30 octobre 2022

Marilyn & Friends déguisées: Happy Halloween 2022


Marilyn Monroe en Cléôpatre de Theda Bara
27/05/1958, séance pour magazine LIFE
photographie de Richard Avedon

Marilyn Monroe as Cleopatra from Theda Bara
05/27/1958, session for LIFE magazine
photograph by Richard Avedon

Pour le prochain Halloween 2022 le lundi 31 octobre,
quelques photographies d'actrices en personnages mythologiques.

For the next Halloween 2022 Monday October 31,
some photographs of actresses as mythological characters.

Yvonne De Carlo
en Princesse Salomé, personnage biblique - du film Les amours de Salomé, 1945
as Princess Salome, biblical character - from movie Salome Where She Danced, 1945


 Hedy Lamarr
en Dalila, personnage biblique - du film Samson et Dalila, 1949
as Delilah, biblical character - from movie Samson and Delilah, 1949


Rita Hayworth
en Princesse Salomé, personnage biblique - du film Salomé, 1953
as Princess Salome, biblical character - from movie Salome, 1953


Joan Collins
en Princesse Nellifer, personnage de fiction - du film La Terre des Pharaons, 1955
as Princess Nellifer, fictional character - from movie Land of the Pharaohs, 1955


Anne Baxter
en Néfertari, figure des pharaons épouse de Ramsès II - du film Les 10 commandements, 1956
as Nefertari, figure of the pharaohs wife of Ramses II - from movie LThe 10 Commandments, 1956

Anne Baxter-1956-commandments 

Gina Lollobrigida
en Reine de Saba, personnage biblique - du film Salomon et la Reine de Saba, 1959
as Queen of Sheba, biblical character - from movie Solomon and Sheba, 1959



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