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07/06/1951, Los Angeles - Fête d'anniversaire au Cocoanut Grove

Le 7 juin 1951 Marilyn Monroe fait partie des invités à la soirée d'anniversaire de Lester Cown (homme d'affaires, dont le beau père J. Myer Schine, était le propriétaire de l'hôtel Ambassador) au club de l'hôtel Ambassador, le Cocoanut Grove.
Marilyn a emprunté sa tenue aux studios de la Fox, une robe en satin noir de la costumière Renié, qu'elle porte dans le film Rendez-moi ma femme.
On June 7, 1951 Marilyn Monroe is one of the guests at the birthday party of Lester Cown (businessman, whose father-in-law, J. Myer Schine, was the owner of the Ambassador hotel) at the hotel club Ambassador, the Cocoanut Grove.
Marilyn borrowed her outfit from the Fox studios, a black satin dress by costume designer Renié, which she wears in the film "As young as you feel"


Marilyn est à la table de Lester Crown, avec l'avocat des célébrités Greg Bautzer, l'actrice Ginger Rogers, et l'ancien patron de la Fox Joseph M Schenck
Marilyn is at Lester Crown's table, with celebrity lawyer Greg Bautzer, actress Ginger Rogers, and former Fox boss Joseph M Schenck.


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article "Happy 90th Birthday, Lester Crown" sur Chicago Business


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14 novembre 2014

Property from the life and career of MM - 12/2014 - Photos


 A Marilyn Monroe signed vintage original 1941 panoramic photograph from Ralph Waldo Emerson Jr. High School. Monroe can be seen in the seventh row from the bottom and the 15th person from the right. Inscribed by the future Marilyn Monroe, among other classmates, on verso, “To a swell, nice & perfect girl Norma Jeane Baker” with “41” possibly written below her name. The image was originally owned by Norma Jeane’s classmate, Joan Boggs, to whom the inscriptions are written.
8 by 24 3/4 inches
Winning bid:$2,560 - Estimate: $2,000 - $4,000
juliens-mmauction2014-lot692b  juliens-mmauction2014-lot692c

 A vintage black and white RKO studio publicity photograph of Ginger Rogers inscribed, "To Norma Jean Baker Sincerely Ginger Rogers 1937." In 1937 the eleven-year old Norma Jean was living with Grace McGee, a friend of Monroe's mother and a film cutter at RKO. It is possible that McGee arranged for the signing of this photograph for the young Marilyn Monroe. Monroe went on to co-star with Rogers in Monkey Business (20th Century Fox, 1952) fifteen years after this photograph was signed.
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$1,920 - Estimate: $800 - $1,200
juliens-mmauction2014-lot693a juliens-mmauction2014-lot693b 

 An image of Marilyn Monroe on her wedding day with first husband James Dougherty taken from a book. Inscribed and signed by Dougherty in blue ink. Attached to three other book pages of letters written by Monroe to Grace Goodard. This image can be found in the biography Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
11 1/4 by 8 1/2 inches
Winning bid:$448 - Estimate: $200 - $300
juliens-mmauction2014-lot694a juliens-mmauction2014-lot694b 

 A black and white original vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe with actor and golfer Joe Kirkwood Jr. marked on verso in pencil with the actress and actors' names. This image can be found in the biography Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
4 by 5 inches
Winning bid:$375 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 A collection of five black and white original vintage photographs showing Marilyn Monroe in the Fox Studios employee stage show "Strictly for Kicks" in 1948. Accompanied by two copies of the April 1948 "Action" newsletter featuring an article on the production that includes photographs and mentions of Monroe. One of the photographs can be seen in the biography Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
5 by 4 inches
Winning bid:$1,024 - Estimate: $500 - $700
juliens-mmauction2014-lot711a juliens-mmauction2014-lot711b juliens-mmauction2014-lot711c

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage original photograph taken by Frank Powolny circa 1950.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$768 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage original black and white publicity photograph taken by Laszlo Willinger for the film All About Eve (20th Century, 1950).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid:$4,062.50 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage original photograph taken by Phil Burchman circa 1951. Believed to be taken for 20th Century Fox publicity photographs. Marked at lower right "F999-S-259."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
5 by 4 inches
 Winning bid:$768 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage original black and white photograph circa 1950.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$640 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A black and white publicity image of Marilyn Monroe taken by Frank Powolny and used to publicize the film How to Marry a Millionaire (20th Century, 1953). The image is spuriously stamped on the back as being copyrighted by Robert F. Slatzer.
9 1/2 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$1,562.50 - Estimate: $400 - $600
juliens-mmauction2014-lot719a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot719b

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white photograph.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$2,812.50 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A pair of vintage photographs of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton Greene in 1953. Each stamped on verso "Reproduction Forbidden."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
7 by 5 inches
 Winning bid:$1,875 - Estimate: $400 - $600
juliens-mmauction2014-lot724a juliens-mmauction2014-lot724b 

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage studio publicity photograph for the film How To Marry a Millionaire (20th Century, 1953).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid:$1,600 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white studio publicity photograph for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (20th Century, 1953).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $576 - Estimate: $200 - $400

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white studio publicity photograph for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (20th Century, 1953).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $448 - Estimate: $200 - $400

 A vintage black and white image of Joe DiMaggio signing a baseball.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid: $448 - Estimate: $150 - $300

 A pair of vintage original black and white photographs of Marilyn Monroe in Japan while on her honeymoon with Joe DiMaggio in 1954. DiMaggio can be seen in partial profile in the lower left of one image.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
4 1/4 by 6 inches
 Winning bid: $384 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A group of three vintage original black and white photographs of Marilyn Monroe at the Honolulu International airport in Hawaii during her honeymoon with Joe DiMaggio in 1954. The photographs were taken by a photographer who was tipped off that Monroe and DiMaggio were waiting in a secluded area of the airport. He and a friend, who was stationed in Hawaii with the Navy, went to photograph the newlyweds. The photographer gave the photographs he could not use to the friend, who kept them in his photo book of his time during the war and later sold the photographs at auction. Presumably, these photographs were never released for print. Monroe's thumb is bandaged, and some have accused DiMaggio of inflicting the injury. One of the images can be found in the biography Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
and Lot 766, "Hollywood Legends," Julien's Auctions, Las Vegas, June 26, 2010
Largest, 9 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches
Winning bid: $1,875 - Estimate: $300 - $500
juliens-mmauction2014-lot742b juliens-mmauction2014-lot742c 

 A group of seven contact sheets and one half sheet from Marilyn Monroe’s 1954 visit to Korea to entertain American troops. The black and white sheets show Monroe on stage, signing autographs, posing with servicemen, and behind a changing curtain in addition to images of the servicemen in the audience. Photographer unknown. Sheets marked on verso with numeric notations.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
Winning bid: $1,562.50 - Estimate: $600 - $800

 A group of four vintage original black and white photographs of Marilyn Monroe dining with troops in Korea in 1954. Also present is an image of a band performing on stage.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
5 by 7 inches
Winning bid: $500 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A group of four original vintage photographs of Marilyn Monroe visiting troops in Korea. Three show Monroe at servicemen’s bedside. Each has carbon copied information snipes and credits on verso from the United States Signal Corps.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
5 by 7 inches
Winning bid: $625 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 An original vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio taken while on their honeymoon in Japan. The photograph has been cut in half directly between the couple.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
Each half, 4 1/4 by 3 1/8 inches
 Winning bid:$1,280 - Estimate: $600 - $800

