the old hotel Jeffery. Things evolved quickly in their work so they found themselves to have a day off on Thursday. Stan went to the Kiwanis Thursday' meeting in Salinas and found himself sitting next to Randy Barsotti, the director of the local Bank of America. Stan told him he was the host of a starlet and they had a free day. Randy suggested they go to a photographer friend Cal Choke for a photoshoot sitting. It was at that time that Randy had the idea of ​​the nickname "Artichoke Queen" !
Seedman remembers the visit of Miss Monroe and its impact on the town. Artichokes were beautiful but the young Marilyn exceeded them ! The first shop ordered 200 photos of Miss Monroe for a signing autographs at the Main Street store but their numbers quickly proved insufficient by the influx of fans that included schoolchildren and young mothers. "We didn't know it would go so fast !",  exclaimed Seedman. Many more photos were commissioned and "before the end of the week, it was distributed more over 1000." Nobody today can say how many diamonds were sold but advertising Artichoke Queen remains the largest event.
Miss Monroe has attracted such a large crowd to the small town of Salinas that he had to use two policemen in front of the store to control the density of the crowd. "We have never been crammed into the store" admitted Seedman impressed. Before that event, artichokes were often ignored in the grocers' shops and then suddenly they were successful !

> un ticket de participation à la promotion de vente de diamants
et l'une des photographies signée par Marilyn

1948_02_SignEventForDiamondgiveaway_CastrovilleCA Artichoke_Queen_Salinas_February_16_20__19481_1_
Agrandissement mm30_3_small_cb Carlyle_s_Jewelers_in_Salinas__C

> dans la presse

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11/06/1947 Marilyn élue Miss Press Club

Marilyn Monroe est élue la première "Miss Press Club" de l'année 1948 ici à la soirée organisée par le Los Angeles Press Club le 11 juin 1947. Il s'agissait pour les concurrentes d'être hôtesse à l'hôtel Ambassador, pour les réunions et les manifestations organisées par les journaux de Los Angeles. Elle reçoit en trophée la boule de billard chiffrée "8".
Marilyn Monroe is elected the first "Miss Press Club" of the year 1948; here at the party organized by the Los Angeles Press Club in  June, 11, 1947. The girls were hostess at the Ambassador Hotel, for meetings and events organized by the Los Angeles newspapers. She receives as a trophy, a billiard ball numbered "8".

Miss_press_club_1948  MarilynMonroe_MissPressClub_1948  marilyn_ 

> photo de presse
misspressclubpress1  misspressclubpress1b 

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03 septembre 2008

Vanity Fair octobre 2008

mag_vanity_fair_2008_10_cover_1Marilyn Monroe, photographiée par Bert Stern, est en couverture du magazine américain Vanity Fair, numéro spécial 25ème anniversaire, édition d'octobre 2008. Un dossier spécial lui est consacré: "Secret Marilyn Monroe Files - What her private papers reval about her life and death". [lire le sommaire du magazine sur leur site]. L'article intitulé The Things She Left Behind (développé et illustré sur 7 pages sur le site web) dévoile la face cachée de Marilyn Monroe, de par toute sorte d'objets de sa vie privée.
A ne pas rater: les 586 objets jamais montrés auparavant et réparti en 24 thèmes sur le site de Vanity Fair: des lettres qu'elle écrivit et celles qu'elle reçut, des télégrames, des courriers de fans, la réaction des fans après sa mort, des vêtements et bijoux, son testament etc... Les documents papiers proviennent de deux meubles à casiers où Marilyn y stockait ses souvenirs. Après sa mort, c'est son manager Inez Melson qui récupéra ces deux meubles ainsi que des vêtements, bijoux et autres objets personnels. Tous ces "objets" se rapportant à Marilyn Monroe ont été aujourd'hui décryptés par l'écrivain Sam Kashner et le photographe Marc Anderson, qui se documenta pendant deux ans et photographia tout ce qu'il trouva, afin d'en connaître un peu plus sur la star Marilyn.

