16 septembre 2023

Gif Ray Anthony Party (1)


photographie de Bob Willoughby

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06 janvier 2019

Sur le tournage de Let's Make Love 7

Le Milliardaire
Sur le tournage

Sur le plateau
On the set

- George Cukor, Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller -
lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor_miller-010-1  lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor_miller-010-1a  

- Marilyn Monroe & Yves Montand -

- photographies: Bob Willoughby -

lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-020-1a lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-021-1 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-030-1b 
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-031-1a lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-031-1b 
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-031-1c  lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-031-1d
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-040-1  lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-041-1a 
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-042-1 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-010-1 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-010-1b  

- Marilyn Monroe et un technicien -
- Marilyn Monroe and a camera operator -

lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cam_operator-by_bob_Willoughby-1b  lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cam_operator-by_bob_Willoughby-2 

- Marilyn Monroe & George Cukor -
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-1 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-2 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-3a 
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-3b lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-4 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-4b 

- Marilyn Monroe & Richard Gheman (journaliste) -

- Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand & George Cukor -

- Marilyn Monroe & George Cukor -
lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor-010-by_Bob_Willoughby-1a lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor-010-by_Bob_Willoughby-1b lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor-011-1  

- Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe & Louella Parsons (journaliste)-
lml-sc07-set-MM_with_louella_parsons-miller-by_Bob_Willoughby-1  lml-sc07-set-MM_with_louella_parsons-miller-don_price-by_Bob_Willoughby-1a 

- Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller & Yves Montand -
lml-sc07-set-MM_with_miller_montand-by_Bob_Willoughby-1 lml-sc07-set-MM_with_miller_montand-by_Bob_Willoughby-2 lml-sc07-set-MM_with_miller_montand-by_Bob_Willoughby-3 

- Marilyn Monroe, Paula Strasberg & Jerry Wald  -

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03 juin 2014

Fête for Marilyn Monroe de Bob Willoughby

Fête for Marilyn Monroe
Article published on May, 29, 2014
by Iona Kirby
online on blog willoughbyphotos

bob_ray-1“My agent Charles Block called to tell me that 20th Century Fox had a press call for a party that was to honor Marilyn Monroe, and he wanted me to cover it. Ray Anthony, the popular band leader, had written a song called Marilyn and there would no doubt be other celebrities to photograph.

I told him that I just didn’t feel this was my kind of photography, but the logic of his argument was too irresistible: “You need money to pay the bills, and anything you get on Monroe will sell!”

Reluctantly, I went. There were at least 50 other Hollywood photographers there, waiting for Marilyn to arrive. Fox had flown Marilyn from the studio to the party in a helicopter, hoping to make a dramatic entrance. As the chopper was landing, the downdraft blew all of the umbrellas, the sheet music from the orchestra, several ladies’ hats and God knows what into the pool. I was standing up above, laughing at this scene.

The photographers all rushed toward the landing helicopter, and I just stood where I was. And then an amazing thing happened: Marilyn walked right up to me, with all of the other photographers trailing behind her. For one very brief moment, I had her alone. It was probably the only single shot made of her like that, and it was just pure luck.

As I was about to take the photograph, and looking down at her through my reflex viewfinder, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rising. Marilyn had some sort of energy field that it would seem she could switch on or off when she posed, which I don’t think I will ever see again. Hollywood’s publicity departments called it sex appeal and thought it was achieved by showing cleavage, but they missed the point. This attractive energy is something you are born with. It is there to see at any age. Some people have more, some less, and I prefer to call it gender.”

bob_ray-2 bob_ray-4 bob_ray-3

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21 septembre 2011

The Star Makers: On Set with Hollywood's Greatest Directors

The Star Makers:
On Set with Hollywood's Greatest Directors
Biographie Photographies
Auteurs: Bob Willoughby, Sydney Pollack

thestarsmakersDate de sortie: octobre 2003
Broché 351 pages
Langue: anglais

Éditeur: Merrell
ISBN-10: 1858942330
Prix éditeur: 21,30 Euros
Ou le commander ? sur amazon 

