10 février 2012

12/06/1955 Interview NBC

Le dimanche 12 juin 1955, Marilyn Monroe donne une interview à la radio de NBC, en répondant aux questions du journaliste Dave Garroway dans la première émission de NBC Monitor.

>> Quelques extraits audios de l'interview:

On Sunday, June 12, 1955, Dave Garroway interviewing Marilyn Monroe on NBC Monitor's first broadcast in the radio program NBC Monitor.

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17 août 2010

1960 The Bob Crane Show

The Bob Crane Show était une émission radiophonique sur KNX-CBS Radio de Los Angeles, animée par Bob Crane (qui deviendra par la suite connu pour son rôle dans la série 'Papa Schultz').
Bob Crane est dans les studios de la 20th Century Fox pour enregistrer une émission en direct. Marilyn Monroe arrive au micro, juste après avoir répété un numéro musical du film "Le Milliardaire" ("Let's Make Love").  

The Bob Crane Show was a radio show on KNX-CBS Radio in Los Angeles, presented by Bob Crane (who will be celeb with the TV soap 'Hogan's Heroes').
Crane is at Fox Studios doing a "live" broadcast and Marilyn Monroe comes in out of breath from rehearsing a number for "Let's Make Love". 

> Marilyn Monroe et Bob Crane

> L'interview (non complète)

> retranscription de l'extrait de l'interview

Marilyn Monroe: I rehearse in it.

Bob Crane: Is it kind of a dancer's outfit thing that you're wearing?

MM: No, just a pair of slacks and sort of an old sweater.

BC: It's a nice old sweater... a nice old pair of slacks.
[Marilyn laughs]

MM: Are we on, Bob?

BC: Yes.

MM: Well, I've been rehearsing all day--

BC: Yeah.

MM: I'm still out of breath.

BC: I'll let you get your breath for just a minute there. Marilyn, I've often wondered, being the sex symbol of the movies, are you ever offended when they –when men pass by you and whistle and things like that?

MM: I'm honoured.

BC: Really?

MM: Of course.

BC: Do you think most women are?

MM: Of course.

BC: That's the high point—is that a big compliment?

MM: Yes. Well, how about when you whistle at a girl or you feel like whistling?

BC: How was Jack Lemon to work with?

MM: Wonderful. He's a wonderful actor.

BC: He's a very funny guy. You're working with a funny guy in the new picture—TonyRandall.

MM: Yes, very funny.

BC: You wanna know something? This'll knock you back on the couch. I was supposed to test for this picture.
MM: YOU?! [Marilyn giggles]

BC: Did you mean that? [Acts hurt] Did you mean that with all that was inferred by the "YOU?!" I read a lot into that line.
[They laugh]

BC: No, really, the part that they gave to Tony Randall—the press agent part.

MM: Oh yes, mmm, mmm.

BC: What do you think? [About me playing the part]

MM: Well, Bob, it's nice meeting you and er, I hope I see you again.
[They laugh]

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28 juillet 2010

26/10/1952 Marilyn au Edgar Bergen Show

Le 26 octobre 1952, Marilyn Monroe est invitée au show radiophonique d'Edgar Bergen, un ventriloque, qui animait une émission avec deux marionnettes: Charlie McCarthy et Mortimer Snerd. Marilyn s'est prêtée au jeu, prenant des poses de séductrice avec les pantins. Elle était vêtue de la fameuse robe rouge du film Niagara. L'émission sera diffusée sur les ondes deux jours plus tard, le 28 octobre.

1952_10_26_puppet_010_1 1952_10_26_puppet_020_1 1952_10_26_puppet_030_1
1952_10_26_puppet_060_1 1952_10_26_puppet_042_1 1952_10_26_puppet_050_1
1952-charliemccarthy 1952_10_26_puppet_041_1

> photo de presse

>> Vidéo montage photo et extrait sonore du show

>> Sur le web: écouter l'émission sur  archive.org 
sélectionnez la 10ème piste

En répétition / Préparation du sketch

1952_19_26_edgarbergenshow_1 1952_19_26_edgarbergenshow_3

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06 septembre 2008

24/02/1953 Marilyn reçoit le prix Redbook

1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_award_1Le 24 février 1953, Marilyn Monroe participe à l'émission "The Martin and Lewis Show" (un show TV américain avec Dean Martin et Jerry Lewis) où elle joue dans un sketch;
puis elle reçoit le "
Red Book Award" (prix décerné par le magazine 'Redbook') de la catégorie "Best Young Box Office Personality" (La meilleure jeune personnalité du Box Office) de l'année 1952, prix remis par Wade H. Nichols, l'éditeur du magazine.

