22 avril 2013

24/03/1955 Cat On Hot Tin Roof

Le 24 mars 1955, Marilyn Monroe se prépare dans sa suite de l'Ambassador Hotel, à New York, enfilant une robe or lamé très moulante, se parfumant de Chanel n°5 et se repoudrant le visage, avant de se rendre, avec Milton Greene, au Morosco Theatre pour assister à la dernière pièce de théâtre de Tennessee William, "La chatte sur un toit brûlant", mise en scène par Elia Kazan, avec Barbara Bel Geddes dans le rôle de Maggie et Ben Gazzara dans celui de Brick (qui sera adapté au cinéma en 1958 par le réalisateur Richard Brooks avec Paul Newman et Elizabeth Taylor).

On March 24, 1955, Marilyn Monroe prepares herself in her suite at the Ambassador Hotel, New York, fitting in a skin-tight gold lame dress, perfuming Chanel No. 5 and makie-up her face, before going at the Morosco Theatre, with Milton Greene, for the new play of Tennessee William "Cat on a hot Tin Roof", directed by Elia Kazan, with Barbara Bel Geddes who plays the role of Maggie and Ben Gazzara who is Brick (which will be adapted to film in 1958 by director Richard Brooks with Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor).

> Dans sa suite de l'Ambassador Hotel
-photographies de Ed Feingersh -

In her suite at the Ambassador Hotel. 
-photographer: Ed Feingersh-
1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_010_2 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_010_1
1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_012_1 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_012_2 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_011_1 
1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_013_1 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_013_2 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_014_1
1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_015_1 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_015_2
1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_015_2a 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_016_1 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_020_1

> colorisations
1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_012_2c1 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_012_2c2 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_012_2c3 1955_03_24_ambassador_by_feingersh_012_2c4

> couvertures de magazines

> Dans le hall de l'Hotel 14 - NYC
in the lobby of
The Hotel 14 in NYC
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1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_020_1 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_020_2 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_020_3 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_021_1 

-photographies de Frieda Hull, une fan des 'Monroe Six' -
1955-03-24-cat_hot_tin_roof-collection_frieda_hull-246174_0b 1955-03-24-cat_hot_tin_roof-collection_frieda_hull-246174_0c 1955-03-24-cat_hot_tin_roof-collection_frieda_hull-246174_0d 

-photographies de James Collins, un fan des 'Monroe Six' -

Collins recalls that on this night he waited for MM and her group (which included her date, Milton Berle) to come out of the Copacabana night club which was located upstairs in the same building as The Hotel 14 at 14 East 60th Street in Manhattan -- his patience paid off when he was able to snap these great candid photos of the star as well as pose next to her in one (top row, center).

 > Arrivée au Morosco Theater
Arrival at Morosco Theater
-photographies de Frank Mastro
1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_010_1_by_frank_mastro 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_011_1 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_011_1a 

-photographies de Ed Feingersh ->
1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_011_1 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_012_1 
1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_010_1 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_012_2 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_012_3

 > Dans le théâtre (avec Milton Greene)
In the theatre (with Milton Greene)
-photographies de Ed Feingersh ->
1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_020_1 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_021_1 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_023_1 
1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_022_1 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_030_1 
1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_024_1 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_030_1a 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_040_1
1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_031_1 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_031_2 1955_03_24_cat_on_hot_tin_roof_by_feingersh_031_3

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