Description:  This book collects Willoughby's candid photographs from the sets of various great films since the 1950s. Also included are filmographies of the directors with whom he has worked. As the subtitle indicates, he really has collaborated with many of the great cinema luminaries. Beginning with Vincente Minnelli (whose name is misspelled "Minelli" throughout), they include Orson Welles, William Wellman, George Stevens, Mike Nichols, William Wyler, Alfred Hitchcock, and others too numerous to mention. Willoughby passes along some old gossip about the behavior of some of the major stars and much trite commentary (e.g., "the first problem a new director must face is taking control"). Although there is a foreword by Sidney Pollack, there is no author's introduction to set the work in context. The most interesting aspect of this book is indisputably the photos (most of them black and white), many of which were shot in informal settings, showing directors and actors in seemingly unguarded moments. This is basically a coffee-table book for browsers and as such is recommended only for very inclusive general collections.-Roy Liebman, California State Univ. Lib., Los Angeles Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

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30 juillet 2010

3/08/1952 Ray Anthony Party

Le 3 août 1952, Marilyn Monroe est l'invitée d'honneur de la fête Ray Anthony Party, organisée par l'attaché de presse de Ray Anthony, Red Doff, et par la Fox pour promouvoir leur nouvelle star, car Marilyn accédait peu à peu à une certaine notoriété: elle était en tournage du film Niagara et son film Don't bother to knock était encore à l'affiche sur les écrans américains et de grandes pancartes publicitaires étaient disposées pour promouvoir le film. La fête s'est tenue dans la villa de Ray Anthony à Sherman Oaks, dans le district de Los Angeles, situé dans la vallée de San Fernando, avec près de 500 invités (Sammy Davis Jr, Mickey Rooney). Ventura Boulevard a été embouteillée pendant des heures. Marilyn est vêtue de la robe rouge du film Niagara.
Le magazine Look couvre l'événement. Les photographes présents: Bob Willoughby, Leni Carlson, Bruno Bernard, Phil Stern et Earl Theisen.
On August, 3, 1952, Marilyn Monroe is the guest of honor of the Ray Anthony Party, organised by Ray Anthony's press secretary Red Doff, and by Fox to promote their new star, as Marilyn accessed gradually to the celebrity: she was filming Niagara her movie Do not bother to knock was still showing on U.S. screens and large advertising signs were willing to promote the film. The party is held in the Ray Anthony's home, at Sherman Oaks, in the district of Los Angeles, located in the San Fernando Valley, with 500 guests (Sammy David Jr, Mickey Rooney). Ventura Boulevard was bottled for hours. Marilyn is wearing the red dress of the film Niagara.
Look magazine covers the event. Photographers who are present: Bob Willoughby, Leni Carlson, Bruno Bernard, Phil Stern and Earl Theisen.

>> Sur le blog: voir les vidéos de Ray Anthony Party.

>> Marilyn et Ray Anthony

1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_020_2
1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_012_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_021_3
1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_020_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_021_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_021_2c 

La légende raconte que Marilyn est arrivée en hélicoptère, ce qui est faux. Marilyn est en réalité arrivée en voiture, et l'hélicoptère s'est posé avec quelques difficultés liées au vent, dans le terrain de la propriété.
Legend tells that Marilyn is arrived by helicopter, which is false. Marilyn is actually arriving by car and the helicopter landed with some difficulty due to the wind in the property's garden. 

1952_08_03_RAP_001_helico_1 1952_08_03_RAP_001_helico_2 

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap01 1952-ray_anthony-cap02 1952-ray_anthony-cap03
1952-ray_anthony-cap04 1952-ray_anthony-cap05 1952-ray_anthony-cap06
1952-ray_anthony-cap07 1952-ray_anthony-cap08 1952-ray_anthony-cap09
1952-ray_anthony-cap10 1952-ray_anthony-cap11 1952-ray_anthony-cap12
1952-ray_anthony-cap13 1952-ray_anthony-cap14 1952-ray_anthony-cap15
1952-ray_anthony-cap16 1952-ray_anthony-cap17 1952-ray_anthony-cap18

En attendant Marilyn, le chien vedette de la série Lassie a posé dans l'hélico. 
Before Marilyn arrives, the dog star of Lassie posed in the helicopter. 

