17 novembre 2018

Fin 1947, CA, Granada Hill - chez les Carroll

A la fin de l'année 1947Marilyn Monroe est hebergée chez l'acteur John Carroll et sa femme Lucille Ryman, qui s'occupent des starlettes en difficultés. Elle reste plusieurs mois chez eux au "El Palacio Apartments", au 8491-8499 Fountain Avenue, dans le West  Hollywood; mais elle les suit aussi dans leur ranch qu'ils possèdent à Granada Hill dans la San Fernando Valley.
Carroll va prendre en charge Marilyn en devenant son manager pendant quelques temps.

At the end of 1947, Marilyn Monroe is lodged at the home of the actor John Carroll and his wife Lucille Ryman, who care for starlets in difficulty. She stays at their home for several months at "El Palacio Apartments" at 8491-8499 Fountain Avenue in West Hollywood; but she also follows them on their ranch they own in Granada Hill in the San Fernando Valley.
Carroll will take over Marilyn by becoming his manager for a while.


- Marilyn avec Aviv Wardimon (qui s'appellera par la suite 'Blackman')
il était garde de sécurité aux studios (probablement de la Fox)
- Marilyn with Aviv Wardimon (who later changed his last name to 'Blackman')
he was a security guard of the movie studios (probably 20th Century Fox)

1947-12-CA-Granada_Hill-at-Carroll_s_ranch-011-with_aviv_wardimon-2  1947-12-CA-Granada_Hill-at-Carroll_s_ranch-011-with_aviv_wardimon-1  1947-12-CA-Granada_Hill-at-Carroll_s_ranch-011-with_aviv_wardimon-3 
1947-12-CA-Granada_Hill-at-Carroll_s_ranch-030-1  1947-12-CA-Granada_Hill-at-Carroll_s_ranch-031-with_aviv_wardimon-1 
1947-12-CA-Granada_Hill-at-Carroll_s_ranch-020-1  1947-12-CA-Granada_Hill-at-Carroll_s_ranch-020-2 


Aviv Wardimon & John Carroll


> source: vente aux enchères Heritage Auction, 11/2017

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