>> Vidéo Reportage: interviews de Sam Kashner et Marc Anderson

>> Conseil, pour vous procurer le magazine:
- Dans les points "presses étrangères" (gares, aéroports, grandes enseignes libraires)

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01 septembre 2008

5/03/1962 Soirée des Golden Globes 1

1/ Remise du prix

1962_golden_globes_award_1Le 5 mars 1962, Marilyn Monroe reçoit le "Golden Globe" de "L'actrice préférée dans le monde durant l'année 1961" ("The World Film Favs") à la 19ème cérémonie des Golden Globes Awards. Les Golden Globes sont des trophées remis chaque année par "l'association hollywoodienne de la presse étrangère" ("The Hollywood Foreign Press Association") depuis 1944. Ils récompensent les meilleurs films, les meilleures œuvres de fiction télévisuelles et les meilleurs professionnels du cinéma et de la télévision. Les récompenses attribuées sont souvent considérées comme les prémisses des Oscars.

On March 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe receives the "Golden Globe" from "The World Film Favs" for the 'favorite actress in the world in the year 1961', at the 19th Golden Globes Awards. The Golden Globes Awards are presented annually by the "Hollywood Foreign Press Association" since 1944. They reward the best films, the best fiction television and the best professional film and television. Rewards are often seen as the preview of the Oscars.

1962_goldenglobe_award010_010_1  1962-gg--107794791_o 
1962_goldenglobe_award011_010 1962_bgcihg10 1962_gg_2
1962_goldenglobe_award0120_010i 1962_goldenglobe_award0120_010_ic 1962_goldenglobe_award0120_010a 1962_gg_NB7
1962_goldenglobe_award0120_020 1962_goldenglobe_award0130_010_1 1962_gg61
1962_gg_NB30 1962_gg_NB55 1962_gg_3
1962_goldenglobe_award0140_1 1962_gg_colorized 1962_gg_cw
1962_goldenglobe_award0145_0200  1962-13427076_3  1962_goldenglobe_award0145_030
1962_goldenglobe_award0145_040 1962_goldenglobe_award0145_010 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_0430

C'est l'acteur Rock Hudson, chargé de l'animation de la soirée, qui remit le Golden Globe à Marilyn sur scène avant de partager l'enthousiasme de l'actrice dans les coulisses avec l'acteur Charlton Heston, qui fut aussi récompensé par le prix d'équivalent masculin de la catégorie de Marilyn. Marilyn avait beaucoup bu ce soir là, et la star se montra particulièrement joyeuse tout au long de la cérémonie et durant la réception qui s'en suivie; et c'est en titubant qu'elle alla chercher son prix sur la scène: l'émission qui était enregistrée pour être diffusée en différée -quelques jours plus tard- préféra couper au montage le passage où Marilyn reçut son prix.

This is the actor Rock Hudson, in charge of running the event, which gave the Golden Globe for Marilyn on stage before sharing the enthusiasm of the actress in the backstage with actor Charlton Heston, who was also awarded with the male equivalent to the category of Marilyn. Marilyn had been drinking heavily that night, and the star was particularly happy throughout the ceremony and during the reception that followed in, and it is staggering that she went on the stage: the show was recorded for broadcast -delayed a few days later on TV- preferred to cut the passage when Marilyn received her award.

1962_goldenglobe_with_rockhudson_charltonheston_010_1 1962_goldenglobe_with_rockhudson_charltonheston_020_1 1962_gg_NB54
1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_Heston_010 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_Heston_020 1962-13427076_2
1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_010 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_020 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_030
1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_060 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_050 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_040
1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_041_1  1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_041a  1962_gg_C22 
1962_gg_2 1962-gg1 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_0420
1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_010_061  1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_011_030  1962_goldenglobe_cere0310_with_hudson_010_1 
1962_gg_11761396_390878jc 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_011_020a 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_030_010_1
1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_020_010 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_020_020 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_030_020
1962_gg61 1962_gg_NB14 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_030_040
1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_012_010a 1962_GoldenGlobe_withRockHudson_012_020 1962_goldenglobe_planche_contact_010_1

