17 novembre 2018

24/07/1957, New York - Réunion des MM Prod

Les administrateurs des "Marilyn Monroe Productions" (Marilyn Monroe, Robert H. Montgomery et George Levine) sont en réunion d'affaires le 24 juillet 1957 dans un bureau au 575 Madison Avenue à New York.

The directors of the Marilyn Monroe Productions (Marilyn Monroe, Robert H. Montgomery et George Levine) are on a business meeting in July 24, 1957 at an office at 575 Madison Avenue in New York.

 > Attestation signée par les représentants
Attestation signed by the representatives
Marilyn Monroe, Robert H. Montgomery, George Levine


Consent and Waiver of Notice of Special
Meeting of Board of Directors

The undersigned, being all the directors of Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc., a New York corporation, hereby severally waive all notice whatsoever of the special meeting of the Board of Directors of said Corporation, and consent that said meeting be held at the office of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, 575 Madison Avenue, New York 22, N.Y., on Wednesday, July 24, 1957, for the transaction thereat of all such business as many lawfully come before said meeting.

Dated: July 24, 1957

Marilyn Monroe
Robert H. Montgomery Jr.
George Levine

> source: vente aux enchères Heritage Auction, 11/2017

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