 A pair of vintage candid images of Marilyn Monroe on the set of River of No Return (20th Century, 1954). Both images are believed to have been taken by Milton Greene; only one of the images bear his stamp on verso. Both photographs are stamped "Reproduction Forbidden."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
7 by 5 inches
Winning bid:$576 - Estimate: $400 - $600
juliens-mmauction2014-lot756a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot756b 

 A Marilyn Monroe beard contest judge ribbon and photograph from the 1955 Bement Centennial. The white ribbon with gold tone print reads "Bement/ Centennial/ Official/ 1855-1955." Cardstock affixed to the top of the ribbon reads "Marilyn Monroe." Accompanied by a vintage black and white photograph of Monroe at the event. Stamped on verso "News Gazette/ Photograph," with photocopies of articles about the event. Monroe attended the Centennial celebration and served as a judge in the beard contest, among other activities, after a resident assisted her in paying a hotel bill in exchange for her appearance. Originally from the estate of Peter Leonardi. The image can be found in the biography Marilyn : The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
and Lot 718, "Julien's Summer Sale," Julien's Auctions, Las Vegas, June 26, 2009
Winning bid: $640 - Estimate: $600 - $800
juliens-mmauction2014-lot762a juliens-mmauction2014-lot762b

 A black and white vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by Cecil Beaton in 1956. The photograph is mounted to board.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
9 by 9 inches
Winning bid: $3,840 - Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000

 A Marilyn Monroe secretarially signed photograph accompanied by transmittal envelope. It appears the photograph was mailed out from Marilyn Monroe Productions to Bogota, Columbia, and returned.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $11,250 - Estimate: $200 - $400
juliens-mmauction2014-lot766a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot766b

 A contact sheet of 24 images of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton Greene during a 1953 photoshoot on the Twentieth Century-Fox backlot. Monroe was shot by Greene preparing for the shoot (some images include Greene) and in a peasant costume worn by Jennifer Jones in Song of Bernadette (20th Century, 1943). Photographer's stamp and numeric note on verso.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
Winning bid: $896 - Estimate: $400 - $600 

 An original vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton Greene. Monroe is dressed as her character Chérie from the film Bus Stop (20th Century, 1956).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid: $1,125 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 An original vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton Greene. Monroe is dressed as her character Chérie from the film Bus Stop (20th Century, 1956).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $1,600 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white photograph taken on the set of the film Bus Stop (20th Century, 1956).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $1,024 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe printed with two images of Monroe. Believed to have been taken by Sam Shaw circa 1958. The image shows Monroe in her New York apartment in front of her piano.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
Lot 787: Winning bid:$640 - Estimate: $200 - $400
Lot 788: Winning bid:$896 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 A pair of Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white photographs. One shows Monroe at a party. The other was taken on set and has a Milton Greene photography stamp on verso.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
Largest, 8 by 10 inches
 Winning bid:$896 - Estimate: $600 - $800

 An original vintage black and white photograph of Arthur Miller taken by Dan Weiner circa 1952. Stamped by the photographer on verso with handwritten notions that have been crossed out.
9 1/2 by 13 1/2 inches
Winning bid:$128 - Estimate: $200 - $400
juliens-mmauction2014-lot797a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot797b 

 A pair of vintage original black and white photographs of Arthur Miller. In one, Miller stands smiling next to a bicycle. Image marked on verso “Apr. 1955.” The second is a professional photograph of Miller. Stamped with photographer Daniel Bernstein’s stamp on verso.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
7 by 5 inches
Winning bid:$128 - Estimate: $200 - $400

 A Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller black and white vintage original photograph. Taken by Paul Schumach at the premiere of Some Like It Hot (UA, 1959). Photographer stamp on verso.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid:$3,125 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A collection of approximately five vintage contact prints of photographs taken by Milton Greene featuring Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier at a press conference for the film The Prince and The Showgirl (Warner Bros., 1957) and Monroe with Marlon Brando at the premiere of the film The Rose Tattoo (Paramount, 1955). Also includes a contact sheet with images of an event where Sammy Davis Jr. was performing live.
Largest, 10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$1,125 - Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000

 A vintage 8-by-10-inch gelatin silver photograph taken by Milton Greene, depicting Marilyn Monroe with Laurence Olivier at a press conference for the film The Prince and The Showgirl (Warner Bros., 1957) in which they played the starring roles. The photograph has been encapsulated and includes a letter of authenticity from PSA grading it a "Type I" original photograph. The verso of the photograph is marked with Greene's identification stamp. Accompanied by a vintage medium-format print of the same image as well as an additional vintage print of Monroe laughing.
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$ 5,760 - Estimate: $2,000 - $4,000
juliens-mmauction2014-lot815a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot815b juliens-mmauction2014-lot815c

 A collection of Marilyn Monroe's personal photographs, including a photograph of Isador Miller (Monroe's father-in-law); two photographs of a television screen showing images of Monroe on The Jack Benny Program in 1953; a black and white image of an unknown woman, stamped by Milton Greene on verso; a color photograph of a manenquin holding up a champagne glass behind a sign that reads "Marilyn Monroe" dated "Mar 58"; a pair of images of two men in Scottish kilts; two photographs of children, one with an inscription on the back from "Ilah" (one of the children may be Joshua Greene); and a photograph taken behind the scenes of a film. Accompanied by a newspaper clipping of an image of Monroe.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
Largest, 7 by 5 inches
Winning bid: $896 - Estimate: $300 - $500

A three-panel sterling silver custom-made Cartier frame, gifted to Marilyn Monroe by Nedda and Joshua Logan. The center frame houses a black and white silver gelatin print of the portrait Cecil Beaton took of Monroe in 1956. This image is purported to be Monroe’s favorite image of herself. The portrait is mounted to board and signed on matte by Beaton. The center frame is engraved at the top “For Marilyn Monroe Miller” and at the bottom “Love Nedda and Joshua Logan.” Joshua Logan directed Monroe in her 1956 film Bus Stop . The left and right frames house a handwritten letter from Beaton describing Monroe. It reads in part, “But the real marvel is the paradox – somehow we know that this extraordinary performance is pure charade, a little girl’s caricature of Mae West. The puzzling truth is that Miss Monroe is a make-believe siren, unsophisticated as a Rhine maiden, innocent as a sleepwalker. She is an urchin pretending to be grown-up, having the time of her life in mother’s moth-eaten finery, tottering about in high-heeled shoes and sipping gingerale as though it were a champagne cocktail. There is an otherworldly, a winsome naiveté about the child’s eyes… .” The portrait can be seen in images of Monroe’s living room, where it was housed from 1956 until the actress’ death in 1962.
Please note: This item will not be available for shipment or pick-up until January 1, 2015.
PROVENANCE Lot 22 "The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe," Christie's, New York, Sale number 9216, October 27 & 28, 1999
16 by 46 1/2 inches, framed
Winning bid: $38,400 - Estimate: $30,000 - $40,000
juliens-mmauction2014-lot821a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot821b
juliens-mmauction2014-lot821c juliens-mmauction2014-lot821d juliens-mmauction2014-lot821e
juliens-mmauction2014-lot821f  juliens-mmauction2014-lot821g

