21 juillet 2018

16/06/1951, Long Beach, retour du USS Manchester

Le 16 juin 1951, le navire USS Manchester est de retour aux USA, à Long Beach, en Californie, après avoir passé près d'un an de service au combat dans la guerre de Corée. Quatorze stars d'Hollywood, des acteurs et actrices, sont présents pour saluer l'équipage et leur offrir un spectacle. Parmi les actrices figurent Dorothy Lamour, Virginia Field, Marilyn Monroe, Helena Carter, Carole Morton, Monica Lewis et Joyce Mackenzie.
NB: Marion Marshall et Joyce MacKenzie ont été les partenaires de Marilyn dans le film "A Ticket to Tomahawk" tourné en septembre 1949.

On June, 16, 1951, the USS Manchester is back in USA and arrives in Long Beach, California after nearly a year on combat duty in the Korean War. Fourteen Hollywood actors and actresses are on hand to greet the returning officers and men and perform a show for crew members of the navy. Among the actresses, there are Dorothy Lamour, Virginia Field, Marilyn Monroe, Helena Carter, Carole Morton and Joyce Mackenzie.
NB: Marion Marshall and Joyce MacKenzie were Marilyn's partners in the movie "A Ticket to Tomahawk" shot in September 1949.

>  L'arrivée du USS Manchester et le public
The arrival of USS Manchester and the audience

1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-010-1  1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-011-1 

> Salutations des actrices
Greetings of the actresses

Marjorie Reynolds, Margaret Sheridan (front row, third from left),
Lisa Ferreday, Marion Marshall, John and Bobbie Sutton,
Patricia and Arthur Lake, Charles Irwin, Alan Mowbray, Marion Davies,
Dorothy Lamour (front row, fifth from right),
Virginia Field (second row, behind Lamour, partly obscured),
Marilyn Monroe (front row, fourth from right),
Helena Carter (front row, third from right),
Carole Morton (front row, second from right),
and Joyce MacKenzie (front row, right):


Dorothy Lamour, Virginia Field, Marilyn Monroe,
Helena Carter, Carole Morton, and Joyce Mackenzie:


> Le spectacle
The show

1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-030-1  1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-030-2 
1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-032-arthur_lake-1 1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-031-1 1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-033-charles_irwin-1 

> Monica Lewis
(Marilyn est assise derrière)
(Marilyn is sat in the background)

1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-040-monica_lewis-1 1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-040-monica_lewis-2 1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-040-monica_lewis-3-MM 
1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-040-monica_lewis-4 1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-040-monica_lewis-6-MM 1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-040-monica_lewis-5 
1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-040-monica_lewis-7  1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-040-monica_lewis-8-MM  

> Dorothy Lamour
1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-050-dorothy_lamour-1  1951-06-16-CA-Long_Beach-USS_Manchester-050-dorothy_lamour-2  

(Marilyn est derrière, à droite)
(Marilyn is in the background, at right)


> La fête
The party

> Monica Lewis

> Monica Lewis et le capitaine Lewis S. Parks

> Dorothy Lamour et le capitaine Lewis S. Parks

> Monica Lewis et la chanteuse Jane Wyman (à l'extrême gauche)
Monica Lewis and singer Jane Wyman (far left)

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