22 avril 2019

Hollywood Beach Beauties: Sea Sirens, Sun Goddesses, and Summer Style 1930-1970

Hollywood Beach Beauties:
Sea Sirens, Sun Goddesses, and Summer Style
Auteur: David Wills

book-HollywoodBeachBeauties_HC Date de sortie: mai 2018
Relié 224 pages
Dimensions: 20,3 x 2 x 24,8 cm
Langue: anglais

Éditeur: Dey Street Books
ISBN-10: 0062842854
Prix éditeur: 25 Euros
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Description :
The author of the acclaimed photo compilations Vegas Gold, Hollywood in Kodachrome, Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis, and Audrey: The 60s, now presents a glamorous and nostalgic celebration of summer at the beach, captured in 150 stunning vintage photographs featuring beloved female celebrities, models, and starlets from the 1930s through the 1970s.
Renowned independent curator and photographic preservationist David Wills commemorates the allure and joy of the sun, the sand, the ocean, and the fashions of endless summer with this sizzling collection. Hollywood Beach Beauties includes more than one-hundred vibrant color images of some of Hollywood’s most timeless stars lounging and playing at one of the most iconic settings: the beach.
Hollywood Beach Beauties highlights the sexy, carefree attitude of the summer, the elegant seaside couture, and the enchanting and alluring beauty of the female form. Included here are candid and stylish photographs featuring stars of yesterday such as Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Sharon Tate, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Dorothy Dandridge, and Nancy Sinatra.
A treasure trove for classic movie mavens, vintage photography enthusiasts, and pop culture aficionados, this stunning theme-driven compendium taps into nostalgia for the joys of summer and captures the dazzling beauty of the seaside and some of the most stylish stars of the big screen in a fresh, unique, and captivating way.

(quatrième de couverture):  Celebrate the allure and joy of the sun, the sand, the ocean, and the fashions of endless summers with this sizzling collection of Hollywood’s most timeless stars, starlets, and models lounging and playing in one of the most iconic settings: the beach.
A treasure trove for classic-movie fans, vintage-photography enthusiasts, and pop-culture aficionados, this stunning compendium highlights the sexy, carefree attitude of the summer, the elegant seaside couture, and the enchanting beauty of the female form.

> extraits
book-hollywood_beach_beauties-p1 book-hollywood_beach_beauties-p2 
book-hollywood_beach_beauties-p3 book-hollywood_beach_beauties-p4 
book-hollywood_beach_beauties-p5a  book-hollywood_beach_beauties-p5b  book-Tina-Louise-as-Topaz-McQueen-in-For-Those-Who-Think-Young-1964 
book-Marilyn-Monroe-1950-Photo-courtesy-David-Wills-Collection book-Susan-Bernard-1970-Photo-by-Bruno-Bernard-Bernard-of-Hollywood-Photo-courtesy-Susan-Bernard-Bernard-of-Hollywood-Publishing-©-Renaissance-Road-Inc book-hollywood_beach_beauties-backcover 

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29 octobre 2015

Marilyn: In the Flash

Marilyn: In The Flash
Book of photographs
Author: David Wills

book-by_david_wills Date de sortie: 27 october 2015
Relié 256 pages
Dimensions: 22,9 x 2,4 x 29,2 cm

Langue: anglais

Éditeur: Dey Street Books
ISBN-10: 006238970X
Prix éditeur: 33,44 Euros
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sur le site marilynintheflash.com 

Description: A stunning collection of hundreds of rare and unseen photographs, behind-the-scenes notes, and interviews chronicling the media’s lifelong love affair with Marilyn, created by the acclaimed curator and author of Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis.
Though Hollywood goddess Marilyn Monroe was married three times, her longest lasting relationship was with the press—the photographers, reporters, and press agents who followed her every move for nearly two decades, and made her into the greatest icon in Hollywood history. One of the most publicized actresses of her time, Marilyn actively sought out the press, carefully crafting her public image and using events from her private life to further her career. Her romances with baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, playwright Arthur Miller, and others made her a daily feature for newspapers, magazines, and wire services; new images of the star were guaranteed to boost sales.
Drawing on unseen troves from dozens of photographers, archives, and collectors, acclaimed photography expert David Wills brings together an unprecedented array of press photos from throughout Marilyn’s career—including hundreds of unpublished and rare photographs that have been beautifully restored; uncropped and unretouched outtakes; handwritten notations; period captions; clippings; and more. With a foreword by Robert J. Wagner and interviews from key press agents and others, this portfolio of images offers a fresh, indelible portrait of one of the most enduring icons in history and illuminates the special alliance she shared with the press as never before.