In February 24, 1953, Marilyn Monroe participates in the radio show "The Martin and Lewis Show" (an American TV show with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis) where she plays in a sketch;
then, she receives the "Red Book Award", by 'Redbook' magazine, for the category "Best Young Box Office Personality" of the year 1952; Wade H. Nichols, the editor of the magazine, gives her the award.

> The Martin and Lewis Show
1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00110_1 1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00120_1 1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00100_1 aw_redbook_56410
1953  1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00210_1  1953 
1954_deanjerry  1953-04-28-MONROE__MARILYN_-_1953_REBOOK_SILVER_CUP_MOVIE_AWARDS631  1953_02_24_TvShowMartin_Lewis_00200 
1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00300_010_1 1953-filmsinreview 1953_117279018 

> dans les coulisses

The Martin and Lewis Show
With Guest Star: Marilyn Monroe
The following transcript appeared in MARILYN: then & now Vol. 2 No. 5
On February 24th, 1953 Marilyn was awarded the Red Book magazine award for ‘Best Young Box Office Personality.’ The presentation was made at the end of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’s radio show. Not only did Marilyn accept her award, but she guest starred. What follows is a transcript of Monroe’s portion of the program. Martin opened the show by singing “You’d Be Surprised” in tribute to Monroe.

> Radio Show

Martin: And now folks comes the real special part of our program. The happy time when we introduce our guest star. Course, tonight it’s especially happy because we have Marilyn Monroe, and, as I told you, Jerry doesn’t know about it. So it’s going to be a complete surprise. And . . . ah . . . Shhh . . . Here comes Jerry.

Lewis: Dean, who is it? Dean? Who? Our guest? Dean, who . . . is . . . it? Yes, ah . . . Who?

Martin: Well, I’ll give you a hint. If I was an artist, I’d like to do her in oil.

Lewis: You’d like to do her in oil? (laughter)

Martin: Yeah. Now, who’s our guest star?

Lewis: A sardine? (laughter)

Martin: Ah, shut up! Look, you take the most beautiful legs in the world, the most beautiful figure in the world, and the most beautiful face in the world, and put them all together, what do you get?

Lewis: The ugliest woman in the world!

Martin: How come?

Lewis: You got me so excited I put everything in the wrong place!

Martin: Well . . . This girl has everything in the right place. Jerry, every once in a while a meteor flashes through the skies and falls into the ocean. Fortunately for us, the ball of fire we have with us, as our guest, missed the ocean and landed at Twentieth Century-Fox. So, I give you the two most exciting words in the modern dictionary: Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe: Thanks Dean. That was a very flattering introduction.

Martin: Well, you deserve it Ms. MaRone . . . ah . . .

Monroe: Dean, look at your script. It’s Monroe.

Martin: I’m looking at you, and it’s Ma Rone! I’ll tell you. Right Jer?

Lewis: Zippy doo dah, Deany, darling! Get a load of the dress she’s wearing, Dean. Two arm holes, loosely tied together. Wow wee, what a dress! (laughter)

Monroe: Oh, it’s nothing much just (laughter) . . . just something I threw on.

Lewis: You almost missed, didn’t ya? (laughter)

Martin: Yeah!

Monroe: Gee, thanks boys. Do you really think this gown does something for me?

Martin: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but it does a lot more for us. What . . . what is it made of? Silk?

Monroe: As a matter of fact, it’s just plain cotton.

Lewis: Cotton? I’ve seen more cotton at tope of a bottle of Aspirin.

Monroe: I better talk to the wardrobe mistress about this dress. It’s so tight I nearly wore myself out putting it on.

Martin: Poor girl, are you all in? (laughter)

Monroe: Gosh! Gosh, I hope so! (laughter)

Lewis: Gee, Ms. Monroe, Dean and I saw your last picture, Niagara. It was a “Dar:” A positive “Dar!”

Monroe: What was the audience reaction to the picture in the theater?

Martin: After your first scene, they served the Hershey bars in Dixie cups! (laughter)

Lewis: Dean?

Martin: Yes?

Lewis: You better concentrate on the script.

Martin: It’s your turn! (laughter)

Lewis: Oh! (laughter) We had a cocktail party at my house with a bar tender and everything, and we showed home movies of your picture, Ms. Monroe.

Monroe: Now, you’re not going to tell me that when I came on the screen that the ice in the drinks melted?

Lewis: Oh no! That would be silly (Jerry laughs). The bartender melted!

Monroe: Oh, you fellas are just kidding.

Martin: Kidding? Remember the scene where you were kissing your boyfriend?

Monroe: Yes.