>>  photo de Darlene Hammond

Pour cette prestigieuse cérémonie, Marilyn Monroe est accompagnée de son nouveau compagnon Jose Bolanos, un réalisateur mexicain, qu'elle vient de rencontrer durant son séjour à Mexico le mois précédent. Après la mort de Marilyn, bien que leur relation n'avait pas duré longtemps, Bolanos prétendit qu'ils avaient l'intention de se marier, alors qu'on sait que si Marilyn se serait à nouveau marier, cela aurait été avec son ex-mari Joe DiMaggio, qu'elle refréquentait depuis la fin de l'année 1961.
For this prestigious ceremony, Marilyn Monroe is accompanied with her new boyfriend Jose Bolanos, a Mexican director, she met during her stay in Mexico the month before. After Marilyn's death, although their relationship did not last long, Bolanos claimed they intended to marry, when we know that if Marilyn would marry again, it would have been with her ex husband Joe DiMaggio, she saw again since the end of 1961.

> L'arrivée de Marilyn avec Jose Bolanos
1962_GGA1 1962_GGA3 1962_GGA6
1962_GGA5 1962_GGA2 1962_GGA4
1962_goldenglobe03210_withJoseBalanos_01 1962_23 1962-gg-1
 1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0100_1_GF1962-GG 1962_goldenglobe03211_010
1962_goldenglobe03212_010 1962_goldenglobe0322 1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0210_a
lot1185-H3257-L78859623 1962_gg_profil
1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0220_1 1962_goldenglobe0341_JoseBolanos010 1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0210_1
1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0110 1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0101_010 1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0101_01_GF
1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0102_1 1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0102 1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0103_1
1962_goldenglobe03201_010_1 1962_gga 1962_goldenglobe_cere0300_with_bolanos_010_1  

 1962_03_05_GoldenGlobe_00100_010 1962_03_05_GoldenGlobe_00110 1962_03_05_GoldenGlobe_00200_1_a
1962_03_05_GoldenGlobe_00210a 1962_goldenglobe0300_01 1962_goldenglobe0300_02 1962_goldenglobe0313_1
1962_goldenglobe0310a 1962_goldenglobe0311_1 1962_goldenglobe0312 
lot1139-H3257-L78856199  1962_gg_C19  1962-gg 
1962_goldenglobe03200 1962_goldenglobe03201_010 1962_goldenglobe03201_020 
1962_goldenglobe03202_1 1962_goldenglobe03202_magMovieLand 1962_goldenglobe0340 1962_goldenglobe03203
1962_gg_GG21687 1962_goldenglobe_cere0240_1 1962_goldenglobe_award0200
1962_gg_lipface 1962_goldenglobe_arriving_JoseBolanos0210 1962_goldenglobe_cere0600_010a 1962_gg_59939508 

> photographies de Earl Leaf
1962_by_Earl_Leaf_1962_03 1962_by_Earl_Leaf_1962_02 1962_by_Earl_Leaf_1962_01 

> photographies de Gene Daniels

> photographie de Murray Garrett

 1962_goldenglobes_Lot53a Marilyn Monroe porte une superbe robe moulante et scintillante de couleur vert émeraude, du créateur Norman Norell, avec des boucles d'oreilles assorties. Elle n'a pas noué les bretelles qui devaient être croisées dans son dos et préfére les laisser pendre autour de ses épaules, créant ainsi un effet de décolleté en V à la robe alors qu'initialement, la robe a une encolure plutôt arrondie.
Marilyn Monroe wears a gorgeous slinky dress and glittering emerald of green color, designed by Norman Norell, with matching earrings. She has not tied the straps that had to be crossed in the back and prefers to let them hang around her shoulders, creating an effect V-neck dress in, while, initially, the dress has a round neck.

 >> Plus d'infos:
Les Golden Globes sur le site officiel et sur wikipedia

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5/03/1962 Soirée des Golden Globes 2

2/ La cérémonie

Pendant la cérémonie des remises de prix, les célébrités patientent dans la salle, assises autour des tables et buvant des cocktails. Marilyn va beaucoup abuser du champagne. A sa table, elle est assise auprès de son compagnon Jose Bolanos et son attaché de presse Patricia Newcomb.
During the awards ceremony, the celebrities waiting in the room, sitting around tables and drinking cocktails. Marilyn is abusing too much of champagne. At her table, she is sitting with her boyfriend Jose Bolanos and her press secretary Patricia Newcomb.

