06 juin 2014

Recherche de fans de Marilyn pour une interview

gif_tvmarilynDans le cadre d’une série documentaire consacré à Marilyn Monroe, la réalisatrice cherche à interviewer des « fans » de Marilyn, résidant de préférence sur Paris ou la région parisienne.
Si vous êtes intéressés, merci de contacter la production par mail à pa@principe-actif.org

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03 juin 2014

11/10/1954 Sur le tournage de "There's no business..."

Le 11 octobre 1954, Marilyn Monroe sur le tournage du film "La Joyeuse Parade". 
In October, 11, 1954 Marilyn Monroe on the set of "There's no business like show business".
> voir les photographies de Marilyn sur le tournage de There's no business 1 


 tnb_sc01_set_mm_010_1 tnb_sc01_set_mm_010_2 

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2/06/1948 Los Angeles Press Ball

Le 2 juin 1948, Marilyn Monroe officie en tant qu'hôtesse d'acceuil à la fête du Los Angeles Press Ball. Elle porte l'une des tenues du film Les Reines du Music-Hall .
In June 2, 1948, Marilyn Monroe is the a hostess at the party for the Los Angeles Press Ball. She is wearing one of the outfits from the movie Ladies of the Chorus.

1948a 1948b  

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Fête for Marilyn Monroe de Bob Willoughby

Fête for Marilyn Monroe
Article published on May, 29, 2014
by Iona Kirby
online on blog willoughbyphotos

bob_ray-1“My agent Charles Block called to tell me that 20th Century Fox had a press call for a party that was to honor Marilyn Monroe, and he wanted me to cover it. Ray Anthony, the popular band leader, had written a song called Marilyn and there would no doubt be other celebrities to photograph.

I told him that I just didn’t feel this was my kind of photography, but the logic of his argument was too irresistible: “You need money to pay the bills, and anything you get on Monroe will sell!”

Reluctantly, I went. There were at least 50 other Hollywood photographers there, waiting for Marilyn to arrive. Fox had flown Marilyn from the studio to the party in a helicopter, hoping to make a dramatic entrance. As the chopper was landing, the downdraft blew all of the umbrellas, the sheet music from the orchestra, several ladies’ hats and God knows what into the pool. I was standing up above, laughing at this scene.

The photographers all rushed toward the landing helicopter, and I just stood where I was. And then an amazing thing happened: Marilyn walked right up to me, with all of the other photographers trailing behind her. For one very brief moment, I had her alone. It was probably the only single shot made of her like that, and it was just pure luck.

As I was about to take the photograph, and looking down at her through my reflex viewfinder, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rising. Marilyn had some sort of energy field that it would seem she could switch on or off when she posed, which I don’t think I will ever see again. Hollywood’s publicity departments called it sex appeal and thought it was achieved by showing cleavage, but they missed the point. This attractive energy is something you are born with. It is there to see at any age. Some people have more, some less, and I prefer to call it gender.”

bob_ray-2 bob_ray-4 bob_ray-3

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02 juin 2014

Expo: MARILYN The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star


MARILYN: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star
Article published on 26 May 2014
by Todd Klick
online on limitedruns

Limited Runs is pleased to announce the exclusive release MARILYN: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star. The collection of fine art prints feature previously unavailable or unseen photographs of the Hollywood legend, taken by five fascinating lensmen who stepped into the icon’s life at the right place, and the right time. These uncovered images are offered for the first time as fine art prints. - See more at: http://www.limitedruns.com/blog/movie/marilyn-the-lost-photographs-of-a-hollywood-star/#sthash.q6HIf8pa.dpuf

Limited Runs is pleased to announce the exclusive release MARILYN: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star. The collection of fine art prints feature previously unavailable or unseen photographs of the Hollywood legend, taken by five fascinating lensmen who stepped into the icon’s life at the right place, and the right time. These uncovered images are offered for the first time as fine art prints. 