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap19 1952-ray_anthony-cap20 1952-ray_anthony-cap21 

Marilyn arrive en voiture et descend les escaliers où elle pose pour les photographes.
Marilyn arrives by car and down the stairs where she poses for photographers. 

mm_niagra_dress  1952_08_03_RAP_10_car_010_1

>> Marilyn et Sammy Davis Jr.

1952_08_03_RAP_cap_lassie_1 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_lassie_2 1952_by_phil_stern_1
1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_011_byBobWilloughby_1
1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_017_1 1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_012_1
1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_013_1 1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_014_1 1952_rayanthony_1 

>> Photographie de Bruno Bernard

 Marilyn et les pancartes de Don't Bother to Knock

 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_2 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_1 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_3
rap73 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_4a 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_4 Wgby65

Photographies de Earl Theisen
1952_by_earl_theisen_521301_03119  1952_by_earl_theisen_521332_03120 


1952-ray_anthony-cap22-3min02 1952-ray_anthony-cap23 1952-ray_anthony-cap24
1952-ray_anthony-cap25 1952-ray_anthony-cap26 1952-ray_anthony-cap27
1952-ray_anthony-cap28 1952-ray_anthony-cap29 1952-ray_anthony-cap30
1952-ray_anthony-cap31 1952-ray_anthony-cap32 1952-ray_anthony-cap33
1952-ray_anthony-cap34 1952-ray_anthony-cap35 1952-ray_anthony-cap36

Marilyn pose avec le chien star de la série Lassie.
Marilyn and celeb dog Lassie pose for the photographers.

1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_030_1 1952_niagara_party_lassie_0012136
1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_040_1 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_071_1
1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_020_2 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_020_1 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_031_1 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_050_1
 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_061_1 1952-08-03-lassie 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_070_1

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson
catalogue_bonhams_p3 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-10 

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap37 1952-ray_anthony-cap38 1952-ray_anthony-cap39
1952-ray_anthony-cap40 1952-ray_anthony-cap41 1952-ray_anthony-cap42
1952-ray_anthony-cap43 1952-ray_anthony-cap44 1952-ray_anthony-cap45
1952-ray_anthony-cap46 1952-ray_anthony-cap47 1952-ray_anthony-cap48

Marilyn pose ensuite devant l'hélicoptère, avec le pilote et Ray Anthony.
Marilyn then pose in front of the helicopter, with the pilot and Ray Anthony.

1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_010_1 ray_Sans_titre 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_1
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_2 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_3 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_4
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_6 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_7 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_8
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_9  1952_RAP_anthony02 1952-rayanthony-2
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_051_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_051_2 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_060_1
1952_ray_anthony_rare_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_050_1 1952-rayanthony
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_070_1 1952_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_071_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_042_1
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_040_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952-ray_anthony-lot1139-H3257-L78856207 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_041_by_bob_willoughby_1 
1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_016_1  1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_016_2 
1952-08-03-ray_anthony-juliens-1c  1952-08-03-ray_anthony-juliens-2a 

>> Photographie de Bruno Bernard

>> Photographies de Bob Willoughby  
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_013_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_by_bob_willoughby_1

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-15   catalogue_bonhams_p6 
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-11  bonhams_4053f  1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-6
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-14    catalogue_bonhams_p4 
article-mm05 1952-ray-by_carlson-limited-ray

