14 mai 2015

Timbres République Centrafricaine, 2013

- Série Betty Grable


- Série JFK


source site officiel timbres postes République Centrafriquaine: car.post-stamps 

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Timbres République Centrafricaine, 2012

- Série Marilyn Monroe


- Série JFK


source site officiel timbres postes République Centrafriquaine: car.post-stamps

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Timbres République du Tchad, 1996

Série 1

stamp-rep_tchad-1996a1a  stamp-rep_tchad-1996a2a 
stamp-rep_tchad-1996a3a  stamp-rep_tchad-1996a4a 

Série 2


Série 3


Série 4


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10 mai 2015

Icon: The Life, Times, and Films of Marilyn Monroe Volume 2

Icon: The Life, Times, and Films of Marilyn Monroe
Volume 2 - 1956 to 1962
Auteur: Gary Vitacco-Robles

book-icon Date de sortie: 11 novembre 2014
Broché (existe aussi en relié) 892 pages
Langue: anglais

Éditeur: BearManor Media
Prix éditeur: 39,30 Euros (broché) / 47,07 E. (relié)
Broché ISBN 10: 159393775X
Broché ISBN 13: 978-1593937751
Relié ISBN 10: 1593937784
Relié ISNB 13: 978-1593937782
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Description - Goddess... Legend... Icon... You thought you knew her... but never like this. Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) survived a childhood marked by abuse, neglect, and chaos to become a psychological, cultural, and spiritual phenomenon of the Twentieth Century. Her remarkable life, brilliant film career, and posthumous legend have been deconstructed in over 600 biographies. Psychotherapist & author Gary Vitacco-Robles reframes and redefines the fascinating woman behind the iconic image through an analysis of her psyche and an appreciation of her film and stage performances in Volume 2 of this definitive biography. After a decade of meticulous research, Vitacco-Robles offers a treasure trove of facts comprehensively documenting each year of Monroe's inspiring life within the context of her tumultuous times, and through her relationships with literary, entertainment, and political figures. Monroe is resurrected a half-century after her tragic death in this detailed and sensitive biography that intelligently explores her passionate desires: to be loved, become a serious actress, and have a family. Volume 2 examines the last six years of Marilyn's life and her impact on our culture in the five decades following her early tragic death. Its pages provide a deeper understanding of this remarkable woman and the lasting impression she left behind. Based upon interviews, diaries, and personal files-void of sensationalism-Icon: The Life, Times, & Films of Marilyn Monroe Vol. 2 dispels many myths and reveals the ultimate truth about Hollywood's most charismatic, beloved, and enduring star.

> sur le blog: Volume 1
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Timbres Solomon Islands 2014

stamp-iles_solomon-2014a stamp-iles_solomon-2014b

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Avril 1948 Mannequinat

Marilyn Monroe présente un modèle de maillot de bain. Photographie parue dans la presse le 28 avril 1948.
Marilyn Monroe is model for a swimsuit. Photograph published in the press in April, 28, 1948.

1948-Norma_Jeane 1948-04-28-Model

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1958 New York Marilyn et Arthur

Marilyn Monroe et Arthur Miller se promenant dans New York en 1958.
Photographies de Janice Sargent
Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller strolling in New York in 1958.
Photographs by Janice Sargent.

1958-ny-mm_arthur-by_janice_sargent-1 1958-ny-mm_arthur-by_janice_sargent-1a 1958-ny-mm_arthur-by_janice_sargent-2 
1958-ny-mm_arthur-by_janice_sargent-2a 1958-ny-mm_arthur-by_janice_sargent-4 1958-ny-mm_arthur-by_janice_sargent-3

> dans la presse

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03 mai 2015

Timbres Burundi 2012


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Bannière 2015 Mai

Marilyn Monroe le 10 juillet 1962
"The Bed Sitting" par Bert Stern.


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26 avril 2015

25/10/1954 Sur le tournage de "The Seven Year Itch"

Le 25 octobre 1954, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell et Robert Strauss tournent une scène du film "Sept ans de réflexion" dans les studios de Los Angeles, sous la direction du réalisateur Billy Wilder. Cette scène sera cependant coupée au montage.
In October, 25, 1954, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell and Robert Strauss shot a scene for the movie "The Seven Year Itch" in the Los Angeles studios, directed by Billy Wilder. This scene will be deleted in the final cut.
photographies de Sam Shaw.
> voir les articles et photographies de Marilyn sur le tournage de la scène coupée et la scène coupée

   syi_sc_cut_on_set_mae_west syi_sc_cut_on_set_010_1 syi_sc_cut_on_set_012_1

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