17 octobre 2012

Julien's Auction 11/2012 - Film

        An 8mm film reel of clips from the May 19, 1962, John F. Kennedy 45th birthday celebration held at Madison Square Garden. The eight-minute film shows clips of the venue, performers, and attendees, including John F. Kennedy; Marilyn Monroe, who appears for approximately 30 seconds; Robert Kennedy; Maria Callas; Henry Fonda; Jack Benny; Peter Lawford, who hosted the event; and Lyndon B. Johnson among others. The film was transferred from its original tin reel to a plastic reel. Accompanied by a DVD of the footage.
Note: This lot is being sold without copyright or any legal releases. The buyer must apply to the appropriate parties to obtain such rights as desired.
Reel, 5 3/4 inches
PROVENANCE Lot 41, "Entertainment Memorabilia," Christie's, New York, Sale number 1391, June 24, 2004
Estimate: $5 000 - $6 000
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13 juin 2010

Août 1947 Tournoi de golf

Août 1947, Marilyn Monroe assiste au tournoi de golf de la Twentieth Century Fox au Cheviot Hills Country Club, qui faisait appel à des starlettes qui suivaient les stars de cinéma, comme ici Henry Fonda qui apprend le golf à Marilyn.

1947_08_golf_2 1947_08_golf_henry_fonda 1947_08_golf_1
mm_golf 1947_mmmaillot 1947s_blackwhiteswim

Photos prises probablement par Ed Baird.

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