 A vintage candid photograph of Marilyn Monroe at the September 27, 1959, American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU) awards ceremony in Philadelphia. Monroe's then husband, Arthur Miller, was honored at the event. Label affixed to the bottom center of the photograph reads "Hebrew University Dinner/ Sheraton Hotel Sunday Sept. 27."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
 Winning bid:$448 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 A vintage candid photograph of Marilyn Monroe at the September 27, 1959, American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU) awards ceremony in Philadelphia. Monroe's then husband, Arthur Miller, was honored at the event. Label affixed to the bottom center of the photograph reads "Hebrew University Dinner/ Sheraton Hotel Sunday Sept. 27."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
 Winning bid:$576 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 An original vintage black and white photograph of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller taken by photojournalist John Bryson in Los Angeles in 1960. Matted and framed. Christie's lot sticker affixed to frame back.
PROVENANCE Lot 340, "The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe," Christie's, New York, Sale number 9216, October 27 & 28, 1999
Sight, 13 by 9 1/2 inches
Winning bid:$1,920 - Estimate: $2,000 - $4,000

 A single Kodachrome wallet-sized candid photo print of Marilyn Monroe in her often seen disguise. The photo was taken in New York by a young fan who became acquainted with the star.
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
and Lot 788, "Julien's Summer Sale," Julien's Auctions, Las Vegas, June 26, 2009
3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches
 Winning bid: $640 - Estimate: $200 - $400

 A photographic print of Marilyn Monroe, limited edition numbered 21/50, taken in 1962 by George Barris. Silver gelatin print, printed on double-weight fiber paper under the guidance and approval of George Barris by OneWest Publishing. Signed by the photographer and stamped by OneWest Publishing.
20 by 16 inches 
unsold - Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000


An original vintage photograph signed by Allan Grant. This photograph was taken on July 7, 1962, in Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home for an article in LIFE magazine that went to newsstands on August 3, 1962. Monroe died two days later, on August 5.
29 by 26 inches, framed
Winning bid:$3,750  - Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000

juliens-mmauction2014-lot991  juliens-mmauction2014-lot991b

28 mars 2013

03/06/1952 Look Awards Party

Marilyn Monroe à la fête organisée par les "Look Awards" au Beverly Hills Hotel le 3 juin 1952.
Marilyn porte une des robes du film Let's make it legal. 

Marilyn Monroe at the Look awards party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, on June 3, 1952.
Marilyn wears one of the dress from the movie 'Let's make it legal'.

1951_LetsMakeItLegal_Film_002_OnSet_010_0100  1951_LetsMakeItLegal_Film_002_OnSet_010_020a  
246100_0  1952-06-03-beverly_hills_hotel-look_awards-01-1c 

> Marilyn et Sidney Skolsky

 > Marilyn et Ginger Rogers

> Marilyn et James Brown
son partenaire dans "Fireball"


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13 juin 2011

Dressing - Robe Lamée Or de Travilla

Robe Lamé Or
Gold Lamé Dress


Qui ne connaît donc pas cette photographie de Marilyn Monroe, dans un studio de fond noir, les mains derrière les hanches, yeux mi-clos et bouche entrouverte, portant cette robe lamée or ?
Il s'agit de l'une des tenues symboliques dans laquelle est représentée Marilyn Monroe: une robe lamée or échancrée jusqu'au nombril et au dos nu.

Who doesn't know this photograph of Marilyn Monroe, in a black background studio, hands behind hips, eyes half-closed and mouth half-open, wearing this gold lamé dress ? This is one of the symbolic outfits in which Marilyn Monroe is represented: a gold lamé dress scooped up to the navel and open back.


Marilyn et la robe
Marilyn and the gown

 Cette robe en lamé or a été conçue par le créateur et couturier de la 20th Century Fox, William "Billy" Travilla pour le film Gentlemen prefer blondes (Les hommes préfèrent les blondes) tourné en 1952. On raconte que la robe fut littéralement cousue sur le corps de Marilyn, car elle ne possède pas de boutons, mais une fine fermeture éclaire dans le dos.
This gold lamé dress was designed by 20th Century Fox designer and fashion designer William "Billy" Travilla for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, filmed in 1952. It is said that the dress was literally sewn onto Marilyn's body, because it does not have buttons, but a thin zipper in the back.

- Esquisse et fiche modèle par Travilla -
- Sketch and fashion pattern by Travilla -
William_Travilla-dress_gold-1952-11-sketch  William_Travilla-dress_gold-1952-11-sketch-2 

Le 08 novembre 1952, Marilyn passe les essais coiffure et maquillage pour le film; sur l'une des photographies servant de test, elle porte la robe. Mais les essayages de la robe ont lieu le 12 novembre 1952 où elle porte la robe avec et sans ceinture.
On November 08, 1952, Marilyn takes the hairdressing and make-up tests for the film; in one of the photographs used as a test, she is wearing the dress. But the fittings of the dress takes place on November 12, 1952 where she wears the dress with and without a belt.

1952 film_gpb_test_sc05_gold_dress_1  film_gpb_test_sc05_gold_dress_2 

William_Travilla-dress_gold-1952-film-GPB-sc05-film  Dans le film, la scène dans laquelle Marilyn porte cette robe est très courte, et on ne l'aperçoit que de dos, derrière une vitre ! La scène fut sans doute écourtée car la tenue semblait bien trop provocante et l'image représentant la star dans cette tenue sur grand écran, fut loin de plaire aux censeurs. D'autant que Marilyn danse -avec Charles Coburn- en tortillant ses fesses de façon suggestive.
In the film, the scene in which Marilyn wears this dress is very brief, and we can only see her from the back, behind a window ! The scene was probably cut short because the outfit seemed far too provocative and the image of the star in this outfit on the big screen, was far from pleasing the censors. Especially since Marilyn dances -with Charles Coburn- wiggling her buttocks suggestively.


 Néanmoins, Marilyn porte la robe pour plusieurs photographies en studio en 1953, servant de supports publicitaires au film (photographies de Gene Kornman, Ed Clark, John Florea, Frank Worth).
 Nevertheless, Marilyn wears the dress for several studio photographs in 1953, serving as advertising media for the film (photographs by Gene Kornman, Ed Clark, John Florea, Frank Worth).

William_Travilla-dress_gold-1952-film-GPB-sc05-studio-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-1952-film-GPB-sc05-studio-by_worth  William_Travilla-dress_gold-1952-film-GPB-sc05-studio-by_kornman-2 

 goldlame_losangelespressclubAprès le tournage des "Hommes préfèrent les blondes", au cours de l'année 1953, Marilyn Monroe porte la robe pour la remise du prix de "Miss Press Club", organisé par le Los Angeles Press Club. Après la cérémonie officielle, où Marilyn portait une robe noire, une remise du prix est organisée de manière officieuse en studio, où le journaliste Walter Winchell pose aux côtés de Marilyn dans un studio; la star portant cette fois-ci la robe lamée. Sans doute cette série de photographies furent-elles prises dans les studios de la Fox et peut être, pendant le tournage de Gentlemen prefer blondes - Bien que la coiffure de Marilyn soit différente, car dans la scène du film, ses cheveux sont au carré lissé. Mais le décoletté de la robe descend encore jusqu'au nombril.
After the filming of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", in 1953, Marilyn Monroe wears the dress for the "Miss Press Club" award ceremony, organized by the Los Angeles Press Club. After the official ceremony, where Marilyn wore a black dress, an award ceremony is unofficially organized in the studio, where the journalist Walter Winchell poses alongside Marilyn in a studio; the star this time wearing the lamé dress. No doubt this series of photographs were taken in the studios of Fox and perhaps, during the filming of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Although Marilyn's hairstyle is different, because in the scene of the film, her hair is squared smooth. But the neckline of the dress still goes down to the navel.

goldlame_photoplayLe 17 février 1953, Marilyn Monroe emprunte à nouveau à la maison de production cette remarquable robe pour la porter lors de la cérémonie organisée par le magazine Photoplay de "Rapid Rise to Stardom in 1952" ("L'accès le plus rapide à la célébrité pour l'année 1952") où elle reçoit le prix "The New Star Award" ("Le prix de la nouvelle star") au Beverly Hills Hotel.
La robe a alors été retouchée pour l'occasion: le décoletté fut quelque peu remonté, pour descendre juqu'à la poitrine et non plus jusqu'au nombril.
On February 17, 1953, Marilyn Monroe borrows this remarkable dress from the production studio again to wear it during the ceremony organized by Photoplay magazine of "Rapid Rise to Stardom in 1952" where she receives "The New Star Award" at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
The dress was then retouched for the occasion: the neckline was slightly raised, to go down to the chest and no longer to the navel.