> captures
1952-ray-flowers-cap10 1952-ray-flowers-cap11 1952-ray-flowers-cap12
1952-ray-flowers-cap13 1952-ray-flowers-cap14 1952-ray-flowers-cap15
1952-ray-flowers-cap16 1952-ray-flowers-cap17 1952-ray-flowers-cap18
1952-ray-flowers-cap19 1952-ray-flowers-cap20 1952-ray-flowers-cap21
1952-ray-flowers-cap22 1952-ray-flowers-cap23 1952-ray-flowers-cap24
1952-ray-flowers-cap25 1952-ray-flowers-cap26 1952-ray-flowers-cap27
1952-ray-flowers-cap28 1952-ray-flowers-cap29 1952-ray-flowers-cap30
1952-ray-flowers-cap31 1952-ray-flowers-cap32 1952-ray-flowers-cap33
1952-ray_anthony-capture-01-4min30 1952-ray_anthony-capture-02 1952-ray_anthony-capture-03
1952_ayanthony_aa 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_helico_1 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_helico_2
1952-ray_anthony-capture-04 1952-ray_anthony-capture-05 1952-ray_anthony-capture-06
1952-ray_anthony-capture-07 1952-ray_anthony-capture-08 1952-ray_anthony-capture-09
1952-ray_anthony-capture-10 1952-ray_anthony-capture-11 1952-ray_anthony-capture-12
1952-ray_anthony-capture-16 1952-ray_anthony-capture-17 1952-ray_anthony-capture-18

On fait porter à Marilyn un collier de fleurs blanches autour du cou.
Marilyn is wearing a necklace of white flowers around her neck.

1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_030_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_030_2 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_031_1
 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_033_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_033_2
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_020_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_021_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_rayanthony2
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_035_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_036_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_037_1

>> Photographies de Charlotte Brooks
1952_by_charlotte_brooks_pool_521569_03116 1952_by_charlotte_brooks_521569_03122  

>> Photographie de Bob Willoughby

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson

1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-12 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-2 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-3 

>> Photographie de Frank Worth

>> Marilyn et les musiciens:
Ray Anthony
et Mickey Rooney (trompettes)
  1952_08_03_RAP_07_musicians_020_1 1952_rayanthony 1952_08_03_RAP_07_musicians_021_1


>> Photographie de Art Weissman

> captures 
1952-ray-flowers-cap01 1952-ray-flowers-cap02 1952-ray-flowers-cap03
1952-ray-flowers-cap04 1952-ray-flowers-cap05 1952-ray-flowers-cap06
1952-ray-flowers-cap07 1952-ray-flowers-cap08 1952-ray-flowers-cap09

Avant de rejoindre la fête, Marilyn répond aux interviews des journalistes avec Ray Anthony à ses côtés.
Before joining the party, Marilyn answers to the journalists's interviews with Ray Anthony at her side.

1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_010_1 1952-ray_anthony-lot1111-H3257-L78860331 1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_010_2
1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_021_1 1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_020_1

> captures 
1952-ray_anthony-capture-21 1952-ray_anthony-capture-22 1952-ray_anthony-capture-24
1952-ray_anthony-capture-25 1952-ray_anthony-capture-26 1952-ray_anthony-capture-27
1952-ray_anthony-capture-28 1952-ray_anthony-capture-30 1952-ray_anthony-capture-32
1952-ray_anthony-capture-34 1952-ray_anthony-capture-35 1952-ray_anthony-capture-36

Marilyn traverse la foule pour rejoindre l'estrade et participer au numéro musical avec Ray Anthony à la trompette et Mickey Rooney à la batterie. Elle se prête au jeu des photographes en faisant mine de jouer des instruments, pendant que Ray Anthony chantait une chanson spécialement dédiée à Marilyn pour cette occasion, intitulée My Marilyn.
Marilyn crosses through the crowd to reach the stage and participate in the musical number with Ray Anthony playing trumpet and Mickey Rooney on drums. She poses for photographers, pretending to play instruments while Ray Anthony sings a song specially dedicated to Marilyn for the occasion, entitled 'My Marilyn'.