 1962_GG_1 1962_GG_2 
1962_goldenglobe_cere0203_020 1962_goldenglobe_cere0203_030 1962_goldenglobe_cere0203_030a 1962_goldenglobe_cere0206
1962_goldenglobe_cere0207_1 1962_goldenglobe_cere0207_2 1962_goldenglobe_cere0208 1962_goldenglobe_cere0209
1962_goldenglobe_cere0210_01 1962_goldenglobe_cere0211_01 1962_goldenglobe_cere0212_01
1962_goldenglobe_cere0132_01_1  1962-gg
1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_0010 1962_goldenglobe_cere0500 1962_goldenglobe_cere0500b
1962_goldenglobe_cere0700 1962_goldenglobe_cere0701_1 1962_goldenglobe_cere071

> Marilyn et Judy Garland
1962_gg_avec_judy_garland_NB45 1962_goldenglobe_cere0510_010_withJudyGarland_1 1962_goldenglobe_cere0510_020

 > Marilyn et Jose Bolanos
1962_goldenglobe_cere0110  1962_goldenglobe_cere0102  

  1962_goldenglobe_cere0103_1   1962_gg_NB36 
1962_goldenglobe_cere0104_1 1962_goldenglobe_cere0131 1962_goldenglobe_cere0120_1_b
1962_goldenglobe_cere073_010_1 1962_gg_NB58 1962_goldenglobe_cere0120_1
1962_goldenglobe_cere0130jose 1962_goldenglobe_cere0131_01 1962_goldenglobe_cere0131_02
1962_goldenglobe_cere0140jose 1962_goldenglobe_cere0140jose_02 1962_goldenglobe_cere0410
1962_goldenglobe_cere0133_01_1 1962_goldenglobe_cere0141_010_jose 1962_goldenglobe_cere0410a
1962_goldenglobe_cere0601_01_1 1962_goldenglobe_cere072 1962_goldenglobe_cere0820_010_1
1962_goldenglobe_cere0601_01_2_GF_1 1962_gg_NB35 1962_goldenglobe_cere080_010
1962_goldenglobe_cere080_020 1962_goldenglobe_cere0810_010 1962_goldenglobe_cere080_0200
1962_goldenglobe_cere0900_010 1962_goldenglobe_cere0910a 1962_goldenglobe_cere080_030_1
1962_goldenglobe_cere0400_dinner_repas_01 1962_24 1962_goldenglobe_cere0400_dinner_repas_02
1962_goldenglobe_cere0401_dinner_repas_01 1962_goldenglobe_cere04010_020 1962_goldenglobe_cere0402
1962_goldenglobe_cere0920_1 1962_gg_bolanos 

> planches contact

lot1201-H3257-L78860115  lot1201-H3257-L78860124  lot1201-H3257-L78860120 


> couverture de magazine

> photographies de Julian Wasser
1962-gg-eb1a  1962-gg-eb1b 

> photographies de Gene Daniels
  1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_2 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_3 
 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_15 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_11
1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_14 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_5 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_6
1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_4 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_10 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_9
1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_1 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_12 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_8 1962_gg_by_gene_daniels_13 
lot1036-203122_0 lot1037-203123_0 lot1038-203124_0 

> photographies de Bernie Abramson
1962_golden_globes_by_bernie_abramson_010_1 1962_golden_globes_by_bernie_abramson_030_1 1962_golden_globes_by_bernie_abramson_020_1 1962_golden_globes_by_bernie_abramson_040_1
1962_golden_globes_by_bernie_abramson_050_1 1962_golden_globes_by_bernie_abramson_060_1 1962_golden_globes_by_bernie_abramson_070_1 1962_golden_globes_by_bernie_abramson_080_1
1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_0011 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00311_01 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00311_02 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_0030_byBernie_Abramson_1_GF_1
1962_gg_03GoldenGlobes254 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00313_1
1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_0065 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_0060 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00303
1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_0061 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00305 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00302
1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00304 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00307 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00308
1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00309 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00301 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_00310
1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_0062 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_002_byBernie_Abramson_2 1962_goldenglobe_cere0200_0063

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