29 septembre 2007

Article Screen World - May 1954

Article du magazine Screen World de mai 1954, Marilyn Monroe est alors en plein tournage du film River of no return (La Rivière sans retour) au Canada; elle s'est fracturée la jambe pendant les scènes de cascade; elle porte alors un plâtre et se trouve en congé (arrêt maladie). Elle en profite donc pour visiter la région montagneuse, faisant un tour en canöé, visitant les roches du Banff et des réserves indiennes.

mag_screen_world_1954_may_p01 mag_screen_world_1954_may_p02 mag_screen_world_1954_may_p03 mag_screen_world_1954_may_p04

Retranscription de l'article

When M-M-M-Marilyn showed up at glorious Banff for some movie-making, old timers noticed a new note in the air ... could it be that our girl makes even the ancient mountains give with a wolf whistle? ...
Marilyn Monroe has never exactly claimed to be the outdoor type. That's why she was a trifle skeptical when her director ordered her up to the Canadian Rockies for the shooting of 20th Century Fox's "River of No Return". What does a city girl do admidst all that wild, primitive beauty ? Well - first thing this city gal did was tear a ligament in her lovely ankle while gamely trying to wade across a madly rushing river. Marilyn was shipped back to the luxurious hotel at Banff, looking more fetching than ever. There she proved to be tough competition for the famous Banff scenery, with tourists training their cameras at Marilyn instead of the mountains. Luckiest tourists there were the ones with movie cameras -'cause till you've seen the famous Monroe wiggle enhanced by having to be performed on one foot, you ain't seen nothin'. Gave good-natured Marilyn some hearty laughs - and photographers some shots they'll treasure.

Légendes des photos

(légende photo 1)- p.26
Marilyn makes with the big pout to indicate her dissatisfaction with the crutches-plastercast situation that's holdin up shooting on her new picture.

(légende photo 2)- p.27
But this girl is no pouter - at least not for long. From accross the hotel's pool comes a shout of greeting from a new friend, and she's all smiles.

(légende photo 3)- p.27
Handsome swimming instructor Wolfgang Karbe comes up to offer his sympathy, finds the glamorous star ready to joke about her accident.

(légende photo 4)- p.27
Marilyn decided not to let her bad ankle interfere with seeing the sights. First step: a visit to the stables and a chat with a Mountie.

(légende photo 5)- p.27
Here's one spot where not being able to walk is no handicap ! Marilyn decided now is the time to learn to paddle her own canoe.

(légende photo 6)- p.28
Like every Banff visiter, Marilyn was breathless with the thrilling view from the chair lift that carries tourists to dizzy heights.

(légende photo 7)- p.28
The curiously shaped pine ans spruce free entrance sign to the Banff makes a perfect background for the not so curiously shaped Monroe.

(légende photo 8)- p.28
While Marilyn took pictures of the mountain scenery, everybody else was taking pictures of Marilyn. But she's used to this sort of thing.

(légende photo 9)- p.29
Just as Marilyn hit this pose, a car drove by with some new visitors. Darned near went out of control as Poppa dived for his camera.

(légende photo 10)- p.29
Next part of call on the visiting list is the Indian Trading Post where Marilyn marveled at the displays, fell in love with this bear.

27 septembre 2007

BloGs + Forum + Site - Marilyn On Line

Les Blogs , le Forum et le Site de Miss Yria

Marilyn On Line - Le BLOG - en français

Marilyn on line
Clik sur la bannière ci-dessus pour aller sur le site

Blog (sur canalblog) réunissant des 1000iers de photos de Marilyn Monroe classées par thèmes (photographes, rôles, en sorties, raretés, couvertures de magazines, Pinup ...). A voir pour découvrir Marilyn à travers des photos. Avec aussi de superbes créations de wallpapers et gifs animés.

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Marilyn On Line: Photographes - Le BLOG - en français

 Marilyn on line: Photographes
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Blog (sur canalblog) où les photos de Marilyn sont réunies par photographes. Des milliers de clichés à découvrir...

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Marilyn On Line - Le FORUM - en français

Marilyn on line le forum
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Forum (sur clic-topic.com) dont le but est de réunir les fans de Marilyn dans cet espace d'échanges (discussions, photographies, news, filmographie... ). Participation sous condition d'inscription au forum (totalement gratuite, choisissez simplement votre login et un mot de passe). N'hésitez pas à vous inscrire et venez-nous rejoindre !