Back Cover: Marilyn Monroe had a unique relationship with the press—the photographers, journalists, and columnists who followed her every move, helped carefully craft her public image, and made her one of the greatest stars in Hollywood history.
Photographically, Marilyn was at her most electrifying at public events. She was as spectacular in the posed candids of press photographers as in studio portraits or on the movie screen. She made any news photo a work of art simply by being in it, and more than any other star lived up to the promise of her screen image.
One of the most publicized actresses of her time, Marilyn actively sought out the press—which included the famous journalists and columnists Walter Winchell, Edward R. Murrow, Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons, Earl Wilson, Pete Martin, Sidney Skolsky, Elsa Maxwell, and Dorothy Kilgallen. It was a mutually beneficial relationship that lasted her entire career.
In Marilyn: In The Flash, acclaimed photographic preservationist David Wills brings together an unprecedented trove highlighting the work of some of the great press photographers and photojournalists of the twentieth century. This stunning collection includes many unpublished images (most beautifully restored from original prints, negatives, or transparencies), vintage magazine articles, original press clippings and press photo captions, behind-the-scenes notes, and photographic ephemera chronicling the media's lifelong love affair with Marilyn.
Featuring a foreword by Marilyn's friend and costar Robert J. Wagner, original interviews and recollections, retrospective quotes from key journalists, columnists, press agents, photographers, and others, this portfolio of images offers a fresh, indelible portrait of one of the most enduring icons in history and illuminates the special alliance she shared with the press as never before.

> extrait de quelques pages
book-david_wills-02-1  book-david_wills-03-1  book-david_wills-04-1 
book-david_wills-05-1  book-david_wills-06-1  book-david_wills-07-1 
book-david_wills-08-1  book-david_wills-09-1  book-david_wills-10-1 
book-david_wills-11-1  book-david_wills-12-1  book-david_wills-13-1 
book-david_wills-14-1  book-david_wills-15-1  book-david_wills-16-1 

Pour le moment, pas d'édition française prévue

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02 août 2011

Métamorphoses: Marilyn Monroe

Métamorphoses: Marilyn Monroe
Livre de photographies
Auteur: David Wills

book_metamorphosesDate de sortie: novembre 2011
Broché 290 pages
Langue: français

Éditeur: Flammarion
ISBN-10: 2081262282

Prix éditeur: 28, 40 Euros
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Présentation de l'éditeur: "Marilyn est sans doute l'une des icônes les plus admirées et les plus influentes du XXe siècle - titre de gloire qu'elle ne partage qu'avec Audrey Hepburn - sur le plan de la mode et du style qu'elle a essentiellement contribué à libérer. Malgré la sophistication de son apparence, il y a en elle quelque chose d'informel - comme si elle venait juste de sortir du lit et d'enfiler une robe - qui s'oppose à la rigidité des années 1940. Ce peut être une boucle de cheveux qui roule au-dessus des yeux, une bretelle qui glisse de l'épaule, ou encore, l'absence de tout bas et sous-vêtements - rien ne semble prémédité même si, bien sûr, tout l'est. Quelques années plus tard, Brigitte Bardot portera cette nonchalance un peu plus loin. Toutefois, c'est Marilyn qui propulsera la société vers l'ère de la libération sexuelle" - David Wills.

Biographie de l'auteur: Le conservateur et éditeur australien David Wills a constitué au fil des, années l'une des plus grandes collections au monde de photographies originales. Il a pris part à de nombreuses publications et expositions, y compris au Museum of Modern Art et au Metropolitan Museum of Art à New York. Parmi ces expositions : "Murder, Models, Madness : Photographs from the Motion Picture Blow-Up", "Edie Sedgwick : Unseen Photographs of a Warhol Superstar", "Blonde Bombshell", "James Bond", "Women With Issues : Photographs from the Motion Picture Valley of the Dolls" and "Warhology". En 2002, il a apporté sa contribution à l'ouvrage Bernard of Hollywood's Ultimate Pin-Up Book (Taschen) ; en 2008, il a co-signé Veruschka chez Assouline ; et en 2010, il a publié Ara Dallant chez Damiani, comprenant une Introduction d'Anjelica Huston. Il vit actuellement à Los Angeles. Natif de la région de San Francisco, Stephen Schmidt dirige l'agence de design Duuplex, dont l'activité se concentre notamment sur l'identité de marques, la création de sites Internet et la conception graphique de livres. Il a participé à de nombreux ouvrages illustrés publiés par HarperCollins, Taschen et Rizzoli, parmi lesquels Karim Rashid : Evolution (Universe) ; Rome (HBO/Melcher Media), le livre officiel de la série à succès ; Photo by Sammy Davis, Jr. (HarperCollins) qui a reçu le prix du meilleur livre de photographies au New York Book Show en 2008.  