 William_Travilla-dress_gold-1953-02-09-photoplay-2Lors de la cérémonie, Marilyn va déclencher un tollé dont l'origine n'est autre que cette fameuse robe, qui scandalisa la prude actrice Joan Crawford, présente dans l'assistance, qui dira dans la presse: "C'était comme un spectacle burlesque (...) La publicité est allée trop loin. Elle fait l'erreur de croire sa publicité. Quelqu'un devrait lui faire voir la lumière." Et le journaliste James Bacon rapportera que "lorsque Marilyn se tortilla devant l'assistance pour rejoindre le podium, son derrière ressemblait à deux petits chiots se bataillant sous une feuille de soie".
During the ceremony, Marilyn will trigger an uproar whose origin is none other than this famous dress, which scandalized the prudish actress Joan Crawford, present in the audience,who will say into the press that: "It was like a burlesque show. (...) The publicity has gone too far. She is making the mistake of believing her publicity. Someone should make her see the light." And journalist James Bacon will say that "when Marilyn squirmed in front of the audience to reach the podium, her buttocks looked like two little puppies fighting under a sheet of silk".

* * * * *

Et pourtant, Joan Crawford avait porté une robe bien similaire en 1934 pour le film La femme de sa vie  (photos publicitaires de George Hurrell), une création du costumier Adrian: le même tissu drapé lamé or, au décolleté profond et au dos entièrement dénudé.
However, Joan Crawford has worn a very similar dress in 1934 for the film No More Ladies (advertising photos by George Hurrell), a creation of the costume designer Adrian: the same draped gold lamé pattern, with a deep neckline and completely bare back.

- Joan Crawford - 1934 -
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1934-by_george_hurrell-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1934-by_george_hurrell-3  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1934-by_george_hurrell-4 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-no_more_ladies-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-no_more_ladies-3  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-no_more_ladies-4 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-robert_montgomery-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-robert_montgomery-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-robert_montgomery-3 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-no_more_ladies-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-robert_montgomery-4a 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-robert_montgomery-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-robert_montgomery-5  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1935-robert_montgomery-6 

* * * * *

Marilyn porte à nouveau la robe en juin 1953 pour promouvoir une action caritative qui se tiendra à Minneapolis du 9 au 12 juin 1953.
Marilyn wears the dress again in June 1953 to promote a charity event to be held in Minneapolis from June 9 to 12, 1953.


Naissance de la robe de Travilla
Birth of the Travilla dress

William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-ginger_rogers-1951-dream_boat-1  William Travilla s'inspira d'une de ses créations antérieures pour la Fox: en 1951, il était en effet chargé des costumes pour le film Un grand séducteur (Dream Boat) avec Ginger Rogers. Le couturier créa ainsi pour l'actrice Ginger Rogers une robe lamée à fines bretelles, plissée et agrémentée d'un pan en biais.
William Travilla was inspired by one of his earlier creations for the Fox: in 1951, he was indeed in charge of the costumes for the film Dream Boat with Ginger Rogers. The couturier thus created for the actress Ginger Rogers a lamé dress with thin straps, pleated and embellished with a slanted pan.

- Ginger Rogers -
William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-ginger_rogers-1951-dream_boat-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-ginger_rogers-1951-dream_boat-6 

William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-ginger_rogers-1951-dream_boat-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-ginger_rogers-1951-dream_boat-3 

Quand la Fox demande à Travilla de créer les costumes pour Les hommes préfèrent les blondes en 1952, Travilla propose - parmi tous les autres dessins - l'esquisse de la robe créée auparavant pour Ginger. Mais la robe n'est pas retenue pour le film.
When Fox asked Travilla to design a number of costumes for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1952, Travilla offered offered - among all the other designs - the sketch of the dress previously created for Ginger. But the dress is not chosen for the film.

William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-1952-11-sketch  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-1952-11-dress-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-001-MM-1 

Marilyn porte la version couleur argentée de cette robe pour deux galas:
Marilyn wears the silver version of this dress at two public events:

Le 4 décembre 1953 pour un gala de charité en faveur des enfants
On December 04, 1953 for the Children's Benefit


Le 9 mars 1954 pour la remise du prix de
"La meilleure actrice populaire de l'année 1953" par le magazine Photoplay.
On March 9, 1954 for the award price of
"The Most Popular Actress of the year 1953" by Photoplay magazine.


La robe est aujourd'hui la propriété du fan et collectionneur de Marilyn, Greg Schreiner, qui l'avait acheté aux enchères et la prête occasionnellement à des organisateurs d'expositions -
The dress is now the property of Marilyn's fan and collector, Greg Shreiner, who bought it at auction and occasionally lends it to exhibition organizers -

La robe sur le site de Greg Schreiner
The dress on Greg Schreiner's website
The Marilyn Monroe Site

Expo " Marilyn Remembered ", 06/2010

La robe originale sera portée aussi par d'autres actrices:
The original dress will also be worn by other actresses:

- Corinne Calvet - 1953, photo de Frank Powolny
William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-corinne_calvet-1953-by_powolny-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-corinne_calvet-1953-by_powolny-2  

- Evelyn Keyes - 1955, film "Top of the world"
William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-evelyn_keyes-1955-top_of_the_world-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-evelyn_keyes-1955-top_of_the_world-2 
William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-evelyn_keyes-1955-top_of_the_world-3  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-evelyn_keyes-1955-top_of_the_world-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-evelyn_keyes-1955-top_of_the_world-5 

Les inspirations: des robes du même style
Inspirations: dresses in the same style

- Ginger Rogers - 1935, film "Roberta"
costume designer: Robert Newman
William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-ginger_rogers-1935-roberta-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-ginger_rogers-1935-roberta-3  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-ginger_rogers-1935-roberta-1-dress_bernard_newman-1 

- June Haver - 1951

- Betty Grable - début des années 1950s
William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-betty_grable-1950s-a  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-betty_grable-1950s-b  William_Travilla-dress_gold_inspiration-betty_grable-1950s-c 

La Robe Lamé Or portée par d'autres
The Lame Gold Dress worn by others

La robe de Marilyn est rendue au département des costumes de la Fox, et d'autres actrices l'empruntent à leur tour - petit tour d'horizon:
Marilyn's dress is then returns to the Fox costume department, and other actresses borrowes it - quick overview:

- Marilyn Maxwell  - le 23/08/1954
Pour un show à Las Vegas où elle dresse un tigre
For a show in Las Vegas where she trains a tiger

