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Niagara Falls’ two weeks with Marilyn


Niagara Falls’ two weeks with Marilyn
Article published on July, 23, 2012
on niagarathisweek.com

Some 60 years before Nik Wallenda walked a tightrope and focused attention from across the world on Niagara Falls; nearly two decades before the Christopher Reeve’s Superman made his famous flight over the mighty cataract to save a young boy’s life in 1979, Marilyn Monroe brought the bright lights of Hollywood north of the border to Niagara Falls.

niagara-1The soon-to-be screen goddess was in Niagara Falls for the filming of Niagara, a film noir classic with co-star Joseph Cotten. In total, the star was in the city for about two weeks, from June 5 to 18, 1952.

She stayed at the General Brock Hotel — now the Crowne Plaza. She stayed in Room 801,” says Sherman Zavitz, historian for the City of Niagara Falls. And when she wasn’t working on the film, Monroe took pleasure with the same activities as most tourists did during the time period, he says.

When she had some free time she took a ride on the Maid of the Mist. She shopped. She toured the Oneida silverware plant,” Zavitz says. That plant is long gone — the property is now occupied by Casino Niagara — but Pauline Tanos remembers Marilyn’s visit well. Her husband, Alex, who has since passed away, was a foreman in the hammer room at the Falls Avenue facility.
He saw her. He thought she was very beautiful,” Pauline says. “He whistled at her. She just kind of smiled.”

niagara-2Monroe had become a well-known name by the time filming on Niagara began and thus became as big an attraction as the falls itself while she was here.
She was certainly noticed by people around the falls,” Zavitz says. “She was a well-known name at that point. She was a great looking girl — very photogenic.”

Monroe had appeared in several films before Niagara including All About Eve and Monkey Business, but her role as Rose Loomis in Niagara is considered to be the one that put her career on the fast track. In the same year (1953) Niagara hit the theatres, Monroe also starred in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as well as How to Marry a Millionaire.

niagara-3Photographer George Bailey was just eight years old at the time of Monroe’s visit to Niagara but he remembers his father, Manny, talking about his many encounters with her. “My dad, who was second mate of the Maid of the Mist, had the chance to be near her many times,” Bailey says. “His impression was that she was most definitely a beautiful lady but very shy or perhaps insecure.”
Manny Bailey even made it into the final cut of the movie, Bailey says.
Don’t blink. He’s in a scene on the plankway of the Maid of the Mist. Now, how many people can say they know someone who appeared in a movie with Marilyn Monroe ?

Ron Dewberry and his sister, Sandra Jeanneret, were just little — Ron was five and Sandra was two — but they remember their father, Hank, telling them stories around the dinner table.
He served them (Monroe and Cotten) dinner,” Ron says. “He came home and raved about it. We didn’t know what the heck was going on.
Dad was a server at the Rapids Tavern on River Road,” Sandra adds.

niagara-4The movie centres around married couple George (Cotten) and Rose Loomis (Monroe), who are vacationing in Niagara Falls. George, a Second World War veteran is experiencing mental health issues that he thinks are due to his war experiences. Rose, meanwhile has taken on a lover and plots to have George murdered. Polly Cutler, in Niagara Falls with her husband, Ray, on their honeymoon, is in the neighbouring cabin to the Loomises and becomes the unfortunate bystander who gets caught up in the intrigue between the unhappy couple.

The Rainbow Cabins were built specifically for the movie and were taken down at the end of shooting. But buildings used in the movie can still be seen around the city, including City Hall, although the building was remodelled two years later in 1954. The former morgue located at Zimmerman Avenue and Park Street, used for the police station in the movie, still stands. The boat launch were Joseph Cotten’s character steals a boat is located along Bridgewater Street in Chippawa. The building which is now the Riverside Tavern can be seen in the background. But most notably, the carillon tower near the Rainbow Bridge still stands, although the chimes are now pre-recorded. The structure plays a pivotal role in the film including its climax.