* Mon Avis en Bref...  9/10
Un livre absolument magnifique! La qualité du papier et la résolution des images sont tout simplement exceptionnels; Les écrits sont en dorés, ce qui donne encore plus de prestige au livre. Par contre, pas de biographie de Marilyn, juste des citations de Marilyn ou sur Marilyn. Pas de photos inédites non plus pour les fans (la plupart se retrouvent sur le web), exceptés 2 ou 3 clichés rarement vus, mais cependant la plupart n'ont jamais été publiés auparavant avec une telle qualité. Bizzarement, pas de photos de Richard Avedon (pourtant présenté dans la version américaine ci-dessous, qui fait même la couverture du bouquin made in US!). Un beau livre à avoir pour les amoureux de la photographie et les admirateurs de Marilyn!

 > Edition américaine avec une couverture différente
Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis
Livre de photographies
Auteur: David Wills

book_metamorphosisDate de sortie: octobre 2011
Broché 320 pages
Langue: anglais

Éditeur: It Books
ISBN-10: 006203619X
Prix éditeur: 28 Euros
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Description: There have been many Marilyn Monroe photo books—but nothing like this. Curator and photographic preservationist David Wills has amassed one of the world’s largest independent archives of original Marilyn Monroe photographs. Now, in Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis, he has gathered spectacular, museum-quality work from Marilyn’s key photographers—Richard Avedon, George Barris, Cecil Beaton, Bernard of Hollywood, Andre de Dienes, Elliott Erwitt, Milton Greene, Philippe Halsman, Tom Kelley, Douglas Kirkland, Willy Rizzo, Sam Shaw, and many others—to create this dazzling portfolio of images from every period of Marilyn Monroe’s adult life, from her wedding day in 1942 till just weeks before her death two decades later. Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis pays homage to her continually evolving style and extraordinary beauty. Among the highlights:

  • Previously unseen Kodachrome, dye transfer, and Carbro prints of Norma Jeane from her modeling career.
  • Classic portraits and pinups in luscious full color, digitally restored from the original transparencies.
  • Never-before-seen photos from the sets of The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot, The Misfits, and Something’s Got to Give.
  • Rare candids of Marilyn with Marlon Brando, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Queen Elizabeth II, Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller, and others.
  • Previously unpublished photos by Richard Avedon, George Barris, Cecil Beaton, David Conover, Elliott Erwitt, John Florea, Tom Kelley, Richard C. Miller, Frank Powolny, Willy Rizzo, Zinn Arthur, and many others.

Pairing more than two hundred first-generation photos with reflections on Marilyn from her friends, work associates, and admirers—and including her last interview, in which she reflects on her life and fame—Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis is an unforgettable showcase of the actress’s transformation from an unknown factory worker to one of the most recognized faces in history.

Extraits de pages
metamorphosis_15 metamorphosis_02 metamorphosis_18  
metamorphosis_17 metamorphosis_25 metamorphosis_10
metamorphosis_22 metamorphosis_04 metamorphosis_14
metamorphosis_21 metamorphosis_06
metamorphosis_11 metamorphosis_20 metamorphosis_26
metamorphosis_07 metamorphosis_13 metamorphosis_01
metamorphosis_24 metamorphosis_09 metamorphosis_12
metamorphosis_08 metamorphosis_03 metamorphosis_16
metamorphosis_23 metamorphosis_05 metamorphosis_19 

comparatif version anglaise / française

Outre la couverture, dans l'ordre chronologique,
les pages photos de la version US:

metamorphose-us-03 metamorphose-us-05 metamorphose-us-06 
metamorphose-us-07  metamorphose-us-08 metamorphose-us-09 

sont remplacés par ces pages en version FR:

metamorphose-fr-02  metamorphose-fr-03 
metamorphose-fr-04 metamorphose-fr-05 metamorphose-fr-06 
metamorphose-fr-07  metamorphose-fr-09 

(Merci à Chris pour ce comparatif & le visuel)

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