03 septembre 2013

Paris Match 17/03/1962

pm_M0007854Le magazine Paris Match n°675, du 17 mars 1962, consacrait un article sur Marilyn et Arthur Miller: "Marilyn et Arthur, enfin heureux... mais pas tout à fait de la même manière: Arthur au coin du feu. Marilyn dans les boîtes de nuit".

mag_pm_1962_03_17_p1 mag_pm_1962_03_17_p2 

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Marilyn Monroe: From Beginning to End

Marilyn Monroe, From Beginning to End :
Newly Discovered Photographs by Earl Leaf
from the Michael Ochs Archives
Author: Michael Ventura
Photographer: Earl Leaf

earl_leafDate de sortie: juin 1997
Broché 144 pages
Langue: anglais

Éditeur: Cassell Illustrated
Prix : 25 Euros
ISBN-13: 978-0713726862 
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Description: Her platinum blonde hair and distinctive birthmark have become cultural icons. Her rise from small-town girl to glamorous film superstar, her torrid romances, and her untimely and mysterious death have captured the imagination of people around the world for decades. Now take a fresh look at the life and times of Marilyn Monroe through newly discovered photographs and fascinating text filled with quotes from Marilyn Monroe herself as well as from the people who knew and loved her. Taken from the body of work of Earl Leaf a famous paparazzo photographer of the fifties and sixties, the exquisite images in this volume offer the fascinating illustrated life story of an incredible woman. Although thousands of reels of film were devoted to Marilyn during her lifetime few professionals photographed her over the span of time that Earl Leaf did. He was with her in 1950 before stardom came and was still on the some in 1962 when her life hit the rocks. Because of this, his work offers an unforgettable glimpse into the life and career of an unforgettable woman. 

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02 septembre 2013

Mai 1956 Passeport de Marilyn

En mai 1956, Marilyn Monroe obtient son passeport afin de se rendre à Londres où elle doit tourner "Le Prince et la danseuse".
Il est intéressant de remarquer qu'à la mention du "père", Marilyn a indiqué le nom de "Edward Mortensen".

In May 1956, Marilyn Monroe gets her passport to travel to London, where she will shot "The Prince and the Showgirl."
It is interesting to notice that on the mention of "father," Marilyn gave the name "Edward Mortensen."


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Marilyn Monroe: A case for murder

Marilyn Monroe: A case for murder
Author: Jay Margolis

book_a_case_2011_coverDate de sortie: août 2011
Broché 441 pages
Langue: anglais

Éditeur: iUniverse.com
Prix : 45 Euros
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Description: It is one of the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century. How did Marilyn Monroe die? Although no pills were found in her stomach during the autopsy, it was still documented in the Los Angeles coroner's report that she had swallowed sixty-four sleeping pills prior to her demise. In Marilyn Monroe: A Case for Murder, biographer Jay Margolis presents the most thorough investigation of Marilyn Monroe's death to date and shares how he reached the definitive conclusion that she was murdered.
Margolis meticulously dissects the events leading up to her death, revealing a major conspiracy and countless lies. In an exclusive interview with actress Jane Russell three months before her death, he reveals Russell's belief that Monroe was murdered and points the finger at the man she held responsible. While examining the actions of Peter Lawford, Bobby Kennedy, and Monroe's psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, Margolis establishes a timeline of her last day alive that leads to shocking revelations.
In August 1962, Marilyn Monroe's lifeless body was found on her bed, leaving all to wonder what really happened to the beautiful young starlet. Marilyn Monroe: A Case for Murder provides a fascinating examination of one of the most puzzling deaths of all time.

> 4ème de couverture (back cover)

> sommaire (content)
book_a_case_2011_sommaire1 book_a_case_2011_sommaire2 book_a_case_2011_sommaire3 book_a_case_2011_sommaire4

> Autre couverture

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Photos de The Seven Year Itch 3

Sept ans de réflexion
   Photos scène 3

Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) imagines que sa voisine 'la fille' (Marilyn Monroe) vient le voir chez lui et l'écoute jouer au piano du Rachmaninov.
Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) imagines that her neighbor 'the girl' (Marilyn Monroe) comes to see him and listen him playing Rachmaninov at the piano.

 > Photographies de Sam Shaw
Photographs of Sam Shaw
syi_sc03_film_010_1_by_shaw_1 syi_sc03_film_010_1_by_shaw_1a syi_sc03_film_020_1

syi_sc03_film_030_1_by_shaw_1 syi_sc03_film_030_2_by_shaw_1 

syi_sc03_film_025_1 syi_sc03_film_031_1 syi_sc03_film_031_2a 
syi_sc03_film_031_2 syi_sc03_film_031_3 syi_sc03_film_031_4


> dans la presse

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art - par Charles Fazzino

Pop Art by Charles Fazzino


art_charles_fazzino_forever_marilyn art_charles_fazzino_marilyn_1 art_charles_fazzino_out_of_control_route66 