1954_marilyn_maxwell_las_vegas marilyn_maxwell_1 

William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_marilyn_maxwell-1954-08-23-Las_Vegas-2-1a  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_marilyn_maxwell-1954-08-23-Las_Vegas-3-by_allan_grant-1 

Portrait Marilyn Maxwell - studio Seawell -
Le décolleté est recousu à la poitrine,
comme celle que Marilyn porte à la cérémonie Photoplay
The neckline is sewn to the chest,
like the one Marilyn wears at the Photoplay ceremony


 - Betty Grable - le 30/09/1954
Pour le show TV de CBS "Shower of Stars"
Betty porte la version de la robe avec la ceinture
Betty wears the version of the dress with the belt

William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_betty_grable-1954-08-10-TV-Chrysler_s_Shower_of_Stars-cap1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_betty_grable-1954-08-10-TV-Chrysler_s_Shower_of_Stars-cap2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_betty_grable-1954-08-10-TV-Chrysler_s_Shower_of_Stars-cap3 

- video extrait Betty Grable -

 - Jayne Mansfield - le 11 avril 1957 -
Pour la première du film "The Spirit of St Louis" de Billy Wilder

Jayne est accompagnée de son mari Mickey Hargitay qui la soulève
For the premiere of the movie "The Spirit of St Louis" by Billy Wilder
Jayne is accompanied by her husband Mickey Hargitay who carries her 

William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-2-by_earl_leaf-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-2-by_earl_leaf-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-2-by_earl_leaf-3 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-3-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-3-3  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-3-3a 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-3-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-3-5  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-4-2  
William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-1-by_earl_leaf-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-1-by_earl_leaf-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-1-by_earl_leaf-3 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-1-by_earl_leaf-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-1-by_earl_leaf-5  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-3-2 
jayne  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jayne-1957-04-11-premiere_Sprit_of_St_Louis-3-2a 

Jayne ayant une poitrine très généreuse, le décolleté a été raccommodé
(on distingue les fils qui relie le décolleté entre les seins !)
Jayne having a very generous breast, the neckline has been mended
(we can see the threads that connect the neckline between the breasts !)


Les versions 'alternatives' de la robe par Travilla
The 'alternative' versions of the dress by Travilla

- Jeanne Crain - 1955 -
Travilla est en charge des costumes du film "Les hommes épousent les brunes",
 (la suite de "Les hommes préfèrent les blondes" )

et il créé une version argentée de la robe dorée de Marilyn
Travilla is in charge of the costumes for the movie "Men marry brunettes",
(the continuation of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes")
and he creates a silver version of Marilyn's golden dress

mm_dress-gold_dress-gentlemen_marry_brunettes-1 mm_dress-gold_dress-gentlemen_marry_brunettes-2 mm_dress-gold_dress-gentlemen_marry_brunettes-3 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-1-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-1-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-2-3  
William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-2-5   William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-2-2 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-2-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-2-6  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-3-2 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-2-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955-film-GMB-2-6  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_jeanne_crain-1955s-a 

La robe comporte une couture au contour du rebord
The dress features a seam around the hem

Jeanne Crain en mai 1955, avec Paul Brinkman,
à la première de "Les hommes épousent les brunes"
Jeanne Crain in May 1955, with Paul Brinkman,
at the premiere of "Gentlemen marry brunettes"


- Priscilla Presley - 1983 -
Parmi les dernières créations du couturier William Travilla
pour des actrices, furent pour la série américaine Dallas.
Among the latest creations of designer William Travilla
for actresses, were for the American series Dallas.

William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_priscilla_presley-1983s-dallas-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_priscilla_presley-1983s-dallas-1-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_priscilla_presley-1983s-dallas-2 

La robe et ses répliques faites par Travilla
The dress and replicas made by Travilla

Le couturier William Travilla a créé beaucoup de "répliques" de la robe portée par Marilyn, que pour beaucoup de personnes, il était difficile de savoir ce qu'était devenue LA robe originale de Marilyn. Il a autant créé des répliques à l'identique de la même couleur or, que des répliques d'autres couleurs; d'après les mesures exactes de l'originale. Cependant, ces répliques sont différentes de la robe portée par Marilyn au niveau du croisement du décolleté au nombril: celle de Marilyn comportait cinq genre de perles en forme de croix (en fait, c'est une broche ornementale de 5 boules en laiton), que l'on ne retrouve pas sur les répliques qui possèdent un noeud.
The costume designer William Travilla created many "replicas" of the dress worn by Marilyn, which for many people, it was difficult to know what had become of THE original dress of Marilyn. He created identical replicas of the same gold color as much as replicas of other colors; based on exact measurements of the original.
However, these replicas are different from the dress worn by Marilyn at the place of the crossing of the neckline at the navel: that of Marilyn had five kinds of pearls in the shape of a cross (in fact, it is an ornamental brooch of 5 brass balls), that one does not find on the replicas which have a bow.

- La robe originale avec la broche aux 5 boules -
- The original dress with the 5 ball brooch -

goldlamedress_JohnLeBoldLe collectionneur de costumes John LeBold déclarait posséder la robe originale et il prête quelques pièces de sa collection à des musées lors d'expositions: comme au Morris Museum (New Jersey, USA) d'octobre à décembre 2010:
Costume collector John LeBold claimed to own the original dress and he lends some pieces from his collection to museums during exhibitions: such as at the Morris Museum (New Jersey, USA) from October to December 2010:


A la vente aux enchères de "Profiles In History" du 11 décembre 2018, la robe, estimée entre 100 000 et 150 000 dollars, sera vendue 100 000 dollars. Il s'agit de la robe originale portée par Marilyn, car elle comportait une étiquette avec son nom "1-64-12-1370 Marilyn Monroe A-698-11" mais a subi plusieurs restaurations.
At the "Profiles In History" Auction on December 11, 2018, the dress, estimated at between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000, will sell for $ 100,000. This is the original dress worn by Marilyn, because it had a label with her name "1-64-12-1370 Marilyn Monroe A-698-11" but has undergone several restorations.

William_Travilla-dress_gold-002-2018-12-PROFILES-Essentially_Marilyn-p58  William_Travilla-dress_gold-002-2018-12-PROFILES-Essentially_Marilyn-p59  

- Les répliques avec le noeud -
- The replicas with the bow -

- Peaches Geldof - 2007, sitting magazine "Hello" -

- Suzie Kennedy -
10/03/2008, Londres, Christies - enchère gala de charité

William_Travilla-dress_gold-replicas-suzie_kennedy-2008-03-10-christies_auction-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-replicas-suzie_kennedy-2008-03-10-christies_auction-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-replicas-suzie_kennedy-2008-03-10-christies_auction-3 
22/09/2009, Londres, Appolo Theatre
- Promo pièce de théâtre "Marilyn & Ella"

William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_suzie_kennedy-2009-exhib-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-replicas-suzie_kennedy-2009-09-22-appolo_theatre-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-dress_suzie_kennedy-2009-exhib-2 

Beaucoup de robes crées par Travilla sont ainsi exposées partout dans le monde. La collectionneuse espagnole Maite Minguez Ricart possède une réplique.
Many dresses created by Travilla are thus exhibited all over the world. The Spanish collector Maite Minguez Ricart owns a replica.