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17 août 2010

Sur le tournage de Niagara scène 8

ur l
e tournage - scène 8

 Marilyn Monroe sur le tournage de Niagara
lors de la plus longue scène de marche du cinéma

Niagara_scene_071_on_set_040_010_1 Niagara_scene_071_on_set_041_010_2 Niagara_scene_071_on_set_041_010_1 

> Photographies de George Bailey
Niagara_scene_071_on_set_042_010_1 Niagara_scene_071_on_set_043_010_1 film-niag-MM_and_The_Making_of_Niagara_046 

> Photographies de Edwin Hodge
film-niag-MM_and_The_Making_of_Niagara_039-by_edwin_hodge    Niagara_scene_071_on_set_050_010_1 

> Photographies de George Bailey et Edwin Hodge
Marilyn in front of Table Rock Gift Shop,
near the brink of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Niagara_scene_071_on_set_031_byJockC_1 Niagara_scene_071_on_set_032_byJockC_2 

>> Marilyn et le metteur en scène Henry Hataway
Niagara_scene_071_on_set_010_010_1 film_niagara_set_rare 

>> Marilyn en attente
Niagara_scene_071_on_set_020_010_1 Niagara_scene_071_on_set_030_010_1 
film-niagara  film-niagara1 

>> Portraits promotionnels devant les Chutes
film_niag_rare1 film_niag_rare_2

1952-film-niagara-various-246248_0e 1952-film-niagara-various-246248_0f 1952-film-niagara-various-246248_0g   
- de la collection de Frieda Hull, une fan des Monroe Six
-from the personal collection of Frieda Hull, one of the 'Monroe Six'

Niagara_scene_071_on_set_vest_1>> Ci-contre:
La veste rouge que Marilyn porte dans le film.


11 août 2010

Marilyn pendant Niagara par Jock Carroll 2 + Bailey

Sur le tournage

Marilyn Monroe se promène dans les rues de Niagara Falls,
petite ville canadienne.
Photographies de Jock Carroll 

1952_Niagara_OnSet_020_inTown_010_010_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_020_inTown_020_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_020_inTown_031_byJockC_1
1952_Niagara_OnSet_020_inTown_032_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_021_inTown_010_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_020_inTown_031_byJockC_2
1952_Niagara_OnSet_022_inTown_030_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_022_inTown_030_byJockC_2 1952_Niagara_OnSet_022_inTown_022_byJockC_1
1952_Niagara_OnSet_022_inTown_021_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_022_inTown_020_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_024_030_1
1952_Niagara_OnSet_022_inTown_010_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_024_040_1
1952_Niagara_OnSet_024_020_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_023_withWHO_010 film-niag-set-1
1952_Niagara_OnSet_024_012_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_024_010_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_024_011_1

Marilyn et le metteur en scène Henry Hataway
1952_Niagara_OnSet_023_mm_hataway_010_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_023_mm_hataway_030_2 1952_Niagara_OnSet_023_mm_hataway_030_1
1952_Niagara_OnSet_023_mm_hataway_010_2 1952_Niagara_OnSet_023_mm_hataway_020

Marilyn prend la pose près des Chutes du Niagara

photographies de George Bailey
1952_Niagara_OnSet_030_Publicity_010_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_030_Publicity_010_byJockC_1a 1952_Niagara_OnSet_030_Publicity_020_byJockC_1
1952_Niagara_OnSet_030_Publicity_030_byJockC_1 by_jock_carroll_3 
1952_Niagara_OnSet_030_Publicity_040_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_030_Publicity_040_byJockC_1a 1952_Niagara_OnSet_030_Publicity_040_byJockC_1b_1  
 1952_Niagara_OnSet_030_Publicity_050_byJockC_1 1952-Niagara 1952_Niagara_OnSet_030_Publicity_041_byJockC_1 
marilyn_color_shot_1_color_corrected_photoshop  by_jock_carroll_2  by_jock_carroll_1
1952_Niagara_OnSet_031_Publicity_010_byJockC_1a 1952_Niagara_OnSet_031_Publicity_030_byJockC_1 1952_Niagara_OnSet_031_Publicity_020_byJockC_2 1952_Niagara_OnSet_031_Publicity_020_byJockC_1

  > couverture de magazine:


> Photographies de Allan "Whitey" Snyder:

film_niag_set_1 1952-by_snyder-1 film_niag_set_2 
film-niagara-color film_niag_set_9 film_niagara_set_by_snyder_2
lot93192 1952-niagara-by_snyder-1 lot93189
film_niag_set_3 film_niag_set_4 

> Jean Peters 
film-niag-jean_peters-1  film-niag-jean_peters-2 

Marilyn en voiture, photographie de George Bailey