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Marilyn On Line - Le SITE - en français

Marilyn on line le site
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Le site affilié au forum qui présente Marilyn Monroe à travers une biographie, la liste de ses films et ses chansons, des photos, vidéos et gifs, des anecdotes et une interview.

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Drew Barrymore pose en Marilyn


C'était en septembre 1996, pour le magazine américain politico-social George (lancé par John Kennedy Jr), l'actrice Drew Barrymore s'est mise dans la peau de Marilyn Monroe, pour une session photo publiée dans le magazine et en couverture.


MarilynLookLike_Drew_Barrymore_George_1996_sept_1 MarilynLookLike_Drew_Barrymore_George_1996_sept_2 MarilynLookLike_Drew_Barrymore_George_1996_sept_1b

>> sources photos sur le site The Drew Barrymore Collective
>> source wallpaper sur le site
Marilyn Monroe and the Camera 


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Gif Golden Dress (1) - Bonjour les ami(e)s

Animation Marilyn Bonjour les ami(e)s
source: déniché sur ebay


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26 septembre 2007

Lisa Marie Presley pose en Marilyn

MarilynLookLike_Lisa_Presley_book_making_faces_by_kevyn_aucoin_1 MarilynLookLike_Lisa_Presley_mm_1 MarilynLookLike_Lisa_Presley_book_making_faces_by_kevyn_aucoin_2

C'était en 1997, la fille unique du King Elvis Presley, l'icône star des USA du XXème siècle (sans doute l'équivalent masculin de Marilyn Monroe dans toute sa dimension mythique au niveau planétaire et temporel), Lisa Marie Presley posait en Marilyn Monroe, sous la mise en scène de Kevyn Aucoin. La séance était destiné pour la publication d'un livre d'Aucoin intitulé Making Faces.
>> Le site officiel de Lisa Marie Presley 

MarilynLookLike_Lisa_Presley_010_1 MarilynLookLike_Lisa_Presley_010_1_b MarilynLookLike_Lisa_Presley_011_1 

Book: Making Faces
Auteur: Kevyn Aucoin


Prix éditeur: 23,24 Euros
Date de sortie: octobre 1997
Broché: 159 pages
Editeur : Little Brown & Co (T) 
Langue : Anglais
ISBN-10: 0316286869
ISBN-13: 978-0316286862
Ou le trouver ? sur

Description du livre: In Making Faces, Kevyn Aucoin, North Americas preeminent makeup artist, shares his secrets, explaining not only the basics of makeup application and technique but also how to use those fundamentals (sometimes in unconventional ways) to create a wide range of different looks. Making Faces features step-by-step directions, instructional full-colour sketches, and a gallery of noncelebrity transformations, as well as fabulous images of stars and supermodels as youve never seen them before.Lush and enticing, Making Faces satisfies on many levels: extraordinary photography, surprising makeup looks on A-list celebrities (Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, Courtney Love), and recipes for doing it yourself. ~ Mirabella Kevyn Aucoins new beauty bible is the Genesis, Chronicles, and Revelations of makeup. ~ Allure Kevie isnt a makeup man, hes a magician. He creates an atmosphere of beauty mixed with magic. ~ Cher Kevyns progression of work over the years has elevated makeup to an art form. ~ Tina Turner Kevyn enables each and every one of us to play the character we want to play, be the person we want to be, and most important, feel the best that we can feel about ourselves. ~ Drew Barrymore
Infos:  The faces that Kevyn Aucoin has made are stellar and luminous:
Cher, Tina Turner, Vanessa Williams, and Julia Roberts are but a few of the stars in Aucoin's galaxy of clientele. More than making do, making up is the art of achieving your own special look, and Aucoin insists that there are no hard and fast rules--except for the obvious ones, such as "Don't put lipstick in your eye."
The first section offers, in his own words, Aucoin's favorite ideas, tricks, and techniques for enhancing, defining, and altering facial features with makeup. You'll learn how to care for your skin, what foundation to use with your skin type, and transformational magic for that central player in the drama of beauty: eyes. Through his gallery of noncelebrity before-and-afters, Aucoin shows clearly how to use his fundamentals to achieve dozens of different looks.
The gorgeous final chapter reads like a list of exotic characters in a play--the Vamp, the Siren, the Diva.... In fact, such celebrities as Isabella Rosselini, Demi Moore, and Nicole Kidman pose as these dramatic, splendidly made-up characters. These sumptuous photographs are accompanied by full-page illustrations listing the "ingredients" required to create these looks as well as simple directions for achieving them. The introduction by the author, at once amusing and endearing ("...trying to conceal the fact that I was a gay, effeminate, hyperactive, adopted child with a serious lisp in southern Louisiana would have been like trying to hide Dolly Parton in a string bikini!"), and Aucoin's commentary throughout, makes Making Faces a unique reference book--beautiful, informative, and personal.
En bref -un avis de consommateur sur amazon-: Un beau livre. Plein de photos magnifiques en grand format. On peut donc bien observer et ensuite reproduire les techniques de maquillage. Il y a aussi des dessins explicatifs pour faciliter le tout. Beaucoup de gens célébres mais aussi des inconnus qui se pretent au jeu de la transformation (toujours spectaculaire). On prend conscience de la force du maquillage. Kevyn Aucoin nous livre tous ses secrets et on peut ensuite jouer à l artiste sur son propre visage. A vos pinceaux !