The photographers featured:

limited-Whitey-Marilyn2Allan “Whitey” Snyder, born in California, started his career as an assistant make-up artist on the 1948 film, The Walls of Jericho. Later, he worked as head make-up artist on Rosemary’s Baby (1968), Little House on the Prairie (1981) and Highway to Heaven (1984). He was nominated twice for Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Make-Up, including one for Marilyn: The Untold Story. Assigned to do Miss Monroe’s make-up for her first Twentieth Century Fox screen test in 1946, Snyder went on to develop a close working relationship with Monroe, and became best known as her personal make-up artist. Towards the end of Monroe’s life, she asked Snyder to prepare her face if she were to die before him. He fulfilled that promise in 1962, and was a pallbearer at her funeral.


Taken by Snyder in August 1953 while on location filming River of No Return with Robert Mitchum. Look Magazine sent a photographer to this photo shoot. Milton H. Greene was assigned to shoot the cover image when he met Marilyn for the first time. Milton sent Marilyn proofs from this first sitting and Marilyn responded by sending him two dozen roses and called to say “they were the most beautiful pictures she had ever seen” and asked Milton to be her official photographer. 

limited-Milton-GreeneMilton H. Greene was awarded a scholarship to Pratt Institute, but decided to pursue a photography career instead. In his early twenties, he became known as the “Color Photographer’s Wonder Boy.” His fashion shots appeared in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. He also photographed many high profile personalities in the ’50s and ’60s, including Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland and numerous others. But it was Greene’s iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, as her official photographer, that changed the course of his career.


On Sunday, April 15, 1956, with a day off during filming of Bus Stop, Marilyn and Milton held a photo shoot on the 20th Century-Fox backlot, officially known as the “Grey Fur” and “Gypsy” sittings.

limited-rayEmployed as a sound engineer for ABC television, Caesars Casino in Las Vegas, and Capitol Records, Lani Carlson worked with Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Ann Margaret, and The Beatles.
Posing as a photographer for the Chicago Tribune, Lani talked his way into press parties and Academy Award celebrations where he photographed celebrities like Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Cable, Fred Astaire, and Marilyn Monroe.

In 1960, United Artists hired the Reno, Nevada-based cinematographer, Thomas “Doc” Kaminski, to document the filming of The Misfits, starring Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe. While Kaminski filmed the making of the movie, he also shot stills of the actors on set, which he mailed to his family. Those private, unpublished photos, which gathered dust for over 40 years, captured a natural and relaxed Monroe, as well as her serious acting side.


 Little is known about Los Angeles photographer, Mischa Pelz. However, after a Southern California earthquake revealed one of Pelz’s print boxes in the late photographer’s storage room, Pelz’s former assistant discovered lost photos of Marilyn Monroe that Pelz had shot one sunny afternoon in 1953—images of a burgeoning superstar the public has never seen. 


> View the entire collection MARILYN: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star

The collection will be available for public viewing starting in June with dates in Hollywood and San Francisco, and New York City in July with additional dates to follow in the fall.

The current dates of the exhibit are:

  • June 6, 2014 – Boulevard3, 6523 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 (formerly the historic Hollywood Athletic Club)
  • June 19th through June 21st 2014 – Sarah Stocking Gallery, 368 Jackson Street, San Francisco, California 94111 (located in the heart of downtown San Francisco in historic Jackson Square)
  • July 22nd through July 26th 2014 – RASA TriBeCa Gallery, 37 Walker Street, New York, NY 10013

01 juin 2014

Photos de "The Prince and the Showgirl" sc 6

Le prince et la danseuse
   Photos scène 6

  > Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene 

 - Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) et le régent Charles (Laurence Olivier)
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-247 pr-sc06-film-010-1 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-216 

- le valet violoncelliste (Andrea Melandrinos)
 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2023 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2024 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2020
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-787a sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-234 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2036
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2035  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2032  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2039 
 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2311a sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2034 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-676

- Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) et le régent Charles (Laurence Olivier)
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1637 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1633 
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1608 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2182 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2187
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2513  pr-sc06-film-030-1 
sc06-marilyn-monroe-PR-005a sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-005 pr-sc06-film-030-1a
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2270 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2273
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1652 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1656 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1660
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-048 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-450 sc06-H3257-L44539988
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-902  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-765
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-343  pr-sc06-film-030-2 
pr-sc06-film-030-3  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-049
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-047 sc06-H3257-L44539992 
pr-sc06-film-030-4  pr-sc06-film-030-5  pr-sc06-film-031-2
sc06-H3257-L44539985  pr-sc06-film-031-1a  pr-sc06-film-031-1
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-050  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-706  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1657
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1697 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1661 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1702
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1653 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2432 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-297
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1609 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2522 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2523
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2242a sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1031 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2300a
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2241a sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1704 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1709
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2519  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-238 
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2524 pr-sc06-film-032-1 pr-sc06-film-032-2
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-731a pr-sc06-film-033-1 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1603
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-144  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-145

  - Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) , le régent Charles (Laurence Olivier)
et le serviteur Northbrook (Richard Wattis)
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-345 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2511 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-248
pr-sc06-film-040-1  pr-sc06-film-040-1a 
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2509 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-756
sc06-mmmg215 sc06-mmmg219 
sc06-mmmg197 sc06-mmmg194 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2191
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1644 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1639 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1648
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1711 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1642 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1705
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1605 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1617
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1612  pr-sc06-film-041-2 
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2508 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2507 pr-sc06-film-041-3
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-203 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2614 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2408
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2409 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-191 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-202
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-727a sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-341 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2312a
sc06-mmmg203  sc06-mmmg198 
sc06-mmmg204  sc06-mmmg196 
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1669 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-766 pr-sc06-film-041-1
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-119 pr-sc06-film-042-1 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-117
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1671 sc06-marilyn-monroe-PR-020 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-777a
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-020 pr-sc06-film-042-2 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1632
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2269  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2381 
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2377 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2380
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1630 pr-sc06-film-020-1
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2430  pr-sc06-film-021-1
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-594 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2376 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2177
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2181 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2374 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2375
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2617 sc06-mmmg222 sc06-mmmg220
sc06-mmmg214 sc06-mmmg216 sc06-mmmg195
sc06-mmmg224 sc06-mmmg218 sc06-mmmg223
pr-sc06-film-050-1 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-342 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2518
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1607 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2175
pr-sc06-film-050-2 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-164 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2515
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2213 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1707 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2517
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2176 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-327 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1610
sc06-mmmg227 sc06-mmmg211 sc06-mmmg228
pr-sc06-film-051-1  pr-sc06-film-051-2

- Les serviteurs transportent Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) dans le lit
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1604 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2500 pr-sc06-film-060-1
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2502 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-298
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1701 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1679 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1682

Scène coupée

Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) salue le régent Charles (Laurence Olivier)

sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2504 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-629 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-253
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-912 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2505 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-309
sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2267  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-310  sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-2503

Sur le tournage - scène coupée

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Joyeux Anniversaire Marilyn


 Ce 1er juin 2014,
Marilyn fêterait
ses 88 ans...

* * * * *

 ! Happy Birthday
Miss Monroe !

* * * * *

This June 1st, 2014,
Marilyn would celebrate
her 88 years old... 


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Publicité NetGate

Année: ?
Produit/Marque: Netgate
Pays: Espagne


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31 mai 2014

Portraits pour The Prince and the Showgirl scène 6

Le prince et la danseuse
Photos Publicitaires

   > Photographies de Milton H. Greene
Photographs of Milton H. Greene

pr-sc06-adv-010-1 sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-2440
sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-1677  sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-1713
sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-2441 sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-2442
sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-767 pr-sc06-adv-010-2 pr-sc06-adv-010-2a
sc06-adv-marilyn-monroe-PR-001  pr-sc06-adv-010-3
pr-sc06-adv-010-4 sc06-adv-mmmg004 sc06-adv-H3257-L44539962
sc06-adv-H3257-L44539964  sc06-adv-mmmg003 
sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-715 sc06-adv-H3257-L44539986 sc06-adv-H3257-L44539989
pr-sc06-adv-011-1a pr-sc06-adv-011-1 pr-sc06-adv-011-b
sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-2386 sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-2238 sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-2387
sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-2022  sc06-adv-MHG-MMO-PR-1501
pr-sc06-adv-012-1  pr-sc06-adv-012-2 

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Les Dossiers d'Enquetes Criminelles Juin-Août 2014

M3519Le magazine français Les Dossiers d'Enquetes Criminelles spécial célébrités n°4, paru le 28 mai 2014, pour les mois de Juin à Août 2014, consacre un article à Marilyn Monroe qui figure en photo sur la couverture: "Marilyn 10 secrets bien gardés". 
3,90 €