- Diverses Robes répliques exposées -
William_Travilla-dress_gold-001-MM-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-003-replica-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-003-replica-1 

- exposition 10/2007 au Brighton Metropole Hotel, GB -
- exposition 2008
à Londres, GB -
- exposition 06/2010 à Harrods -

William_Travilla-dress_gold-001-MM-2007-brighton-exhibition-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-001-MM-2008-london-exhibition-3  William_Travilla-dress_gold-replicas-2010-06-harrods-1 

- Robes créées par Travilla -
Dresses created by Travilla
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-travilla-1a William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-travilla-1980s-red-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-travilla-2011-london-1 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-replicas-1970s-red_by_travilla-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-replicas-by_travilla-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-replicas-lana_del_rey-2015-golden_globes-travilla_dress  


 - 1930's
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1930s-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1930s-1 

- Robe Nina Ricci, 1937 -
- Glenda Farrell - 1938 - film Stolen Heaven
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1937-by_nina_ricci-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1938-Glenda_Farrell-stolen_heaven-1 

- Joan Crawford - 1938 - film The Shining Hour
creation costume Dolly Tree 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1938-the_shining_hour-1-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1938-the_shining_hour-1-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1938-the_shining_hour-2-1 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1938-the_shining_hour-1-5  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1938-the_shining_hour-1-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_crawford-1938-the_shining_hour-2-2 

 - Rita Hayworth - 1940 - film Blondie on a budget
creation costume Robert Kalloch
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-1-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-1-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-1-3 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-2-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-2-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-2-5 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-1-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-2-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-3-1 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-3-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-blondie_on_a_budget-3-3 

 - Rita Hayworth - 1940 - film Music in my heart
creation costume
Robert Kalloch
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-music_in_my_heart-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-music_in_my_heart-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-Rita_Hayworth-1940-music_in_my_heart-3  

- Lizabeth Scott - 1945 - film You came along
creation costume Edith Head
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-lizabeth_scott-1945-you_came_along-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-lizabeth_scott-1945-you_came_along-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-lizabeth_scott-1945-you_came_along-3  
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-lizabeth_scott-1945-you_came_along-6   William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-lizabeth_scott-1945-you_came_along-4 

- Ann Rutherford - 1945 -
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-ann_rutherford-1945-a  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-ann_rutherford-1945-d 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-ann_rutherford-1945-b  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-ann_rutherford-1945-c 

- Ann Miller - 1946 - film Thrill of Brazil
creation costume Jean-Louis
 William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1946-ann_miller-Thrill_of_Brazil-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1946-ann_miller-Thrill_of_Brazil-2 

 - Rita Hayworth - 1947 - film Down to Earth
creation costume
Jean Louis
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1947-Rita_Hayworth-down_to_earth-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1947-Rita_Hayworth-down_to_earth-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1947-Rita_Hayworth-down_to_earth-3 

- inconnue - 1950s -
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-woman-1950s-a  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1950s-woman-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1950s-woman-2-1 

- Ava Gardner - 1950s - photo Herbert Dorfman
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1950s-ava_gardner_by_Herbert_Dorfman-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1950s-ava_gardner_by_Herbert_Dorfman-2  
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1950s-ava_gardner_by_Herbert_Dorfman-3  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1950s-ava_gardner_by_Herbert_Dorfman-4  

- Angie Dickison - 1950s -
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1960s-angie_dickinson-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1960s-angie_dickinson-2  

- Julie London - 1955 -
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1955-julie_london-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1955-julie_london-2 

- Gloria De Haven - 25/08/1954 - au Mocambo, Los Angeles
photographies de Earl Theisen
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1954-08-25-gloria_de_haven-LA-mocambo-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1954-08-25-gloria_de_haven-LA-mocambo-2 

 - Anne Baxter - 1955 - film Bedevilled
creation costume Helen Rose
 William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-anne_baxter-1955-bedevilled-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1955-anne_baxter-bedevilled-1c1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-anne_baxter-1 

 - Romy Schneider - 1964 - film Good Neighbor Sam
creation costume Jacqueline Moreau
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1964-romy-good_neighbor-1   William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1964-romy-good_neighbor-2 

- Lauren Hutton - 1981 - film Tout feu tout flamme
creation de la robe pour Lauren par Marc Bohan

 - Joan Collins - 1981-1989 - serie Dynasty
creations costumes Nolan Miller

- Joan Collins, Dynasty, 1982 -  
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1982-dynasty-1-1-dress_by_nolan_miller  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1982-dynasty-1-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1982-dynasty-1-3 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1982-dynasty-2-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1982-dynasty-2-4  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1982-dynasty-4-5 

- Joan Collins, Dynasty, 1985 - 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1985-dynasty-1-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1985-dynasty-1-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1985-dynasty-1-6 
 William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1985-dynasty-2-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1985-dynasty-2-2  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-joan_collins-1985-dynasty-3-1 

- Cosmopolitan, 12/1992 -

- Princesse de Galles Diana -
- Beyonce -
- Mariah Carey -

William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1990s-diana-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2000s-beyonce  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2000s-mariah_carey-1 

- Kate Hudson - 2000 - Vanity Fair, par Mark Seliger

- Adriana Karembeu - 2006 - Cannes, AMFAR Gala
- Sharon Stone - 2006 -
- Beyonce - 2007 - Golden Globes - creation Eli Saab

William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2006-adriana-cannes_amfar  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2006-sharon_stone  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2007-beyonce-golden_globes-dress_eli_saab-1  

- Barbie - 2009 - Mattel 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-barbie-2009-a1     William_Travilla-dress_gold-barbie-2009-a2 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-barbie-2009-b1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-barbie-2009-b2 

- Viola Davis - 2009 - Oscar - creation Reem Acra
- Dita Von Teese - 2012 - creation Hervé L. Leroux
- Kate Moss - 2012 - Kate Moss Book - creation Marc Jacobs

William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2009-viola_davis-oscar  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2012-dita_von_teese-dress_Herve_L_Leroux-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2012-kate_moss 

- Sharon Stone - 2014 - Cannes Festival
- Jessica Chastain - 2015 - Golden Globes
- inconnue - 2017 -

William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2014-sharon_stone-cannes-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2015-jessica_chastain-GG-by_versace-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2017-inconnue 

- Charlize Theron - 2017 Oscar & 2018 pub Dior - creations Dior
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2017-charlize_theron-oscar-dior-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2018-charlize_theron-dior_adv-1  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2018-charlize_theron-dior_adv-2 
William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2018-charlize_theron-dior_adv-3  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2018-charlize_theron-dior_adv-5  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-2018-charlize_theron-dior_adv-4 

- CAmber Valletta - 2022 Met Gala

La version en cape

- Ilona Massey - 1930s -

- Jayne Mansfield - mi-1950s -

Même style
Same style

perso_robe_or_ph_bb_1952_7_hollywoodrq8Attention, cette robe n'est pas à confondre avec une autre robe du même style que Marilyn porta. En effet, les tests costumes où Marilyn porte la fameuse robe lamée or pour le film Les hommes préfèrent les blondes ont lieu le 12 novembre 1952. Et Marilyn porta une robe étrangement identique (ou est-ce juste un bustier) -et pourtant aussi bien différente- au ton doré et plissée, assortie d'un fourreau sur les épaules sur certains clichés, pour une séance photos en studio, et au vue de la coiffure de Marilyn (cheveux courts aux mèches ondulées au rouleau), daterait du début de l'année 1952.
Please note, this dress is not to be confused with another dress of the same style that Marilyn wore. Indeed, the costume tests where Marilyn wears the famous gold lamé dress for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes took place on November 12, 1952. And Marilyn wore a strangely identical dress (or is it just a bustier) - and yet also very different - in golden tone and pleated, matched with a sheath on the shoulders on some shots, for a photo shoot in a studio, and which, in view of Marilyn's hairstyle (short hair with wavy locks in the roll), would date from the beginning of 1952.