1952_niagara_party_mickeyrooney_0012135 1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_010_mickey_rooney_1
1952_08_03_RAP_04_musicians_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_04_musicians_020_1 1952_08_03_RAP_04_musicians_021_1
1952_08_03_RAP_04_musicians_030_1 1952_08_03_RAP_04_partition_020_2 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_040_1
1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_020_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_030_1
1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_031_1 1952_131651497 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_041_1 
1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_050_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_051_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_052_1
1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_060_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_061_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_061_2

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson
bonhams_4053e 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-16  bonhams_4053i
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-13   1952_08_03_RayAnthonyParty_by_lani_carlson_4
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-4 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-5

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-01-7min00 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-02 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-03
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-04 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-05 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-06
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-07 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-08 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-09
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-10 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-11 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-12
1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_1 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_2 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_3
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-13 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-14 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-15
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-16 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-17 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-18
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-19 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-20 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-21
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-22 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-23 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-24
1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_4 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_5 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_6
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-25 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-26 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-27
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-28 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-29 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-30

>> Marilyn devant les partitions
1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_010_2 1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_020_1
1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_012_1 1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_013_1

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson 
 bonhams_4053b  1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-8  1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-1

Marilyn se joint à la fête et discute avec les invités. Le prénom "Marilyn" est écrit en majuscule avec des fleurs posées sur la piscine.
Marilyn joins the party and discussed with the guests. The name "Marilyn" is written in uppercase with flowers placed on the pool.

>> Marilyn et les invités
1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_021_1 1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_022_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_062_1
1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_030_1 1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_by_willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_062_2
1952_08_03_RAP_10_crowd_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_10_crowd_011_1 1952mmelle
1952_08_03_RAP_11_marilyn_020_1 1952_RAP_anthony21 

>> Photographie de Bruno Bernard

>> Bob Willoughby, Marilyn et Phil Stern

- Marilyn et le photographe Earl Theisen -

>> Marilyn assise à une table
1952_RAP_1005ez10 1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_031_by_Bob_Willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_012_2
1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_012_1

>> Photographies de Bob Willoughby  
 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_024_by_Bob_Willoughby_2 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_022_by_bob_willoughby_1
 1952_niagara_party_by_bob_willoughby_2 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_022_by_bob_willoughby_2
1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_021_1 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_023_by_Bob_Willoughby_1

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-31 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-32 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-33
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-34-10min15 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-35 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-36
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-37 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-38 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-39
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-40 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-41 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-42
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-43 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-44 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-45
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-46 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-47 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-48

Les musiciens, avec Ray Anthony et Marilyn en tête, font le tour de la piscine en jouant de la musique; et se réunissent devant l'estrade.
The musicians, with Ray Anthony and Marilyn forward, go around the pool playing music; and gather in front of the stage.

1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_020_1
1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_031_1 1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_030_1 1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_021_1

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-49 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-50 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-51
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-52 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-53 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-54
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-55 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-56 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-57 

>> Planches Photos / Snapshots
1952_08_03_RAP_contact_sheet_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_contact_sheet_by_bob_willoughby_1_1 
1952-08-03-ray_anthony-juliens-1  1952-08-03-ray_anthony-juliens-2 

>> Videos

Marilyn Monroe Party thrown at Ray Anthony's Home 1952 from Ray Anthony on Vimeo.

> couvertures de magazines:
mag_familje mag_teenetwenty mag_vision
mag_familieblad mag_movielafilm mag_wereld
mag_downbeat mag_rayanthony mag_rythme
1952_08_03_RAP_mag_movie_fan_1 mag_trio_cover ray_NOUSDEUX1953a
mag_prevue mag_wienefilm mag_music_1952_anthony_ray_party_tyy catalogue_bonhams_14decembre2011

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17 mai 2010

Expo Bob Willoughby à Cannes


Du 15 au 23 mai 2010, une exposition de 18 photographies de Bob Willoughby a lieu à Cannes, pendant la durée du Festival, à l'espace Esplanade Pantiero du Patio de Canal+


Le photographe Bob Willoughby nous a quitté en décembre dernier à l'âge de 82 ans. Ayant immortalisé les plus grandes stars de l'âge d'or d'Hollywood, le magazine Première consacre huit pages au photographe dans son numéro de mai  numéro de mai ainsi que cette exposition de 18 photos pendant toute la durée du 63ème festival de Cannes.

>source: affiches sur mptvimages.com  

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14 mai 2010

Première mai 2010

premiere_2010_mai_coverDans le magazine Première n°399, de mai 2010 (Vincent Cassel en couverture), un article portfolio de 8 pages est consacré au photographe Bob Willoughby avec une photo pleine page de Marilyn Monroe (les autres personnalités: Marlon Brando, Jean Seberg, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor) Prix: 3,50 €. (scans perso).