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Wallpaper Milton Greene (5) - V Sweater

wallpaper de Marilyn de la session V Sweater de Milton H. Greene
  source Marilyn Monthly 


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Art - Marilyn par M. Walker

Do androids dream ? - par M. Walker


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Pub Beer Krombacher 1997

Publicité germanique pour la bière Krombacher en 1997
voici un coupon réponse d'un concours organisé par la marque de bière
Photo utilisée: Marilyn photographiée par Richard Avedon


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25 septembre 2007

Photographe Jack Cardiff

Marilyn par Cardiff

Jack Cardiff photographie Marilyn Monroe en 1956 à Londres, pendant le tournage du film "The prince and the showgirl".


 .1956: Pendant The Prince and the Showgirl (Le Prince et la danseuse) - Marilyn et Arthur Miller, peut être à Parkside House, en Angleterre.
.1956: During The Prince and the Showgirl - Marilyn and Arthur Miller, maybe at Parkside House, in England.
(> blog photos Pendant "The Prince and the Showgirl" )


 .1956: Portraits Renoir de Marilyn - portraits couleur en studio de Marilyn façon "Belle Epoque", en Angleterre.
.1956: Renoir's portraits of Marilyn  - color studio portraits of Marilyn of "Belle Epoque" style, in England.
(> blog photos 1956 Portraits Renoir de Marilyn par Cardiff )


.1956: Portraits de Marilyn - portraits noir et blanc de Marilyn jouant avec ses cheveux, en Angleterre.
.1956: Portraits of Marilyn - black and white portraits of Marilyn playing with her hair, in England.
blog photos 1956 Portraits Marilyn par Cardiff )

> blog posts tag Jack Cardiff

> Jack Cardiff évoque Marilyn <

Extraits 1
du site: BFI 

"The whole unit respected Larry as the great actor and director he was. Marilyn was less respected mainly because she was always late coming on the set and causing big problems for Larry. But she and I became good friends. I felt great sympathy for her as she had so many psychological problems and was so touchingly vulnerable. Many times we would shoot a couple of dozen or more takes because Marilyn forgot her lines and Larry would print many NG takes hoping they could be shuffled around in the editing. But when we saw the rushes Marilyn was simply wonderful. It was her extraordinary screen presence that made up for everything".
"She had this double identity. On one part she was the great Marilyn Monroe, the sex goddess, the person that everyone in America wanted to go to bed with. That was the Monroe character, and the other one was like a little child of about 14 - very innocent girl to talk to - she obviously couldn't have been innocent but she seemed like that you know, and in many ways the sort of person you wanted to protect".

Extrait 2
du site: JackCardiff 

"Marilyn Monroe was the world's most ravishing sex symbol but I loved her more as a delightful young girl. We became close friends on The Prince and the Showgirl and I was able to see at first hand the incredible magic that came out on the screen in spite of all the problems. She was in fact all woman, all child; so cruelly manipulated and exploited well beyond the limit, to her tragic end". 