Lewis: Right in the middle, my canary threw himself to the cat! (laughter) Ah, Ms. Monroe, if you go out with me after the show I’ll buy you a bottle of perfume . . .

Martin: You’re wasting your time, Jer. Marilyn would rather go out with somebody like me.

Monroe: That’s right. I’m a blonde, and I like to go out with tall, dark, handsome men. You see, opposites attract.

Lewis: Then you’ll love me. I’m just the opposite. (laughter)

Monroe: Look Jerry, you’re a man, and I’m a woman.

Lewis: Now that we’ve chosen sides, let play. (laughter)

Martin: Won’t you give up, Jer. Marilyn prefers me. I’ve gone out with women that would not even look at you.

Lewis: So what? I’ve gone out with women who wouldn’t look at me either.
Monroe: Okay Jerry, supposing I do go out with you, what will we do?

Lewis: Well, we’ll get in my car and drive up Lookout Mountain, and when we get to the top . . .

Monroe: Yes?

Lewis: LOOK OUT! (laughter)

Monroe: No Jerry, if I went out with you it might get into the newspaper, and you know how some newspapers will do anything for a story.

Martin: Well, we do about that type of newspaper, Marilyn, but we can paint a better picture if we dramatize it. So Wallington start dramatizing.

Announcer: The Chesterfield – buy them by the carton players – presents Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Marilyn Monroe in a dramatic newspaper yarn. It’s the story of a cold-blooded newspaper editor who has no friends, but who is loved by Marilyn Monroe entitled . . . So Who Needs Friends?

(phone rings)

Lewis (as Editor): Yello. This is the Morning Hangover. What? Just a minute. I’ll get the pressroom.

(buzzer heard)

Martin (as printer): Hello. Pressroom. What is it chief?

Lewis: Quick, tear out the front page.

Martin: Why?

Lewis: My mother just bought a new garbage pail, and she needs something to line it with.

Monroe: Hello chief. Tell me baby doll, what’s cooking.

Lewis: I am. Get off my lap!

Monroe: I’ve got a head line for ya, chief: Noted Doctor Advocates Fish Breeding for a Hobby.

Lewis: It’s too long. Cut it down.

Monroe: What will I say?

Lewis: Surgeon Urgin’ Sturgeon Mergin’. Come on baby, give us a kiss.

(kissing noises)

Martin (as publisher, opens door): Editor Lewis, I’m the publisher of this paper, and I’m not paying you to kiss our star reporter. Spending all your time kissing doesn’t increase our circulation.

Lewis: But it increases mine!

Monroe: I . . . I can explain Publisher Martin. I just came in to show him my wardrobe the I’m going to take along on my vacation. This is my hunting outfit.

Martin: Hunting outfit? But that’s a backless, strapless gown! You don’t know your clothes.

Monroe: You don’t know what I’m hunting.

Martin: I should have known better than to hire a woman reporter.

Monroe: Just a minute, sir. I’m a newspaperman. I’m not a woman.

Lewis: You’re not? I think we have a scoop.

Monroe: I mean, while I’m on this paper I don’t want to be thought of as a woman. I want to be though of as a man.

Martin: Okay, but I hope we get adjoining lockers at the “Y”.

(phone rings)

Lewis: Yello. Morning Hangover.

Announcer: Hello chief. Remember Detroit Danny?

Lewis: You mean the gangster who was almost beaten to death last week with a bag of wet chicken livers?

Announcer: Yeah. Well, he was shot to death, and I found the slug.

Lewis: I know how Detroit Danny got knocked off. He was trying to blackmail Eskimo Eddie.

Monroe: Chief, if you print that story Eddie will kill you, and I’ll be alone.

Martin: Wanna’ bet?!?

Monroe: Chief, darling, don’t do it. Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.

Lewis: Ah . . . stop your naggin’! (laughter)

Monroe: I don’t want you to get killed. I’m a woman. I want loving arms around me.

Lewis: Don’t worry. If I’m killed, somebody will come along tomorrow.

Monroe: Yeah, but what am I going to do tonight? (laughter) I don’t want you murdered. Give up your job, and I’ll marry you.

Lewis: What other work could I get?
Martin: Well, don’t worry about it, kid. You’re young. You can always live on love.

Monroe: Yes. Give up your job, and we’ll have kisses for breakfast, kisses for lunch, kisses for supper.

Lewis: Gosh! Kisses for breakfast, kisses for lunch, kisses for supper. Okay, it’s a deal, baby, but I’m warning ya’ . . .

Monroe: About what?

Lewis: Don’t let me ever catch you having any meal.