La pin-up américaine Eve Meyer a posé vêtue dans ce qui semble le même vêtement (robe ou bustier) pour la couverture du magazine américain Man's Magazine de février 1954 (l'article se nomme même "Frisco's Marilyn Monroe").
American pin-up Eve Meyer posed in what appears to be the same item of clothing (dress or bustier) for the cover of the American Man's Magazine in February 1954 (the article is even called "Frisco's Marilyn Monroe").

William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1952-MM-1954-02-Eve_Meyer-1a  William_Travilla-dress_gold-inspiration-1952-MM-1954-02-Eve_Meyer-1b  

Jane Russell, portrait RKO, 1950s

>> sources:
article sur la collection de John LeBold sur capecodchronicle.com
Le site officiel Coleccion Maite Minguez
article sur l'exposition d'octobre 2010 à Morristown sur 
l'exposition d'ocotbre-décembre 2010 sur  morrismuseum.org    
article de la robe lamée sur le blog  soyons-suave.blogspot.fr    

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21 février 2010

Autour du film Monkey Business et Marilyn

Chérie, je me sens rajeunir 
Secrets de tournage ... 
... et anecdotes

  • Marilyn est Lois, secrétaire
    1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_GreenDress_020_020_a1Il s'agit du 17ème film de Marilyn Monroe, où elle se situe en 4ème position au générique. Elle joue le rôle de Lois, une secrétaire pas très futée ni compétente: elle ne semble par exemple pas savoir taper à la machine. Lorsque Edwina croit découvrir une sorte de liaison entre Barnaby et sa secrétaire Lois, Edwina et lui échangent ce dialogue révélateur sur le rôle de blonde bien roulé attribué comme toujours à Marilyn :
    Edwina : – Oh you mean that little pin-up girl? Very cute!
    Barnaby : – Sort of. But half infant.
    Edwina : – Not the half that's visible!
    (– Oh tu veux dire cette petite pin-up? Très jolie en effet! – Assez. Mais à moitié gamine. – Ben pas la moitié qu'on peut voir!)
  • Scènes de Marilyn dans le film
    >> (11ème minute du film) Barnaby doit se rendre chez le grand chef et la secrétaire de celui-ci, Lois, l'accueille et lui dénude même une de ses jambes, en fait pour lui montrer un prototype de bas sans couture qu'il a mis au point et dont elle est très satisfaite. Barnaby s'étonne qu'elle soit arrivée si tôt. « Oh yes, Mr. Oxley's been complaining about my punctuation » (Oh oui, M. Oxley s'est plaint de ma ponctuation).
    Quelques minutes plus tard, elle entre dans le bureau du grand chef qui lui donne un document à faire taper.
    >> Lois, avec le directeur et Barnaby, se rend au laboratoire et assiste ensuite à la discussion ainsi qu'au cirque du singe rajeuni.
    >> Elle reçoit l'ordre d'Oxley de retrouver Barnaby qui a soudainement quitté le bureau.
    >> Elle le retrouve puis part en vadrouille avec lui, dans une assez longue séquence: voiture de sport et cheveux au vent, patin à roulettes, piscine et maillot de bain sexy. Cela se termine même par un bisou sur la joue de Barnaby (« I'm crazy about you, doc! »).
    >> Après avoir bu la potion magique, Edwina se rue presque sur Lois en raison des marques de rouge à lèvres découvertes là où il ne fallait pas.
    >> Au téléphone avec Oxley.
    >> À la séance du conseil d'administration où elle gifle Oxley et Barnaby.
    >> Dans les scènes finales au laboratoire lorsque Edwina arrive avec le bébé et lorsque tous observent si celui-ci, Barnaby, va regrandir...
  • Retrouvailles passées et futures
    Marilyn Monroe
    retrouvera quelques acteurs du film Monkey Business, pour leur donner à nouveau la réplique dans d'autres films:
    >> Hugh Marlowe: All about Eve (Ève) en 1950
    >> Ginger Rogers: We're not married (Cinq mariages à l'essai) en 1952
    >> Charles Coburn: Gentlemen prefer blonds (Les hommes préfèrent les blondes) en 1953
    Marilyn retrouvera par ailleurs le réalisateur Howard Hawks qui la dirigera dans Gentlemen prefer blonds (Les hommes préfèrent les blondes) en 1953 ; celui-ci aura aussi réalisé un des sketches de O' Henry's Full House (La Sarabande des pantins) en 1952, mais pas celui avec Marilyn.
  • Solitude
    Comme sur ses tournages précédents, Marilyn préfère s'isoler du reste de l'équipe, à l'exception du costumier William Travilla, qu'elle retrouve avec plaisir, et qui sera en charge des plus beaux costumes dans les prochains films avec Marilyn. Entre les prises, elle répète son rôle avec ferveur, même si le nombre de ses répliques dans le film reste limité. En fait, elle a une angoisse terrible de décevoir autrui, qui la poursuivra toute sa vie.
  • Difficultés et Bonheur
    1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_YellowDress_021_018Marilyn déteste la robe à volant plissée dans laquelle on la fait jouer dans le film. Mais surtout, le tournage lui est très pénible car dès le début des prises de vues, elle souffre de douleurs abdominales, signes d'une crise d'appendicite. Mais elle décide de repousser l'opération et ne tient qu'avec une bonne dose d'antibiotiques pour ne pas retarder le tournage. L'intervention aura finalement lieu 28 avril 1952 , une fois que ses scènes auront été bouclées. C'est également pendant le tournage qu'éclate l'affaire du calendrier où elle posa nue trois ans auparavant.
    Malgré tout ces déboires, Marilyn fréquente de plus en plus un certain Joe DiMaggio, qu'elle rencontra l'année précédente. Au studio, elle passe de longs moments au téléphone avec lui, n'hésitant pas à faire attendre tout l'équipe. Et pour le dernier jour de tournage de Marilyn, Joe vient lui rendre visite sur le plateau.
  •  Un scénario remanié
    Au début des années 1950, le code de censure en vigueur à Hollywood était tellement sévère, qu'un scénario aussi sulfureux que Monkey Business pouvait s'attirer des ennuis. D'ailleurs, une injonction visant à en supprimer les réparties les plus suggestives, poussa les scénaristes à retravailler les dialogues. C'est donc un script nettement édulcoré que le réalisateur Howard Hawks commence à tourner le 5 mars 1952 dans les studios de la Fox.

  • Ava Gardner versus Ginger Rogers
    film_mb_Annex_GrantCaryMonkey_Business_02Le film réunit un casting de rêve: Cary Grant et Ginger Rogers, considérés comme les deux grandes stars de l'époque, et la prometteuse Marilyn Monroe. Mais le réalisateur Howard Hawks voit rouge car s'il est ravi de retravailler pour la cinquième fois avec son acteur fétiche Cary Grant, il n'en va pas de même pour celle qui interprète sa femme dans le film, Ginger Rogers. Le réalisateur souhaitait en en effet confier le rôle d'Edwina à une jeune actrice, idéalement le brune et somptueuse Ava Gardner. Mais, en partie parce que Cary Grant refuse d'être marié à l'écran avec une femme beaucoup plus jeune que lui, les studios imposent Ginger Rogers, âgée de 41 ans. Dépité, Hawks se vengera de cette décision en se montrant infernal avec la pauvre comédienne durant tout le tournage.
  • L'expression 'monkey business'
    Cette expression doit se comprendre comme combines ou singeries. Dans la littérature anglophone, l'expression 'Monkey Business' est l'équivalent en français de l'expression 'Monnaie de singe' (c’est-à-dire une monnaie sans valeur).