> Marilyn et Jack Cardiff <

- En 1956, sur le tournage de The Prince and the Showgirl,
où Jack Cardiff était le directeur de la photographie:
film_prince_and_showgirl_set_cardiff_et_mm_1_1  film_prince_and_showgirl_set_cardiff_et_mm_1_2 
film_prince_and_showgirl_set_with_jack_cardiff_1_1  pr-sc05-set-020-1 
pr-set-tpats-cast-1a  sc01-set-mmmg164 

- En 1960, sur le tournage de Let's Make Love
Marilyn avec Jack Cardiff et Paula Strasberg


Jack Cardiff
(1914 - 2009)
photographe anglais


Jack Cardiff est né le 18 septembre 1914 à Yarmouth en Angleterre (Royaume-Uni). Il est directeur de la photographie, réalisateur, acteur, monteur, scénariste, directeur artistique et responsable d'effets visuels. Il est parfois crédité sous les noms de John Cardiff ou Jack Cardiff OBE depuis qu'il a reçu le prix OBE en 2000 (Officer of the Order of the British Empire = Officier de l'Ordre de l'empire britannique).
Il est patron de la "Brighton Film School". Il a été marié trois fois, et a quatre fils: John, Rodney, Peter et Mason, ce dernier étant acteur et cascadeur.
Il décède le 22 avril 2009 dans sa maison du Cambridgeshire à Ely (sud de l'Angleterre), à l'âge de 94 ans.


Filmographie sélective

1959 : Fils de forçat (Beyond This Place)
1960 : Amants et fils (Sons and Lovers)
1961 : Ma Geisha (My Geisha)
1964 : Le Jeune Cassidy (Young Cassidy)
1968 : Le Dernier train du Katanga (The Mercenaries)
1968 : La Motocyclette (The Girl on a Motorcycle) + scénariste
1974 : The Mutations

1918: My Son, My Son
1922: Billy's Rose
1927 : Tiptoes
2001 : Larry and Vivien: The Oliviers in Love
2005: Cineastes contra magnats
2006: Silent Britain

Directeur de la photographie
cardiff_audrey_hepburn1935 : Les Derniers Jours de Pompéi (The Last Days of Pompeii)
1938 : La Caccia alla volpe nella campagna Romana
1939 : Main Street of Paris
1941 : Plastic Surgery in Wartime
1944 : Missions secrètes (Western Approaches)
1945 : César et Cléopatre (Caesar and Cleopatra)
1948 : Les Chaussons rouges (The Red Shoes)
1949 : Les Amants du Capricorne (Under Capricorn)
1950 : Peintres et artistes montmartrois
1951 : Paris
1951 : Pandora (Pandora and the Flying Dutchman)
1951 : La Reine Africaine (The African Queen)
1954 : Il Maestro di Don Giovanni
1955 : Guerre et paix (War and Peace)
1957 : Le Prince et la danseuse (The Prince and the Showgirl)
1958 : Les Vikings ( The Vikings )
1961 : Fanny
1968 : Le Dernier train du Katanga (The Mercenaries)
1978 : Mort sur le Nil (Death on the Nile)
1981 : Les Chiens de guerre (The Dogs of War)
1981 : Ghost Story
1984 : Les Derniers Jours de Pompéi (The Last Days of Pompeii - TV)
1984 : Conan le Destructeur (Conan the Destroyer)
1985 : Cat's Eye
1985 : Rambo II : La Mission (Rambo: First Blood Part II)
1987 : Million Dollar Mystery
2000 : The Suicidal Dog
2005 : Lights2

Des Prix/ Awards
Oscar - 1961 : Nomination Meilleur réalisateur pour Amants et fils
Golden Globe - 1961 : Meilleur réalisateur pour Amants et fils

>> sources web :
A tribute to Jack Cardiff sur bfi
Jack Cardiff sur
Jack Cardiff sur

>> Ses photos :
-  A tribute to Jack Cardiff sur Gallery Chiaroscuro -The Jack Cardiff collection-


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1951 Hairdress Test Don't Bother to Knock

Marilyn Monroe pose pour les tests coiffure et maquillage
du film Don't Bother to Knock (Troublez-moi ce soir)

film_dbtk_test_hairdress_1_1 film_dbtk_test_hairdress_1_2

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