> The RedBook Award

> Les lauréats du prix Redbook 1952 sont:
-Marilyn Monroe "Best Young Box-Office Personality"
-Julie Harris "Best Young Actress"
-Leslie Caron "Best Young Foreign Actress"
-Marge and Gower Champion "Best Young Dance Team"
-Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis "Best Young Comedians"

> ci-dessous: Leslie Caron, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe,
Wade H Nichols et Jerry Lewis.

1953-MONROE__MARILYN_-_1953_FEB_24_REDBOOK_SILVER_CUP_BEST_YOUN  1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00100_1 1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00110_1 

> La coupe
Redb14  Redb15  Redb16

 > captures
1953_02_24_red_book_award_cap_010_1 1953_02_24_red_book_award_cap_011_1 
1953-redbook-cap1-01  1953-redbook-cap1-02  1953-redbook-cap1-03 
1953-redbook-cap1-04  1953-redbook-cap1-05  1953-redbook-cap1-06 
1953-redbook-cap1-07  1953-redbook-cap1-08  1953-redbook-cap1-09 
1953-redbook-cap2-01  1953-redbook-cap2-02  1953-redbook-cap2-03 
1953-redbook-cap2-04  1953-redbook-cap2-05  1953-redbook-cap2-06 
1953-redbook-cap2-07  1953-redbook-cap2-08  1953-redbook-cap2-09 
1953-redbook-cap2-10  1953-redbook-cap2-11  1953-redbook-cap2-12 
1953-redbook-cap2-13  1953-redbook-cap2-14  1953-redbook-cap2-15 
1953-redbook-cap2-16  1953-redbook-cap2-17  1953-redbook-cap2-18 
1953-redbook-cap2-19  1953-redbook-cap2-20  1953-redbook-cap2-21 

>> Vidéo 1: la remise du prix (en entier)

>> Vidéo 2 : remise du prix (coupée)

>> Vidéo 3: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marilyn et Leslie Caron

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20 janvier 2008

14/03/1954 Marilyn à CBS

Marilyn Monroe tenant le microphone de la CBS le 14 mars 1954,
elle participe à une émission de la station de radio

1954_03_14_cbs_microphone_010_3 1954_03_14_cbs_microphone_010_1 1954_03_14_cbs_microphone_020_1

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09 décembre 2007

1953 Marilyn interviewée par Winchell à ABC

Marilyn Monroe à la station d'ABC en 1953
interviewée par le journaliste à potins Walter Winchell

1953_abc_Win6 1953_radio

!! HELP !!
Si quelqu'un connait les circonstances de cette photo (date, lieu, et événement), merci de laisser un commentaire svp !!
To marilyn's fans: if someone knows the circumstances of that photo (date, place and event),  please let a comment ("commentaire") just below, thanks.

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08 novembre 2007

21/08/1952 Marilyn à la radio NBC

Le 21 août 1952 Marilyn Monroe enregistre dans l'émission de radio "Statement in full" sur la station NBC un spécial "Hollywood Star Playhouse" en différé. On lui fait visiter les locaux de la station radio qui se trouve à Manhattan, dans New York, et on lui montre le fonctionnement de l'enregistrement d'une émission, avec toutes les techniques et matériels utilisés. Quand à l'émission, elle sera diffusée sur les ondes dix jours plus tard, le 31 août. 
On 1952 August, 21, Marilyn Monroe record a special radio show called "Hollywood Star Playhouse" on the "Statement in full" program, on the NBC Radio Station in Manhattan. She visits the place, located ib Manhattan, New York City, and she is shown how a program is recorded, with all the techniques and materials used. The show will be diffused ten days after, on August 31. 
le programme radiophonique sur Hollywood Star Playhouse 

mm  1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_010_020_GF1 Radio
1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_011_010_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_010_030_1 1952_foto1 
1952_0507 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_022_010_1 1954_nbc
1952_radio_01 1952_radio_03 1952_radio_02
1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_020_010_1 1952_img_1112727310 1952_img_1112727576
1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_030_010_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_030_020_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_030_030_1 
1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_040_010_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_041_010_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_043_010_1
1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_042_010_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_042_020_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_042_030_1
1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_050_010_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_051_010_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_060_010_1
1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_061_010_1 1952 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_061_030_1
 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_061_040_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_061_020_1  
1952_08_21_radio1 1952_08_21_radio2 
1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_063_010_2 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_063_020_1 1952_mmnb1873
1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_062_010_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_064_010_1 1952_08_21_manhattan_nbc_radio_064_010_2

> planche contact / contact sheet
1952-NBC_playhouse-2   1952-NBC_playhouse-3 
1952-NBC_playhouse-4  1952-NBC_playhouse-5 

> photographies de Murray Garrett

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