  • Un film décalé
    La voix off dans le générique du début est celle du réalisateur Howard Hawks. En effet, le film débute avec un Cary Grant qui veut entrer trop tôt sur le plateau de tournage et qui se fait tout de suite arrêter par le metteur en scène : « Pas encore, Gary ! » (le doublage français ayant prononcé "Gary" au lieu de "Cary"). Cela lance immédiatement le ton quelque peu décalé et humoristique du film.

  • Les femmes au second plan
    1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_YellowDress_OnSet_withMonkey_010iDans le film, selon le quiproquo important du scénario, c'est la singe femelle Esther qui incidemment invente la potion magique, mais dans la bande-annonce américaine c'est le mâle Rudolf qui est mentionné ! A croire qu'à Hollywood, on enlève tout pouvoir de création aux femmes, même animales...

20 février 2010

Les photos d'exploitations de Monkey Business

Chérie, je me sens rajeunir 
Photos d'exploitation cinéma

- lobby cartes USA - 
 film_mb_aff_lobby_2MB40 film_mb_aff_lobby_2MB41 FILM_MB_aff_LOBBY5
film_mb_aff_lobby_4 film_mb_aff_lobby_2MB43 

film_mb_aff_lobby_1 film_mb_aff_lobby_2 film_mb_aff_lobby_3
film_mb_aff_lobby_2MB54 film_mb_aff_lobby_2MB55 film_mb_aff_lobby_2MB57
film_mb_mmm  film_mb_aff_lobby_2MB58 film_mb_450888067_o
lot128358 lot128360
film_mb_aff_lobby_2MB56 1952_MonkeyBusiness_aff_lob_Dressed_YellowDress_030_010 05_Cherie_je_me_sens_rajeunir_01
film_mb_test_2MB02 FILM_MB_test_MMNB13024

Tests costumes pour Monkey Business

Chérie, je me sens rajeunir

Tests Costumes

Les tests costumes de Marilyn Monroe dans le rôle de Lois Laurel
Mars 1952 - Costumier / Designer: William Travilla

  film-lot1111-H3257-L78860338   1952-03-MonkeyBusiness-test_costume-travilla-mm-030-1 
1952_MonkeyBusiness_Test_Lois_010_a  1952_MonkeyBusiness_Test_Lois_030_a 1952_MonkeyBusiness_Test_Lois_031_a 
1952-04-01-MonkeyBusiness-test_costume-travilla-mm-010-1 1952-04-01-MonkeyBusiness-test_costume-travilla-mm-011-1 1952-04-01-MonkeyBusiness-test_costume-travilla-mm-011-2 

> Fiches costumes par scènes
lot128347 lot128348  lot128349 lot128350

 Les tests costumes de Ginger Rogers dans le rôle de Edwina Fulton


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Photos studio pour Monkey Business

Chérie, je me sens rajeunir
Photos Publicitaires  

Photographies publicitaires en studio des acteurs

>> Marilyn Monroe porte le maillot de bain du film
avec les doublures servant de modèles pour
Gary Grant et Ginger Rogers, absents pour la session

1952_MonkeyBusiness_Promo_Swimsuit_Black_Studio_0101952_MonkeyBusiness_Promo_Swimsuit_Black_Studio_011 film_Monkeypubanonymousactor2
film-mb-MONROE__MARILYN_-_MONKEY268  film-mb-01-2 
film_mb_52 film-mb-01-1 1952_MonkeyBusiness_Promo_Swimsuit_Black_Studio_021
1952_MonkeyBusiness_Promo_Swimsuit_Black_Studio_020 film_mb_ff  1952_MonkeyBusiness_Promo_Swimsuit_Black_Studio_030   
film_mb383398609_o film_mb383398634_o film_mb_51
1952_MonkeyBusiness_Promo_Swimsuit_Black_Studio_040a 1952_MonkeyBusiness_Promo_Swimsuit_Black_Studio_040b 1952_MonkeyBusiness_Promo_Swimsuit_Black_Studio_041 film_mb_florea2um6

 >> Cary Grant et Ginger Rogers
film_mb_Annex_GrantCaryMonkeyBusiness_NRFPT_03 film_mb_portrait_1 film_mb_portrait_2

17 février 2010

Photos de Monkey Business 3

Chérie, je me sens rajeunir
Photos partie 3

scènes de Marilyn Monroe (alias Lois Laurel)
avec Cary Grant, Charles Coburn et Ginger Rogers.

1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_GreenDress_010_020 1952_film_Monkey_Business
1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_GreenDress_020_022 1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_GreenDress_020_020 1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_GreenDress_010_030_1a
1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_GreenDress_020_010 1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_GreenDress_020_020_a1 1952_MonkeyBusiness_Dressed_GreenDress_020_021

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16 mai 2008

A Fine Romance

Vidéo (montage photos) et paroles
de la chanson
A Fine Romance
(auteurs: Jerome Kern et paroles de Dorothy Fields)
interprétée par Marilyn Monroe en 1954

A fine romance, my good fellow
You take romance, and I'll take jello
You're calmer than the seals
In the Arctic Ocean
At least they flap their fins
To express emotion
A fine romance with no quarrels
With no insults and all morals
I've never mussed the crease
In your blue serge pants
I never get the chance
This is a fine romance
A fine romance, with no kisses
A fine romance, my friend this is
True love should have the thrills that a healthy crime has
We don't have the thrills that the march of time has
A fine romance, with no glitches
A fine romance, with no bitches
You're just as
hard to land as the 'Isle de France'
I haven't got a chance
My heart's not made in plastic
You're the reason I'm sarcastic
Cause this is a fine
Fine romance!


Un amour parfait

Un amour parfait, mon cher ami
Tu choisis l'amour, je choisirai la gelée
Tu es plus calme que les phoques de l'Atlantique
Au moins ils tapent leurs nageoires pour montrer leurs émotions

Un amour parfait, sans dispute
Sans insultes, en toute moralité
Je n'ai jamais froissé de plis sur ton pantalon bleu
Je n'en ai jamais eu l'occasion, voilà un amour parfait !

Un amour parfait, sans dispute
Un amour parfait, voilà mes amis ce que c'est
Manquer la moitié des frissons d'un crime sain
Nous ne ressentons pas la moitié des frissons de la marche du temps

Un amour parfait, sans clichés
Un amour parfait, sans pincements
Tu es aussi dur à atteindre que l'Ile de France
Je n'ai aucune chance
Mon coeur n'est pas de plastique,
tu es la raison pour laquelle je suis sarcastique,
car voilà un amour parfait !

Fiche Chanson avec paroles et traduction

> source fiche: blog sugarkane

>> Bonus Infos

  • La chanson fut écrite en 1936 pour le film musical Swing Time avec Fred Astaire et Ginger Rogers qui interprétent la chanson en duo.

  • En 1949, Ella Fitzgerald et Louis Armstrong enregistrèrent une version en duo (écoutez un extrait sur le site Version Karaoke ). La chanson fut aussi interprétée par Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday et de nombreux jazzman (tel que Michael Feinstein)...

  • La chanson fut interprétée par Judi Dench pour le générique de la série britannique portant le même nom, A Fine Romance, de 1981 à 1984.

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