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01 septembre 2013

Publicité Railway Express Agency

Année: Mai 1954
Marque / Produit: Railway Express Agency
Pays:  USA


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Publicité Capitol Record

Année: 25/06/1955
Marque / Produit: Capitol Record (The Billboard)
Pays:  USA 


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Bus Stop caps 7

 Arrêt d'Autobus
7ème partie des captures du film

sc07_bs_cap_01 sc07_bs_cap_02 sc07_bs_cap_03
sc07_bs_cap_04 sc07_bs_cap_05 sc07_bs_cap_06
sc07_bs_cap_07 sc07_bs_cap_08 sc07_bs_cap_09
sc07_bs_cap_10 sc07_bs_cap_11 sc07_bs_cap_12
sc07_bs_cap_13 sc07_bs_cap_14 sc07_bs_cap_15
sc07_bs_cap_16 sc07_bs_cap_17 sc07_bs_cap_18
sc07_bs_cap_19 sc07_bs_cap_20 sc07_bs_cap_21
sc07_bs_cap_22 sc07_bs_cap_23 sc07_bs_cap_24
sc07_bs_cap_25 sc07_bs_cap_26 sc07_bs_cap_27
sc07_bs_cap_28 sc07_bs_cap_29 sc07_bs_cap_30
sc07_bs_cap_31 sc07_bs_cap_32 sc07_bs_cap_33
sc07_bs_cap_34 sc07_bs_cap_35 sc07_bs_cap_36
sc07_bs_cap_37 sc07_bs_cap_38 sc07_bs_cap_39
sc07_bs_cap_40 sc07_bs_cap_41 sc07_bs_cap_42
sc07_bs_cap_43 sc07_bs_cap_44 sc07_bs_cap_45
sc07_bs_cap_46 sc07_bs_cap_47 sc07_bs_cap_48
sc07_bs_cap_49 sc07_bs_cap_50 sc07_bs_cap_51
sc07_bs_cap_52 sc07_bs_cap_53 sc07_bs_cap_54
sc07_bs_cap_55 sc07_bs_cap_56 sc07_bs_cap_57
sc07_bs_cap_58 sc07_bs_cap_59 sc07_bs_cap_60
sc07_bs_cap_61 sc07_bs_cap_62 sc07_bs_cap_63
sc07_bs_cap_64 sc07_bs_cap_65 sc07_bs_cap_66
sc07_bs_cap_67 sc07_bs_cap_68 sc07_bs_cap_69
sc07_bs_cap_70 sc07_bs_cap_71 sc07_bs_cap_72_t
sc07_bs_cap_73 sc07_bs_cap_74 sc07_bs_cap_75
sc07_bs_cap_76 sc07_bs_cap_77 sc07_bs_cap_78
sc07_bs_cap_79 sc07_bs_cap_80 sc07_bs_cap_81
sc07_bs_cap_82 sc07_bs_cap_83 sc07_bs_cap_84
sc07_bs_cap_85 sc07_bs_cap_86 sc07_bs_cap_87
sc07_bs_cap_88 sc07_bs_cap_89 sc07_bs_cap_90
sc07_bs_cap_91 sc07_bs_cap_92 sc07_bs_cap_93
sc07_bs_cap_94 sc07_bs_cap_95 sc07_bs_cap_96
sc07_bs_cap_97 sc07_bs_cap_98 sc07_bs_cap_99
sc07_bs_cap_100 sc07_bs_cap_101 sc07_bs_cap_102
sc07_bs_cap_103 sc07_bs_cap_104 sc07_bs_cap_105
sc07_bs_cap_106 sc07_bs_cap_107 sc07_bs_cap_108
sc07_bs_cap_109 sc07_bs_cap_110 sc07_bs_cap_111
sc07_bs_cap_112 sc07_bs_cap_113 sc07_bs_cap_114
sc07_bs_cap_115 sc07_bs_cap_116 sc07_bs_cap_117
sc07_bs_cap_118 sc07_bs_cap_119 sc07_bs_cap_120
sc07_bs_cap_121 sc07_bs_cap_122 sc07_bs_cap_123
sc07_bs_cap_124 sc07_bs_cap_125 sc07_bs_cap_126
sc07_bs_cap_127 sc07_bs_cap_128 sc07_bs_cap_129
sc07_bs_cap_130 sc07_bs_cap_131 sc07_bs_cap_132
sc07_bs_cap_133 sc07_bs_cap_134 sc07_bs_cap_135
sc07_bs_cap_136 sc07_bs_cap_137 sc07_bs_cap_138
sc07_bs_cap_139 sc07_bs_cap_140 sc07_bs_cap_141

 >> source captures sur marilynonline.org 

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20/01/1961 Divorce Miller

Le 20 janvier 1961, Marilyn Monroe quitte New York en compagnie de son attaché de presse Pat Newcomb et de son avocat new-yorkais Aaron Frosch pour se rendre au Mexique (à Juarez, via El Paso, une ville du Texas) afin de finaliser son divorce d'avec Arthur Miller qui n'était pas présent: il avait signé une renonciation de ses droits à contester une demande unilatérale de divorce. Et en ce même jour, Miller assiste à la cérémonie d'investiture du Président Kennedy à Washington.
In January 20, 1961, Marilyn Monroe leaves New York with her publicist Pat Newcomb and her New York lawyer Aaron Frosch to go to Mexico (in Juarez, via El Paso, Texas) to finalize the divorce with Arthur Miller who was not there: he signed a waiver of his right to challenge an unilateral divorce. And that same day, Miller attended the Inaugural Adress and Bal of President Kennedy in Washington.

Le divorce du couple est prononcé pour "incompatibilité d’humeur" par le juge Miguel Gomez Guerra.
Arthur Miller obtient la garde de leur chien (basset) Hugo et conserve sa propriété à Roxbury; il n'y a pas de pension.
The couple's divorce is pronounced for "irreconcilable differences" by Judge Miguel Gomez Guerra.
Arthur Miller keeps their dog Hugo and retains its house in Roxbury; there is no pension.

> Marilyn quitte son appartement new-yorkais
Marilyn leaves her New York Apartment
(au 444 East 57th Street)
1961_01_20_ny_leaving_to_mexico_to_divorce_miller_1 1961_01_20_ny_leaving_to_mexico_to_divorce_miller_1a 1961_01_20_ny_leaving_to_mexico_to_divorce_miller_2
1961_01_20_ny_leaving_to_mexico_to_divorce_miller_4 1961_01_20_ny_leaving_to_mexico_to_divorce_miller_3

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