> Marilyn Monroe et en bonus: Jean Seberg
premiere_2010_mai_mm premiere_2010_mai_jeanseberg

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19 décembre 2009

Décès du photographe Bob Willoughby

 Bob Willoughby

Source: article sur tarahanks
Biographie sur wikipedia
Photos de Willoughby sur globalgallery
Ses photos sur MPTV

Le photographe Bob Willoughby, 82 ans, est décédé le 18 décembre 2009 dans sa maison à Vence, en France, des suites d'un cancer.

bobo_et_jean bob_et_judy bob_1968
Bob Willoughby: avec Jean Seberg et avec Judy Garland

Né le 30 juin 1927 à Los Angeles, il fut, dès son plus jeune âge, fasciné par le cinéma. A ses 12 ans, il reçut en cadeau un appareil photo, de là, va naître sa passion pour la photographie, qu'il va étudier à l'Université de Californie et travailler pour le designer Saul Bass.
chet_bakerEntre 1948 et 1954, ses expositions photographiques sur les musiciens de jazz et les danseurs l'amènent à signer un contrat avec Globe Photos. Fan de Jazz, il adorait Billie Holiday, Chet Baker et Cole Porter.
Plus tard, il travailla pour le magazine Harper's Bazaar où ses photographies illustraient les articles sur l'art et la culture. Puis il fut désigné par six magazines pour photographier Judy Garland Judy_Garland_Life_Magazine_Coverpendant le tournage d' "Une étoile est née" ("A Star is Born") en 1954. il fut ainsi licencié par les studios Warner pour avoir signer un contrat de vente de photos avec des magazines. Mais sa photo de Judy Garland fit la couverture du célèbre magazine Life, sa première couverture de Life, le magzzine le plus populaire des Etats-Unis.

Ce qui l'amena à travailler ensuite sur de nombreux tournage de films: "My Fair Lady", "Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf ?" ("Qui a peur de Virginia Woolf ?"), "The Graduate" (Le lauréat) et "Rosemary’s Baby".

audrey_hepburnWilloughby est devenu le photographe préféré de Frank Sinatra et de sa bande le Rat Pack, et il était très proche d'Audrey Hepburn, considérée comme sa "muse". Mais il photographia des centaines de célébrités: Humphrey Boggart, Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Judy Garland, Natalie Wood, Louis Armstrong, James Dean, Katharine Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, Sophia Lore, Elvis Presley, Jean Seberg, Montgomery Clift, Katharine Ross, Kirk Douglas, Anthony Perkins, Donald Sutherland, Kim Novak, Mickey Rooney, Barbra Streisand, Julie Christie, Mia Farrow, Miles Davis, Rock Hudson, Peter O'Toole, Shirley MacLaine, Susan Strasberg, Sondra Locke, Charles Boyer, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda, Kevin Kline...

alfred_hitchcock James_Dean_reading_music_score_for_Rebel_Without_cause liz_taylor
frank_sinatra barbra_steisand jean_seberg natalie_wood

* * * * *

Willoughby photographia Marilyn Monroe au moins à deux occasions: la première en 1952, à une fête donnée en l'honneur de Marilyn, à l'époque où tournait le film Niagara, et la deuxième, en 1960, sur le tournage de "Let's Make Love" ("Le Milliardaire").

mm_Phil_Stern mm_Willoughby1
mm_Willoughby_1952 mm_Bob_Willoughby_Marilyn_Monroe_on_the_set_of_Lets_Make_Love_1960 marilyn_monroe mm_by_bob_w

* * * * *

Willoughby photographia toute sa vie durant. Dans les années 1970, il s'installe en Europe: il vécut 17 ans en Ireland, où il prit beaucoup de clichés du pays pour illustrer d'anciens poèmes irlandais. Ses dernières années, il les a vécu en France, à Vence, où il poursuivait toujours activement son activité professionnelle. Il était marié à Dorothy Willoughby, avec qui il a élevé quatre enfants.

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